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Alles Liebe und VATERS Segen wünschen euch Johannes, Flora und all unsere Helfer!





May 23rd, 2018

Points of view


My children, though you do good deeds every day voluntarily and in a wonderful way, there are some things – from the worldly view – what bother you regularly. Well, there is the rush hour with the huge lines of cars in the morning and the evening, and also the work place, which becomes more and more hectic. Because the word profession comes from the word vocation, (in German Beruf / Berufung), your job should also be your vocation. Otherwise, it is only a possibility to earn essential money as means of payment. Many of My children true to Me dream of a peaceful, stress free, and harmonic world, where all people live and work hand in hand, i.e. together. Absolutely for joy – without pressure. But the so-called reality brings you back down to earth daily, as you are saying. If certain things bother My children so much that they are constantly displaced from their inner middle and calmness, they often want very strongly to look for a different surrounding and another life situation. But also here many fail, because they cannot speak e.g. the appropriate foreign language for a possible emigration, and there are also many other things, which do not fit. I give you now a good advice, which you may gladly follow: Should it be that according to your life plan your place of living should be moved, resp. changed voluntarily, this will work smoothly. If during your preparations continuously obstacles are put in your way, or if they are already there, symbolically, it is often the wrong way you intend to go. But who goes this way in spite of all these difficulties, will realize that the own will to enforce something is not always the most useful and best for you. Who lets himself guide very sensitively now, will find relatively quick the best profession or also the optimal vocation for his own life. Tell Me in the profound prayer, what bothers and oppresses you, and which wishes you have, and there will come helps of various kinds, if you pay attention and listen carefully. Amen.


May 22nd, 2018

About “black sheep” and “injustices”


My children, again and again, many of you are very sad and ask Me through the profound prayer, why they are always treated in their close relationship as “black sheep”, and nothing changes, not important what they do. These and other so-called “injustices”, from your point of view, mind you, My children, exist already as long as you are doing your labour of love as My prolonged arms on earth voluntarily. Only who awaits something can receive various negative things from his point of view. On the worldly level, justice is often a foreign word. Spiritual justice, though, cannot be manipulated, and the law of resonance works always and everywhere – but not always at the same time. Here, other factors play a role. Back to the term “black sheep”: My children true to Me have nearly always and everywhere been in a certain way in the role of the “scapegoat”, or also the “black sheep” as you call it, My children. Most of the people going the worldly way cannot understand your views and ways of thinking and acting, and the same way as there is a ranking in an animal pack it works also within a family or clan. Who so to say “marches to a different drummer” is mostly treated so that he, resp. she, may go to the end of the line – concerning the popularity, or also the way he or she is treated. Some of you suffer very much that e.g. also the own worldly parents or siblings treat you unfair from your point of view. But just there is the point, where you can begin, My children. Be neither sad nor resentful or even insulted, because they cannot understand at all your views and ways of thinking and acting, because their love to Me is not so strongly pronounced and developed. Send them, as well as so many other people, My love light, My divine justice, and My healing power – spoken in My name -, and thus they are effective for all people – within the scope of their respective life plans and attitudes. This way, you help mankind to develop further more, because only when the smallest spark lights in a human being, the seed, which lies idle in their hearts to a large extent, begins to germ very slowly, and then there is hope that still in this life a conversion can begin for this human being – towards the renunciation from the dark side. Amen.


May 21st, 2018

You think positive


My children, most of My children true to Me think mainly positive, and this affects their lives long-term, and often already short-term. Who thinks positive has much less problems with little aches, and he can feel better into problems and sorrows of his fellow human beings, and he can help them often through good advice, tips, and life experience. Furthermore, positive thinking people are less endangered to get so-called “civilization diseases”. My dear children, today’s second day of Pentecost is in many regions a holiday, and thus you have of course the possibility to do again good deeds full of joy and satisfaction. Amen.



May 20th, 2018

Pentecost 2018


My children, again there is a Pentecost coming, but only very few people think of the original meaning. Also this weekend, worldly events are paramount, and also the weather pattern is two-part – like many people are also just now. Where the weather is sunny, you can do a lot of good deeds outdoors. Especially when the weather is nice, many of you enjoy much more to send light than doing it at home in the room, when it rains. But wherever you are just now and what you are doing, there is always the possibility to do good deeds, during a break or targeted time-outs – through the profound connection with Me, and afterwards through sending light, pray profoundly, or celebrate the “Calls of Victory”, to name three important possibilities. Some of you use also the time in the car to send positive thoughts. Also if you are stuck in a traffic jam, what happens often at Pentecost, you can help through your good deeds, on-site and in the world, to do positive things. Especially at important days, your presence is absolutely important, because the other side does not sleep. Amen.

May 19th, 2018

Separate the chaff from the wheat


My children, at the time being, the people are filled up in the internet and also in their electronic mail box with electronic letters they do not want to receive, and they are at loss more and more, what is true and what not. Who wants to be safe now can of course deactivate the own website temporarily, and when all the excitement is over, he can adapt his own website through targeted comparisons and appropriate answers in a way that it is suitable for the worldly oriented people. Stay calm, and the chaff will separate from the wheat. You are protected and guarded, if you do everyday your good deeds voluntarily and in love, My children. Yesterday has brought a lot of positive energy into the world, and I am glad, when this goes on. Amen.


May 18th, 2018

Establish contacts


My children, due to the worldly situation being present on earth, it is useful, when My children have contact with each other, at least via the internet. As long as there is a power supply available, an exchange of information can happen regularly. But be also patient, if your partner does not answer at once, because he has e.g. some work to do. All My children true to Me are now more and more confronted in this very moving time concerning mainly the world affairs, with what it means to be My child, who is always protected and guarded under My protective coat, when outside in the world the worldly oriented people follow only their own interests, and when they only think again about Me, when symbolically they are “up to their ears in difficulties”. Also between your relatives, you often do not have an easy time, because your views, thinking, and acting is strange to many of your beloved ones despite everything, and they cannot always comprehend it. But it has always been like this, that My children true to Me went a different way than the rest of mankind. Sometimes, they reassembled, when the people awoke and saw through the diversionary tactics of “bread and circuses”. Such a major event will be coming soon, and then you can realize very fast, how the wheat separates from the chaff. Amen.

May 17th, 2018

There is always a solution


My children, some you have trouble with new laws, others with their tax statements, and so on. You see, there are again and again worldly barriers, which must be not too high, but which bring sometimes also a solution for a different decision. You see, if you try, you will find again and again the appropriate solution for each problem. Your way is as far as possible a straight way, but sometimes some detours must be accepted as well. The direction stays straight ahead, though. If you have concerns and problems and cannot cope with them alone, give them to Me in the profound prayer, and I help you to convert them. Of course you can ask also your siblings for advice and help, who go with you this spiritual way. Many of you live by the motto “The divine way is simple”, and you leave alone everything, which is extremely complicated and too difficult, and then a simple, resp. simpler way is selected by My guidance through the profound prayers and messages from the heart. Everybody is the architect of his own fortune, and decides for himself, which way he wants to go. The times, where the Christians took always the most difficult was, are over now. Your FATHER, who is always and at any time deeply connected with you, if you allow it. Amen.


May 16th, 2018

To be open for new information


My children, the people never stop learning. Who is now open to new information, e.g. about healing or health, will, if he lets himself guide, learn again and again new things he did not know up to now. There are so many so-called “exotic plants” on earth, which are quite unknown in your regions of Europe, and which are in spite good against this or that “little aches”, and which have certain healing energies as well. Communicate with each other, and exchange views, if you have found some solutions regarding this. Some of you like to experiment, and you are fiddling around. Who asks Me for My protection and blessing in advance, is always protected and guarded. Amen.


May 15th, 2018

Correct grounding and healing


My children, the youngest between you know it often still intuitively, if they have not been diverted too much through the magic of the mobile all-rounder. I talk about the right grounding, which all people need. When did you last ground yourselves consciously barefoot, and also thanked the earth that it is there for you? You live in a symbiosis with the earth, and it likes to help you the same way you help the earth. Walk regularly for some minutes barefoot in places, where you can still feel the earth consciously. This should be at least three to five minutes. It is not important, whether it is summer or winter – cold or hot. When you do it regularly and pray to Me profoundly beforehand, you are always sheltered under My protective coat. Use e.g. meadows, woods, stones, rocks, rivers, or also the sea to ground you correctly, and through this profound contact with the earth, also little aches are pulled out, and in exchange, you receive at the vacant positions exactly those minerals, vitamins, and trace elements through the grounding into your body, which you have asked for before, through the profound prayer with Me in connection with the earth. Also rolling around in the sand at the beach, for instance, helps against many hurting burdens, because the sand at the beaches is charged with a strong healing energy. Even swimming in a thermal bath, which has the same salt content as the Dead Sea, has healing powers. My proposal: Ground yourselves at least once a week, if possible even daily for some minutes, My children, and you will experience, how wonderful the symbiotic connections to the earth work – together with the profound prayers with Me. Amen.


 May 14th, 2018

Healings – fast or slow


My children, this is one of the subjects, which occupies not only you, but also very many worldly oriented people: The subject of healing. But because there are very different durations of healing for different “diseases” and “little aches”, I want to talk about these topics again upon request. One example concerning some of you is the problem of bursitis. It is very painful and can be sometimes quite tedious, if on the one hand the reason cannot be found, and if on the other hand no medicine is taken for healing. When e.g. two people have a similar bursitis in the shoulder, this does not mean that it heals at the same time, when e.g. the same food supplements are taken. It can easily be explained, where this comes from: Firstly the cause, and secondly the will to be healed in body, mind, and soul. Of course, food supplements and other means I have told you can help. But there is another factor, which is often underestimated, i.e. the patience and the will to be healed and in unison on the level of body, mind, and soul. Very often, the daily work, stress, and challenges block the healing process. It would be ideal, if this person had time to concentrate absolutely on the healing, and to spend the next time free of burdens. But because this is possible only in very rare cases, the time of the complete healing can be postponed. My children, this example shows you that many factors play a role during the healing, and therefore you cannot say in general that this or that healing process runs this or that way. Because every child is an own individual, the concerning healing runs fast, slowly, or not at all. It depends very much upon the TRUST IN GOD, and upon the own will to be healed. Who carries something around, which is his companion already for many years, may try to find the reason also in former incarnations. Here also the well known “prayers to let go” can help. Amen.


May 13th, 2018

When the weather intervenes


 My children, today, another spell of bad weather begins, with thunderstorm potential. It has begun already at the Ascension Day, and since then, also in Germany the earth quakes in the greater area of Voigtland. Many people do not know that underground in the border region between Germany and Czechoslovakia, there is part of the so-called Supervolcano, which exists below Germany. The Vosges and also the Eifel belong to it as well. A you may know, the lighting of your weather candle does not bring help only in your region, but it can help as well – together with your profound prayers, light transmissions, and the “Calls of Victory” – to do a lot of good deeds for earth, and help also to moderate terrible disasters. Nevertheless, think also in absolute love of your mothers, because without them, you would not have achieved anything you can do now. Amen.




May 12th, 2018

Powerful prayers


My children, often many, many worldly oriented people pray only, if the society forces them to do so, e.g. during the mandatory Sunday church service, or during special church festivals. The profound prayer, though, can be spoken to Me at any time, day and night. I have always time for you, because I am a loving FATHER, who cares for His children. If the worldly oriented people would know, how strong such a prayer coming from the heart is and what you can achieve with it, most of them would only shake their heads and would refuse to believe it, because this does not fit their world, which had been instilled into them from childhood on. Even you, My children, can only guess, how strong the power of a profoundly spoken prayer with Me is. For this reason, I would be very glad, if more and more people would celebrate these profound prayers and light transmission every day. Amen.


May 11th, 2018

Weather turbulences


My children, most of you will have noticed how fast such a storm area can cause chaos, confusion, and problems of different kinds in Germany. Power supply failures, devastations of houses, gardens, and other things can come along as well with these hail storms. Who is firmly established in the faith, prays regularly profoundly, and does good deeds will be spared within the scope of his life plan. Some regions in your country were nearly not affected by the heavy weather conditions. Many of you pray now for moderate weather and soft rain, which nature needs urgently in many regions. Also the weather candle has very often helped to prevent worse. But who does not believe in My help must often experience what it means to be exposed to weather turbulences. Therefore most of you, My children, tell their friends and relatives, how important profound prayers and first of all TRUST IN GOD are. Concerning weather patterns, May is often very varied, but you know it, My children, from previous years. Therefore watch also the weather forecasts, because often they are quite appropriate in many cases at least for the next days. If e.g. an extreme bad weather front is announced for the region you live, it would be certainly advisable to postpone a festival, or at least to make concerning precautions. Who lives his life too naively and does not care of anything, must anticipate that something unexpected happens. In so far, weather forecasts are partially very useful. But also consider that you can avert a lot of negative things with your profound prayers, light transmissions, “Calls of Victory”, and other good deeds. Amen.


May 10th, 2018

Ascension Day 2018


 My children, the worldly oriented people think today only of the so-called “Father’s Day”. To compensate the “Mother’s Day”, which takes place also in May, and My special blessed day for all Christians has been taken for it. However, many of you, My children, use the day very wise and spend it together with the family or also with good friends, to do many good deeds also today. Especially today, where many people get absolutely drunk, it makes sense to celebrate many profound prayers and light transmissions. Yesterday, after the FATHERWORD had been edited, some of you have had already good ideas combined with inspirations to build something creative e.g. in the garden. However, today it is equally useful to do good deeds in nature, and to send out into the world a lot of My love light spoken in My name, in order to compensate the many negative aspects of today. May is a wonderful month, but nature is a bit earlier this year, thus you can watch many things in a beautiful blaze of colours. Amen.


May 9th, 2018

Skills and inventiveness are in demand


My children, some of you have asked, if I could say something about self-constructed furniture, garden houses, and so on. Well, the so-called euro pallets are often for free or quite affordable, and in the internet, there are in the various video channels partially very intense, detailed instructions, and first of all, also suggestions. According to this, some of you have been very imaginative and busy also this year, and have built already extraordinary exhibits. Some of you have already proven that you must not be a craftsman by hiding faults carefully or by alternative solutions. Simply dare something, My children. It must not necessarily be euro pallets. Especially the so-called “utilisation of residual timber” appeals My children so much that they build regularly interesting objects. A so-called beach chair, as you know it e.g. from the North Sea or the Baltic Sea, can be built very well within one day from e.g. some pallets and additional boards. Also small woodsheds for firewood or bicycles e.g., can be absolutely built either from euro pallets or a larger amount of residual timber. Who does not like it optically from outside can of course improve the facade with e.g. tongue and groove joint boards. As said before: It is useful that you practice already now to build something useful with simple material. Amen.


May 8th, 2018

Water is valuable not only in case of emergency


My children, many people can absolutely not classify the valuable help and healing power of water. They use the precious water, which comes out of the tap, to do their daily things and if necessary also for cooking – but many, many people drink only water from plastic bottles, which they have often to carry home in a six pack laboriously. The worst is that this water is very often enriched with carbon dioxide, and the body cannot cope with it very well, therefore it wants to get rid of it as quickly as possible, and the people must burp. The softener in the plastic bottles is also very bad for the body. Who says now: “Well, the water from the tap is also not optimal”, I tell him: Let it run for a moment and ask Me for My blessing for the water, and fill it into glass bottles or drinking glasses. Then hold it in your hands and say: “Jesus Christ is the victor!”, and you will learn that your body can cope with the water very well. Who begins the day already in the morning with one or more glasses of water, where the water should have room temperature, helps the body to detoxify and to purify. Therefore give it sufficient time, before you take your breakfast. 30 – 60 minutes will do, depending upon your constitution. You should also not drink at least 15 minutes after a meal, in order not to thin your gastric acid. Many of you, My children, drink throughout the day a lot of blessed water. This is very wise and keeps also a lot of little aches away, because who has a strong immune system can also cope very well with all the things, which exist in many rooms. Of course you may hold your bottle or glass, when you pray to Me, and then My healing power will flow through the profound prayer also into your water. There is no better means for your body – except of miracles. Remember that water is intelligent, and that water in a bottle, which has not been blessed and stands at the table, can of course receive also all negative emotions and vibrations, e.g. when people argue, or brutal films are in TV, etc.. Therefore try also to tell your children, how important it is to drink water, and what water can effect – in the positive and also in the negative sense. Amen.




May 7th, 2018

 Keep your eyes and ears open


 My children, everything greens and blossoms, and also the people are full of joy de vivre. Who keeps his eyes and ears open now and is ready to recognize also subtleties, sees which wonderful diversity exists here on earth. Take your time every day at least for some minutes to enjoy in nature and with nature! I like to give you this well meant advice, My children! Who rejoices with nature, sends automatically positive healing energies from his opened heart, in connection with My love energy, out into the world. You see, My children, it is also very nice, when the practical can be connected with the useful in such a simple but wonderful way. Amen.



May 6th, 2018

 Information can be worth a mint


 My children, I am always there for you, and if you have questions, you may ask them. Due to the previous FATHERWORDS, some questions came concerning the health preservation, resp. as help against severe shortages or deficits. Only who learns and is ready to inform himself in the internet or various books will see that the amount of time for it increases more and more – but also the knowledge about health and how you can recover. Well, I want to answer your questions according the sun energy and its alternative, vitamin D3 with the additive vitamin K2 as food supplement. Indeed, in the industry countries, most of the people are undersupplied with vitamin D. Only the people, who always work outdoors, often with bare upper body, as swimming supervisors in the outdoor swimming pool, construction workers, gardeners, road workers, and so on, have a sufficiently high vitamin D3 level in their body. For all other people it is fact: The rare days of the year, where the sun is so hot in your regions that you can enjoy it, is not sufficient to produce and store enough vitamin D3 in your body, so that it can do for the rest of the year. You should know, when the vitamin D3 level is filled to the optimum, you feel more healthy and fit, and also younger, because you can do often things, which you did in your younger days. Back to the food supplements: I watch of course all your experiments, which you do accordingly, and indeed it is partially surprising for the surrounding, how fast people can regenerate, who take a concerning high dose of vitamin B3, in connection with vitamin K2 and magnesium. Coordinated vegan nutrition and a lot of blessed water are absolutely helpful and supporting. Then of course as a kind of change in nutrition the large amount of food with many carbohydrates can be reduced or totally avoided for a short time, and thus you can reduce your weight as well. The secret is that per 10 kg body weight, My children take here in the self-experiment daily 1000 international units vitamin 3 drops, together with K2, and after only some days, they feel much more fit and healthier. Well, it is no proposal from My side to do the same, but you should take a daily amount of D3, if you have deficiency symptoms, steady tiredness, eye rims, problems with digestion and bowel movement, and other sorrows. Vitamin D3 is measured in international units (in Germany i.E.), and most of you have taken 5000 i.E. a day and felt wonderful after a short time. I recommend you to pray profoundly with Me every day before taking D3, and thus to sensitize your body for the help, which comes to you. There are vegan drops or other vegan products you can take orally as well, together with blessed water. I recommend My writing cannel here as well to inform you about his experiences about the higher dosage of D3 with K2. There would be a lot to tell you still, but simply make your own positive experiences. There is material worth reading in the internet and in the diverse video channels. Your FATHER, who is very glad, when His children take their health into their own hands. Amen.


May 5th, 2018

Do not become dependent


My children, people use to integrate into their lives everything, what is tasty, what they like, or what does them good in general. Of course also a certain amount of convenience belongs to it to take his life into his hand. Painkillers and addictive products and preparations belong to it as well as the daily cups of coffee, the many cigarettes, and also the daily ritual of drinking beer, to name only some things. Now we come to a critical point: What about products, which do you good, but which decrease the healthy food and the important water, which is most valuable, when it is blessed. I talk about additives, food supplements, and so on. They are good for the body, when consumed in moderation, but he should not be dependent on it. Vegans and vegetarians have often certain deficiency symptoms, because they do not eat always optimally. Vitamin B12 is gladly taken as surplus for meat eaters, because in vegan nutrition, few B12 substitutes exist, except for the seaweed Spirulina. I want to sensitize you to realize for yourselves, what does you good and what not. Who manages to find a healthy middle course, without being dependent upon things, which are harmful to you, has found the main solution for this earth life. Some of you experiment also very often with add-on products, how your body reacts. Many of the so-called “diseases” could be transformed through higher concentrations of various drugs. However, the dosage should be regularly checked and be reduced correspondingly, if the body is fit and healthy again. Because the people are so different, every person reacts differently to certain drugs and compositions. But also here, there should be no exaggeration, and it should be watched carefully, how the body reacts, and how it is continued afterwards. Who now prays profoundly every day, and also includes his additives in the profound prayer and asks Me for the clearance of them, is anyway on the safe side, because after this, there is only the active ingredient left, without possible substances, which could cause side effects otherwise. Amen.



May 4th, 2018

Food supplements put to good use


 My children, if you communicate with each other and also involve Me in the action, you get answers and help quite quickly for your problems, if you are open to it. Many of you use so-called food supplements and other supplements, and this makes sense, because nowadays, the food contains no more sufficient vitamins, minerals, and trace elements, because the influence from the other side is very large to make and keep the people ill, because then they earn the most money from them. Let us come to today’s subject: It concerns supplements, which do the body good, and if you stick to the correct doses, they have no side effects. This is e.g. DMSO, which is readily available, but it should be bought in a medical pure, very good quality, and it can serve the body with many little aches and also chronic pain very well – up to the absolute relief from aches in many cases. There is also hydrogen peroxide, which ideally is taken without additives, in a dilution of 3 – 3,5 percent, to help the body support as a supplement also at the cellular level. These two examples, which you have quite often asked for, and which are important for many people, can facilitate life absolutely. If you, My children, do not know, what is wrong with you, and if you do not like to go to the doctor’s with little aches, you may be happy to try these supplements. Many of you take food supplements and other aids preventively to build up a “protective cushion” for the body. Everything, which is not overdone and has no side effects, can be accepted by a healthy body in most cases. Nevertheless, most of the people think only about doing the body something good, when they have various pains. For many worldly oriented people, the optimal state of their car is more important than their own body. You should think about this... Amen.




 May 3rd, 2018

What really counts


My children, every human being is different and thus has also different views on values, events, and general statements. Even identical twins have only a certain percentage, where they react similarly. Because every human being is an individual being, it is nowadays absolutely impossible to make something fitting and conform for everybody. As a result, the FATHERWORDS, which I transmit daily, are not every day of the same importance for every child. Nevertheless, the FATHERWORDS contain the important information every day, which I consider important to let you receive them in love. I am a loving FATHER and like to answer your wishes, questions, and world affairs, but not always so as you perhaps imagine, but from the point of view of a loving FATHER, who sends help and suggestions for his children. Of course, many things are repeated the one or the other way. Consider how many messages you had to process otherwise, if I would transmit each year 365 new things to you. Furthermore, people tend to suppress things, which seem to be not so important for them, or to shift them into the long term memory. The daily worldly sorrows and problems add up, so that regular refreshers of certain things are very useful. I include important worldly things from My view, because some of you ask Me for it. There are other channels of the FATHERWORDS, who receive only spiritual messages, but you receive also other supplements upon request. Every channel of the FATHERWORDS is different, and therefore the wording is never the same, but the meaning is always so that it wants to increase the mental values in the human being on the one hand, and on the other hand to remember him, what he, the human being, can afford voluntarily and wonderfully – to contribute to the healing of his own body and often also of his soul, and on the other hand to do so many good deeds that also his spiritual advancement profits from it. What really counts is to know that you are here on earth as My prolonged arms and light houses for the searching, as I like to call you, that you work voluntarily in My vineyard to increase your own soul’s salvation resp. to strengthen it, and to help to let this jewel, the earth, beam bright and shining again, while more and more fallen souls realize that I exist, and that they desist from the dark side voluntarily and remember back through their souls, who they originally are, and why they could not resist the temptation in these days, after the lovely Sadhana had revolted and offered resistance against Me. The most people on earth are fallen souls, and therefore I need voluntary helpers to help the earth and also the fallen souls to awake and to recognize that everything, what the other side leads to believe you, is only an illusion and a spectacle. But who has looked behind the curtain of illusions once, will never fall back into the old routine, but will do good deeds with joy and devotion voluntarily, to help all souls. Amen.


May 2nd, 2018

May feelings


 My children, always when the so-called merry month of May, many people get May feelings, or also spring fever. The clothes are often lighter, and also the positive vibrations rise. Even when in many regions the dance into May proverbially dropped into water, the next weekend will be better. Here comes My proposal, what you can e.g. do in May: You can prepare the garden or also the raised-bed garden and partially plant something, and you can finish residual tasks of the previous year. You can work at the sheds, garden houses, or garages during the next time, and also the continuous mowing the lawn is for many people part of the spring. But nature in general begins to blossom, and as the folk song says: “The merry month of May is here, and the trees are bursting out...” Everything greens and blossoms, resp. begins with it, and the pollen count, which is troublesome for many people, is still acute. Many people did not wash their cars yet, because daily there are new pollen in the air. Nevertheless, your cars are eager to be cleaned and washed. Also the tyre change is a job, which is annoying for many people, but absolutely useful. You see, My children, that in May there is a lot to do, and that the so-called spring fever may be expelled from the bodies. Of course, most of the people are more motivated, when the weather is fine and warm that when it is grey, rains, or at least drizzles. Because through your prayers, light transmissions, and also “Calls of Victory”, you have a large contribution to the subtle world affairs, which as time goes by also affects the physical affairs, you can influence the weather to a certain amount as well. You see, My children, that good deeds always are worthwhile and also pay off. Many of you have e.g. day and night one or two bottles with acid outdoors and covered, and also have – through crossing out the bar code and the input of the vibration “JESUS CHRIST IS THE VICTOR” a very small share in the weather in your region. Who starts now to hug trees every day, or does this mentally, manages this way also to build strength for himself and to do good deeds for nature. You see, My children, you can very well puzzle and have ideas, and help nature as a side effect. Amen.


May 1st, 2018

Mayday 2018


My children, the first day of May has always been special. Partially fated, often demonstrations, protests, mass conventions, and many more take place. Also the traditional May tours – willingly also with the family – have a fixed place in the course of the year. You, My children and prolonged arms on earth, may be today again the lighthouses of a special kind, because symbolically, many people need to get shown the way, by lighting it through the profound prayer. Today, also many prayers, light transmissions, “Calls of Victory”, and good deeds are needed, and they help to prevent a lot of negative things. With the start of the so-called “merry month of May”, in the early days lyrics, poetry, and the art of writing went more or less into romantic rapture, and they have been read also later on with growing enthusiasm by many people, where the enthusiasm outlasted many centuries up to the presence. Those of you, who feel now appealed and also want to receive “a kiss from the muse”, may do this gladly in verse, and thus contribute to the increase of the vibrations on earth. Amen.


April 30th, 2018

Before May arrives


My children, many celebrate today, if the weather is ok, the so-called “dance into May”, and usually they celebrate rather merrily. Also the ritual of the placement and guarding the maypole is usual everywhere, where such a colossus is placed. Rituals and related festivities are usual in your country. But the bad habit of the “Freinacht” (free night), where everything is stolen, what had not been locked away, enrages many people. You can imagine that here the other side rejoices. Some of you, My children, live in regions, where these traditions are usual and are passed enthusiastically through the generations. Therefore it makes sense to send profound prayers, light transmissions, and also the “Calls of Victory” from the beginning of the dusk, in order to form a strong energetic resistance of light and love against the excesses of the foolish activities. The nice weather, which April presented you in many regions, will also be clouded at the beginning of May. Nevertheless, it is important that you watch the weather precisely and use also the nice aspects to stay outdoors in nature and also to do good deeds. Amen.




 April 29th, 2018

The healing power of sleep


My children, this subject has been already mentioned, but because you ask Me again and again, I answer it here once more. Everybody with a normal rhythm of life needs a certain amount of sleep. This amount can be very different, though. There are people, who get along with four hours of sleep, if the main part of it is deep sleep. Others in turn need at least their 8 hours sleep to be fit and well rested. Let us come now to you, My children, who go the spiritual way voluntarily and full of love. Here the sleep volume is composed differently. You know that time is relative. This means: The time is expendable in all possible directions and contractible the same way. Presumed, that you cannot fall asleep, because something moves you so much that you are continuously thinking or pondering about it in bed. Finally you fall asleep at 4 o’clock in the morning, but you have to get up e.g. at 7 am. Normally you would physically not be fit and well rested. But because you pray and do good deeds, I extend the time, where you are e.g. in the deep sleep, so far that the body receives his full energy during this short time as if it had slept long enough in a sound sleep. Some of My children true to Me sleep bad, because something bothers them, and thus I use the deep sleep phase lasting sometimes only some minutes to keep their bodies fit. Who says now: Beloved FATHER, I thought that you do not intervene? I tell him: Only on request of the concerning child, on the basis of the motto: “Please help me, beloved FATHER, that I am fit and well rested the next morning.” Who sleeps his 7 - 8 hours every day and has difficulties to get up in spite, should investigate, why this is so. Sometimes this is due to water veins, earth dislocations, earth rays, or also energetically bad places, where the bed is standing. The change of the location can sometimes help. Of course you may thank Me every day in the profound prayer for the beneficial energy of the sleep that you received from Me, so that your body begins the new day strengthened and fit. Who has physical pain and can sleep only in certain reclining positions may also speak with Me about it, because this way, it can be worked at during the night. But if the child turns around several times a night, My guardian angels allocated to him try to induce him to turn back into the position, which causes no pain. If they do not succeed, and this is very often the case, the affected parts of the body hurt very often the next day, because your guardian angels help you, but they may not intervene, except in case of emergency. Amen.


April 28th, 2018

Listen also to your soul


My children, as you know, you are connected to the Spiritual World with your soul, and communicate through your soul and your heart with Me. Many of your problems result from the fact that many children do not manage to contact their own soul in a way that they feel, what does them good and what not. As you know, everything is stored in your soul what concerns you – in this life and also from the previous incarnations. However, you should not always blame your karma of former lives, because a lot is also a resonance from this life. If you manage now to reconcile your body, mind, heart, and soul, your life will change still more to the positive, because many worldly things, which pleased you before, lose more and more the shine of the old days. This means: To live in the joy and at the same time also in love includes all positive things, which enjoy you, and thus do also in many cases a lot of good deeds. Amen.


 April 27th, 2018

When pains do not want to disappear


 My children, this is a vexatious topic, of which worldwide more people are affected than you can imagine. For also some of you have long term pains and thus problems, I like to deal with this topic. I know that rheumatic patients often do not believe in recovery, and resign themselves to their fate. But every “disease” as you call it is curable, My children! But often there must be a complete food-changeover, life change, and sometimes also a climate change is a big help. Well, there are many people, who suffer from the cold and thus have often problems in your country to recover, because cold and wet set them back in their healing process again and again. This happens very often in the people’s heads. They can recover and be happy only in warm temperatures. Indeed, moving into warmer regions can be recommended, as far as this is possible in relation to the job and the family. For some of you, My children true to Me, have also chronic diseases, I want to recommend that they accept them and “love them home”, to express it like this. Who can take his “disease” and the resulting appendages to heart and thank them that they guide him his way, is able to change his life in a way that he can let go this appendage now, which very often has karmic reasons, and to discard it together with Me, in the profound prayer, fast, or also step by step, depending on the situation. Because all pains have at least one reason, it is impossible to explain this in general. Pains in the knees, arms, feet, and also other parts of the body, which result very often from one-sided strain, can be healed very often very well by different creams, herbs, and also tinctures – without chemical additives.  Sometimes, you must either cool or warm it. Because some of you build up an absolute aversion against cold, in this case, it is not always the right solution, what the vernacular says. Many are fiddling around to check, which means is best for them. To immobilize a body part is often a wise decision, thus the body can regenerate. But if the concerned person does not find any possibility to rest, because he is always under stress, in a rhythm which does not work without him, a guilty conscience results very often, and thus the healing process shifts, and the whole bunch of pains becomes chronic in many cases. Who has now long time aches or pains, should first of all keep the concerned body part still for three to seven days, or immobilize it. Then it should be also tested, which supporting means can expedite the healing process. If something happens to you e.g. on the way, thank your body that not more has happened, and with a profound prayer for the healing, you are already at the side of the healing process. If you give saliva generously on the concerned part, this can already initiate the first aid.  Sometimes, such time-out is selected consciously, so that this person can gain inner or also outer rest. The positive thinking helps absolutely during the recovery process, even if it does not seem so at first. Who wants to do it, My children, can speak the following prayer for those people worldwide: “I send now out of My heart out to all people the healing energy of the FATHER, spoken in His name, out into the world, so that it reaches all receptive people, who need urgently help against their chronic pains. I relay this help with joy from the heart, because many people cannot manage by themselves to initiate their healing process completely alone. Amen.” Your FATHER, who helps every child, if he prays profoundly for it, and fulfils it also in the appropriate time frame – within the scope of the relevant life plan. Amen.


April 26th, 2018

Music can be healing


My children, you have asked Me already often, whether music has a healing power. Yes, indeed, a positive energy can happen within the healing process of a person, when he hears music, which influences him positively, or if he also dances to it and enjoys it. Often it is music from the time of his youth or early adult phase, which can be healing during a disease or injury, because it is connected with something positive. Music, which is connected with the nicest experiences in the holidays, can be equally beneficial. My children, you should imagine your body as a big computer, and when certain files are opened, and e.g. a certain song is sung, whistled, or also “only” heard, certain processes are activated in the body, which absolutely have the power to produce or release healing energies and energy boosts, which most people cannot imagine. I give you two examples: A man, who had a bad cold and could produce only little vital energy at this time, heard his favourite song in the radio, from his youth, when he had been happy and free. Soon he was humming to the song, and his body managed within these three minutes to initiate all available energies he needed for the healing process. Some days later, he was almost fit again. After this worldly example, one of yours is following. Also here, the hearing and partially singing along of a music, which this child loved very much, was sufficient to be fit again after two days, and also all the power came back.  Therefore you should also regularly feel inside yourselves, My children, what you are missing, resp. what you would like to have just now. No matter, whether this is a certain food or drink, or also in general what makes you happy. Life is very complex and exciting, if you combine the spiritual with the worldly things – of course in the positive way of thinking – and you will learn, which power you have inside, when you feel good and when you live your life with joy, and thus of course also do every day many good deeds voluntarily full of enthusiasm – because, as you know, the good deeds come always back to you in an amplified way. Your FATHER, who supports you always with all your projects, if they come profoundly from your heart. Amen.


April 25th, 2018

To be inspired


My children, many people use the internet and well known video channels to let them inspire by people and their fiddlings, which are available as videos there. This is a newer method, because in former times, there were many different possibilities to gain inspirations: This could be old books, oral or written traditions, explanations or also personal assistance e.g. from relatives, youth camps, scouts, school facilities, and many more. Before now, e.g. the orientation in woods or at night was not as easy as today with navigation equipment – but also these devices do not always work error-free. My children, try to let inspire you for something, which you like very much, and which is first of all something useful. I give you this well meant advice, and also the promise that you get help, if you ask for it. Amen.




April 24th, 2018

Visions, dreams, and realizations


My children, many of you have brilliant ideas, dreams, and visions, which want to be realized, but mostly there is something that blocks it. Why is that? Well, many people have such intentions similar like you, but they fail very often due to the necessary capital, the money, or also because suddenly no guts is existing any more. Why do many people not dare to make this step? Well, it breaks with the ordinary, which makes up every day the so-called routine. Only some people dare to jump over their shadow. But you, My children, know that it is often the only way to discover new ways and new horizons, because the longing to try something burns inside you like fire. Many of the great explorers, who have done good deeds for mankind, have been controlled and guided by Me, when their intentions were positive. If you now turn on yourselves or doubt, whether you want to begin something new, go into the profound prayer with Me, and I help you, if you really want it from your heart. Amen.


April 23rd, 2018

To clear out


My children, this is again My discreet recommendation that now it is a good date to let superfluous things go. Many people stockpile lifelong things, which they not really need, but in spite cannot let them go. Who has neither looked at nor used something during the previous years, should think about, whether he needs it still. Especially this adherence of things, which you absolutely do not need, should be thought about. This is not about building materials or other useful things, which can be used in a later phase of planning. It concerns more or less the so-called “dust catchers”, often also heirlooms or gifts, which the person never liked but had kept only by moral reasons. To let everything superfluous go can be very liberating. You need often an impulse to begin with clearing out, and first of all you need the positive support from your family, because it is harder to accomplish such a project on your own. I help all children, if they ask Me for mental support. Amen.


April 22nd, 2018

The healing power of the warmth


My children, in many regions, it is already warm for a longer period, and partially even as warm as summer. Temperatures about 30 degrees are not always self evident for April, though. Therefore this explanation comes before May, because it is useful just now: Warmth coming e.g. from the sun has certain positive energies and healing powers. In your regions, temperatures about 30 degrees are usual only in high summer, and many of you can cope with them only short time. Inhabitants of the southern parts of Europe, though, know longer warm periods very well, and they love them – but by long time experience, they came to the conclusion to stay in cool rooms during the midday heat, until it becomes cooler in the afternoon. But especially this midday heat has the strongest healing power, if, yes, if it is used correctly. If you have little aches in your arm, leg, or in a place, which you can expose to the intense sun for some minutes, this short time of about 5 to 7 minutes can have a very positive effect. Of course you should not be exposed too long to the midday heat, because then there is the danger of a sun burn. Except you are an extreme vegan, who eats absolutely only raw food and drinks blessed water, and from time to time fresh-pressed juices. Red haired people tend mostly to sun burn, and also fair-skinned, blonde people. But there are sufficient sun energy lovers, who increase the daily sun dose slowly, and have thus less problems with skin burns. Some of you can sit already now one or two hours outdoors in the midday heat, without moisturize or oil themselves, without getting a sun burn. Only the head should be protected. Where does it come from that some people are apparently resistant against sun burn? Well, on the one hand it depends upon the nutrition, and on the other hand upon the love to the sun sending them healing power. This is similar as with all plants and trees, My children: Who talks to them and likes them, will be protected by them. Many of you can touch meanwhile e.g. nettles without these plants hurting them, because they have taken them into their heart, and the plant feels it – through the aura the person sends. It is interesting that some of you use this technique when cutting branches or mowing the lawn. You explain to the plants what happens, and thus it is done without stress. Mowing the lawn is equal to cutting the hair. Who deals with nature tenderly and also uses the healing power, which waits for the people, who are open to it, will learn that his whole life can change – through their change of awareness – up to the human being, who goes through nature without prejudices, and communicates with it consciously or unconsciously. Amen.


April 21st, 2018

Nature is dry


My children, the rain of the coming week, which is announces for a large region, means refreshment for the many dry soils. So much as many people long for an extended warm period, the rain may not be forgotten, because in spring it can only blossom and green, when also sufficient water is available at the soil – and inside the soil. Who wants to do it and has sufficient water, e.g. in rain barrels, should distribute abundantly fresh water in the garden. It is always a joy to see, how everything greens and blossoms, My children. Amen.


April 20th, 2018

Restrictions of different kinds


My children, again and again you ask Me, why stocks are so important. Well, restrictions can happy easily, and who does not make provisions, can get into difficulties soon. Since the end of the so-called Second World War, the earth was often facing another big war, which could be prevented again and again, although sometimes only hair sharp. It must not be a war scenario, though, which can cause restrictions, but sudden power supply failure, bomb disposal, where thousands of people must be evacuated, weather catastrophes, and other possibilities, which I do not want to list here. Especially the power supply in Europe is very fragile and hangs by a silken thread, as the proverb says. It is an amazing feat to control the current in Europe so that nothing negative happens. Therefore, who has sufficient stocks, takes also preventive measures against price increases, which have become partially drastic recently. You should also check everything you need, if e.g. the power supply should fail longer than one hour. Sun storms, as they are called, can also lead to power fluctuations and failures. Most of My children true to Me live simple and are steeled against a power supply and can get by, when they e.g. use a camping stove to cook simple means, or flush their toilet with water from the rain barrel. For many of you it has become a little hobby to test, how it would run also without power supply, and some of you practice this kind of life at the camping site or also out in the nature. My children, who approaches different challenges just as the fancy takes you, and with big joy, will learn that firstly, it is not so difficult as it seemed to be before, and secondly that it also encourages ambitions and joy, if you manage something, which you did not dare to try before. Amen.

April 19th, 2018

Used or new?


My children, I am asked again and again in the profound prayer, which used things you may buy or receive as a gift. Well, this question is very interesting, and because considerable time has passed since the answer, I will answer it with another focus than at the time. Nowadays, many people have little money for things normally not taken into account for the normal budget. This means: You must save, or you receive donations, or something used has to be bought. There are many second-hand shops, which sell a lot of different things. Additionally, at many weekends there are also so-called flee markets, where many people go and hope to find bargains there. Your questions aim to whether and how you should deal with used things. First of all: I never have bargained, when I have been as JESUS CHRIST on earth, and I have recommended this also My disciples. Some of you have learned from Me when visiting a flee market that you should not bargain, because this is an invention of the other side. Of course you may fix a price for yourselves and tell the vendor, what you want to pay for this piece. If the vendor wants more money, go simply away. This I had recommended also My disciples. To bargain has a negative vibration, and as said before, it comes from the other side. The other possibility is to ask, how much it is, and then to pay it, if you want to have this thing. Let us come to cleaning: New goods should also be cleaned, because also they are burdened by different energies. These may be the symbolic tears or also rage of the often underpaid workers in countries, where they often are scandalously exploited through low-wage, as many of you call it. I do not grade and judge, but many of you work yourselves up about what happens there. Back to cleaning: A simple possibility is to wash everything, and the clothing, to stay with this example, should be always be equipped with My blessing, spoken in My name, before you clean it. You may also say the following: “Beloved FATHER, please clean and energize these clothes. Thank you. Amen”, and then you show them to Me and put them e.g. into the washing machine. As said before: Everything you buy used and mostly also new ones should be cleaned and also be provided with My protection, and they you should use it with joy. Many people take over houses, apartments, or also cars without cleaning them in any way. You should not do this, My children, due to those reasons. I am glad to give you these recommendations. Who has little money and wants to buy many used things, may gladly do it, but he should remember the cleaning and thus also the deletion of the old energies of the previous owners. Who buys everything new, should also do this cleaning of all these things. Amen.


April 18th, 2018

If it has to go quickly...


Most of the people are short of time. Often they are nearly as hectic as if they would flee from something. You, My children, know that strength lies in peace, and that it can happen only in the profound love to Me with a lot of peace. This peace can last sometimes only some seconds, but I extend the time so that the connection can be established anyway. Only few people manage to switch off completely on a crowded site, and to pray to Me profoundly. You could ask: Why? Well, the reason is that the people are exposed to hundreds and thousands of pulses every day, and that they seem missing the inner quietness to come into their inner middle. But this is absolutely simple, My children: Simply say again and again: “JESUS CHRIST IS THE VICTOR”, and you will find, how the inner peace and balance comes back to you. Amen.


April 17th, 2018

Creativity is supported


My children, many people like to tinker and are creative in the positive way of thinking. I support this by e.g. inspirations, helps, and also through other possibilities. Often, these are inspirations during a dream, or also in the awakening phase, if the person is not torn brutally from the deep sleep by an alarm clock or something like that. But also in broad daylight such inspirations can happen. Sometimes it is a picture, a big subject, a talk, or also something in the internet that gives you the necessary boost to start. Especially between My children true to Me, there are many opportunities for creative inventors. Some of you get the inspirations from the internet and extend or tinker the optimal solution for themselves. However, creativity supports also the new formation of the so-called grey cells, i.e.: It is good for the brain. I am always glad, when My children true to me share their ideas and inspirations, and thus many of them gain advantage from it. Well, the weather becomes better now, and some of you will tinker outdoors again, as My writing channel here, who has built a very effective raised-bed from six European pallets within a short time, which will be filled now step by step. If you have no green house or something better, you may create something like that. Who now wants to add some colour, gives a positive face to the often quite dreary view. My children, begin to build e.g. from those European pallets tables, seats, raised-beds, and whatever you want. There are sufficient templates in the internet. I am glad to give you this well meant advice. And you should know: I am always with you and support all My children, if they are connected to Me. Amen.


April 16th, 2018

Light and shadow


My children, you know it very well: If something is dark or shady and you light it, it will be flooded with light. More or less you should imagine this, when you send daily My love light, My love, My healing power, and My blessing spoken in My name, in the light transmission in the profound connection with Me, all over the earth, so that it flows, where it is needed. You as My prolonged arms on earth are My important helpers, and you are always protected and guarded. Amen.


April 15th, 2018

 Worldly events versus spiritual events


 My children, what happens in Syria just now is part of a big spectacle within the plan of the other side. You know that “bread and circuses” in the XXL edition can of course go beyond single countries. Even whole continents can be engaged in the “circuses”. The other side wants to believe the human beings through fear and dread that they are only small vassals, who can do nothing. But they do not know that My children true to Me are working tirelessly and pray profoundly every day as often as possible, send light, celebrate the “Calls of Victory”, and do good deeds in general. This happens first of all as spiritual event, which then interferes also in the worldly events and is available to help. Therefore fear is a bad companion, My children. Amen.


April 14th, 2018

Out into the fresh air


My children, do you know this sentence from your childhood? Those of you, who are already some older, have been sent outside daily with such a sentence – or a similar one – by their parents, when the weather was fine. Nowadays, you see less and less children, who play outdoors, when the weather is fine. One of the reasons is an addictive behaviour, which leads the children to spend as much time as possible with their game consoles. Try to curb or restrict your children accordingly, because gambling addiction is very violent, and a weaning can be very heavy. Explain them that the power supply can fail one day, and how they can react then. Peace on earth has become already since the so-called “Cuba crisis” like a dance on the rope again and again. This means: Everything, which happened within these more than 50 years on earth, has been more or less a cold war – with skirmishes in between. If the people knew, how much all of you, My children true to Me, have helped again and again on a voluntary basis to maintain peace, because I myself do not intervene personally. Many of you have done intuitively the right things again and again, at the right time – according to the peace energies. Who prays again and again profoundly to Me and does good deeds, receives often premonitions and can act accordingly. Amen.




April 13th, 2018

The profound prayer of the heart


My children, once again it is Friday 13th, and because many people are superstitious, take especially care and put yourselves and also your children always under My protective coat through the profound prayer. Many people are now afraid of a big war, and the public media place symbolically wood into the burning fire. Here is in the first place for all My children the profound prayer of the heart the first and most important task in the early morning, occasionally as often as possible, and before going to sleep also once again. I give you this recommendation from My heart, and I know that you, My prolonged arms on earth, will fulfil this gladly, because only through many, many profound prayers and all the other good deeds worse can be prevented now. Amen.


April 12th, 2018

Critical situation in the world


My children, currently, symbolic “sabre-rattling” and “showing the teeth” is shown in the media. Indeed there is just now a critical situation, where it is also the symbolic “flexing one’s muscles”, where some politicians fight against what the dark side wants. Now it is again immensely important to send a lot of light, pray profoundly, celebrate the “Calls of Victory”, and also to think and do good deeds in general, and also always to make the life positive. The way it looks now, every profound prayer can play an absolute important role. Amen.


April 11th, 2018



My children, many people panic, if their mobile all-rounder fails, has not been recharged, or no reception is possible. Who now forgoes consciously the mobile all-rounder as far as possible, will learn that his body begins after a certain time to become calmer, and that the panic attacks decrease. With children or youngsters, this can last a bit longer. However, many people have such a great addiction that they do not only panic, but also go absolutely crazy. Today, I want to focus your attention to the contrary of stress, i.e. the so-called de-stressing. Who manages to stay free from addictions of several kinds, can share their experiences with people, who need exactly this help. Who for instance earns his money by sitting at the computer, needs of course functioning equipment. If one of it fails, also here a major stress factor can result. Who now wants to de-stress, can e.g. switch off the computer or whatever you use for half an hour or one hour consciously, and he uses during this stress-fee time a technique, which helps him to relax. That’s right, My children, it is the profound prayer, followed by the “Calls of Victory” and light transmissions. The vibrations are so high during this that also the body comes to a rest and wants also to switch down. Some of you fall asleep at once and come thus to a level, where a profound deep sleep happens within few minutes, so that the human being awakes refreshed and fit. No matter what happens with your equipment, stay in the calmness and pray profoundly to Me, so that there will be a solution soon. Amen.


April 10th, 2018

Many do not want to hear about it


My children, I tell you, what really happens on earth, how it is built, and why the other side tries already for such a long time to cheat mankind – (because where is no light, there is darkness). If you would for instance tell the people the truth about certain things and processes on earth, what would the answer be very often? “I do not want to hear it, this scares me, this makes my ‘ideal world’ break down!” Many of you know such or similar answers. These worldly oriented people never want to leave their ‘hamster cage’, where they often spend their whole life in, because they are afraid of the truth, which partially sleeps deep inside them. Why don’t the worldly oriented people want to awake? Well, awakening means to work at themselves, a change of the present world view, and first of all confrontation and questioning of many events and deeds. Whether 2001 in New York or already much earlier... Mankind is consciously held on long strings like puppets, and only those, who managed to cut these strings symbolically, can feel free and begin to clean and recalibrate their minds, bodies, souls, and also their ways of thinking. There are so many wonderful things to explore, and also to live free without fear – secure in My love, knowing that I always watch My children true to Me. Amen.


April 9th, 2018

Concentrate on the essentials


My children, there is much worldly in the media, and one event chases the other. What really counts is, that you do not become confused and search always greedily for sensations in the latest news, which are consciously presented to the people, but to come into the own middle and to know absolutely that on the one hand every human being is unique, and that he has also the possibility to turn away consciously from the worldly oriented side through an appropriate live, behaviour and thinking, and to arrange his life more Christian oriented. On the other hand, more and more “deep sleepers” awake now, because the partially scandalous construct of lies breaks down and becomes already so transparent, that even “deep sleepers” realize that there is something wrong. The main objective of the other side is to initiate a big war, with an extensive civil war, and a working people as a final solution, which with a low IQ does obediently, what they want. But they did not reckon that I always protect My children, and that you with your good deeds, profound light transmissions, the “Calls of Victory”, and of course the many profound prayers thwart these plans again and again. Therefore it is so absolutely important to do voluntarily good deeds every day again, with the certainty that it helps many people. Amen.


April 8th, 2018

Not everything is as it seems to be


My children, I have recommended you often enough to watch only selected shows in TV, which you like and which are good for your heart, your soul, and also for your mind. These are, as I said before, only recommendations. Many of you stick to it and reduce their television consumption consciously more and more. They feel now freer, more casual, and see most of the things from a very different view. But who, as many worldly oriented people, believes everything, what the TV or other worldly news tells them, will have great difficulties to awake from the deep sleep, in which they are often since their birth into this incarnation. Many people, who watch TV very often, need a powerful “shaking up”, so that they realize that not everything is as they are led to believe in. But these people can often hardly cope with especially such “shaking up things”, because possibly then their whole world view and also their view, thinking, and acting breaks down. Therefore question every message in the public television and the other public, worldly facilities. Your FATHER, who knows that His children true to Him let absolutely not fool themselves. Amen.


April 7th, 2018

Energy intake


My children, there are different kinds of energy intake, and I want to explain you something about it. As you know, you can absorb energy e.g. through the sun light. This is a natural form of energy, which is present, when the sun is shining. Many of you use food supplements to take these substances orally. Another form is the profound prayer, My children. Who prays now profoundly to get radiated something special into his body, will receive it, but only in a subtle form, without consuming it. The subtle radiation of things works differently than consuming them orally, through the mouth. Also the energy pictures, which My writing channel here creates regularly for you with My help, work at first subtly, and then after processing in the subtle range, come also into the physical, i.e. bodily part. Thus, the mode of action is of course different than if you take these things orally. With this, already some of your questions to Me are explained. The main question, why you need food supplements from a certain age on, can be explained quite easily. If the earth would be heavenly clean, you could be supplied sufficiently with everything the body needs through the fruits and vegetables. But because more and more overexploitation of nature is done and the food has barely sufficient minerals, vitamins, and trace elements, except for biological food or when grown in the own garden, the body needs several additions through food supplements. But also here, the wheat separates from the chaff, and you should read the small print, because you buy something hastily. Also positive buy recommendations e.g. from your friends are often very helpful. There are many possibilities of energy intake. Who always strives for My blessing, will receive always the optimal form of energy from Me – within the scope of what is possible for this human being. Amen.


April 6th, 2018

April does what it wants


My children, many people know this proverb, and it is often true. There has already been a tornado, many storms, hail, snow, rain showers, and also continuous sunshine during these few April days. Most of the people do not think about, why this happens so often in April. Well, the cold weather is often mainly over, and the first sun rays delight many people. But often the way of thinking and acting of those people is not observed, who have a major part in the weather pattern, just the same as the influence of the other side. And thus in April, these extreme differences appear. The coming weekend will be warmer, and therefore the danger of sunburn increases, especially for blonde and sandy-haired people. Who wants to cream up or oil up, can take very well e.g. coconut oil or also cold pressed olive oil of good quality. Some of you had asked Me, how the people protect themselves from the intense sun in countries, which have regularly 30 degrees or more. Well, they have very often “Siesta”, i.e. a midday break at noon, and better work in the early morning or up to the late evening. They cream up or oil up often as I have recommended it you just now. The sun is your friend, and if you use it accordingly and restrictive in midsummer, it is also a wonderful “donator of vitamin D”, to say it in your language. Also a stricken body can do a lot for itself through the exact dosage of the sun energy and, through profound prayers as a support, the sunlight can be stored very well in many cells of the body, and thus also give a beneficial support for the recreation process. Amen.

April 5th, 2018

Confidence in your own creativity


My children, from time to time I want to remember you that every human being is unique, and that he has got one or more talents, which he, i.e. the human being, can make proper use of and should not let lie unused in the symbolic corner. To learn, which abilities you have, you should follow your hobbies and preferences, which can be e.g. of musical, manual, or also artistic kind. Try everything, because this is the only way you can find out, where your talent lies. When you have found the right one, nothing should prevent you from executing your creative power, and you should follow your talent and your abilities with joy. Amen.


April 4th, 2018

Soon it is time for gardening again


My children, slowly it begins to green and blossom, and many hobby gardeners are looking forward to planting their pre grown plants outdoors or in the green house. But it is not yet time, My children. I am glad, when also those children between you, who have no garden, try to plant something. Of course it is ideal to do this also in a raised-bed – or in large pots resp. tubs. Who now wants to be creative, but has not the appropriate knowledge, can find information in the internet with related keywords, or even watch little videos, where private people show their gardening success.* Further on you should look out in nature, because then you find the nice little flowers, which grow already everywhere, and which are mostly treated shabby concerning looking at them. Everything is beautiful, when you watch the subtleties of nature from the right point of view. Who has the possibility to build up something on a small scale, buys e.g. flowers or other plants, which please him. Amen.
*(I think that the FATHER means something like ‘You Tube’ videos, and so on. Yours Johannes)


April 3rd, 2018

Who cooks himself, eats healthier


My children, meanwhile, many people buy food ready for the microwave oven or at least something, what is already cooked and must only be warmed. On the other hand, many people, who can afford it, go out for a meal very often, sometimes even every day. My children, you can certainly imagine that this kind of food is not very healthy. Many of you are lucky that at least one of the family members is able to cook, and that thus the possibility is given to cook at the most days, or depending on the needs, to create raw food or other meals. Through the affectionate preparation of a healthy meal, and with asking for My blessing for it, you can eat a lot of good and nutritious food. Some of you experiment very often, and they are very astonished, how delicious and nutritious this food has become. In all eras, it had been always so that people had to invent and to experience to create new food. Therefore it is so immensely important that preferably many of you learn to cook and teach these skills also their children. Amen.


April 2nd, 2018

Things are getting better, if you think positive


My children, also the snow and cold snap at Easter in Mecklenburg and other regions will be over soon. It will become warmer now, and with this the possibility will come to do more creative spiritual things. Who thinks positive, gets more of life that those many pessimists and negative thinkers. It improves for many people as well, if you believe it. Sometimes, people need some time to escape the valley of tears and sorrows. I help everybody to do this, if he comes to Me and asks Me profoundly. Everything is possible within the own life plan, and sometimes even more, because who engages himself spiritually and does a lot of good deeds, can of course change also his own life plan to the positive in some way. Amen.


April 1st, 2018

Easter 2018


My children, again an Easter, as you call it, has begun. For your children and grandchildren it is of course the childlike exuberance of “searching Easter eggs”, but for you, My dear children, Easter as you call it has a different reason. It is a day of joy, of happiness! You are delighted that I have risen from the dead then, and thus have begun a new era. Many of you have been incarnated then, and also in the following time, when the so-called ancient Christians had a tough job to live and realize their religion. Nowadays, the true Christians are also more and more restricted, and the so-called science tries to tell the people that there had been only a big bang, but this thesis has been invented by the other side and lets My creation appear small. But who is connected profoundly in his heart with Me, knows that many things on earth are not true, and that everything is turned as the other side would like it. But you, My children, are My rocks in the surf of the stormy sea, and also My lighthouses, which lighten the way to My FATHER’S HOUSE for all people looking for help in all weathers. Furthermore, you are, and you know it long ago, My prolonged arms on earth, who do voluntarily and full of love this labour of love to your nearest, so that those children, who search for Me but cannot find Me, because the other side has blindfolded them symbolically have a possibility to find My FATHER’S HEART through the profound prayers... These children are, after realizing who they really are, and which tasks My children have assumed voluntarily, ... can do it in love, humbleness, and the certainty that everything is good and will stay good. Amen.


March 31st, 2018

Holy Saturday


My children, for most of the people, the present day is a usual Saturday. The people go shopping, partially up to 9 pm or even 10 pm, and they prepare for a nice Easter celebration. This Holy Saturday, the temperatures do not play along, and also white Easter can happen here and there. During the following week, the first spring fever shows at many people, but it is not yet the real outbreak of spring, but only a foretaste. Today at Holy Saturday, it is as important as before to pray profoundly, send light, and also to celebrate the “Calls of Victory”. Due to several requests from your side, I answer gladly again an important question: What can you do, when you can not at all fall asleep for several days? Well, there are several reasons: First of all, it can be that the bed is located over a water vein, an earth radiation, or also an earth fault, and that these energies hinder the person to sleep. Then there are also the well known sorrows and problems, which can take your sleep away. The mobile all-rounder is absolutely out of place in the bedroom, if you want to sleep free of radiation. Also other radiation of different kinds can cause that you cannot fall asleep. Let us come now to a delicate subject: “Housemates” are also often the reason, why some people sleep badly: This can be worms or other parasites, which can influence the sleep. Of course this can be also noise outside the house, e.g. in a large city – or also the snoring of the partner, who lies beside you. I always recommend My children the profound prayer and also celebrating the “Calls of Victory”. Certainly there are more reasons, but these are the most frequent causes. Amen.


March 30th, 2018

Good Friday 2018


My children, you all know what this day means. At Good Friday, some of you are very sad, and partially feel the suffering, which I have felt on earth as well during the crucifixion. However, to feel this suffering is a voluntary factor. I would be glad, though, if you would not think too much about grief today, but more about positive things. With this I mean e.g. worldwide peace, harmonious coexistence, happy and satisfied children, happy people in general, conditions worth living on earth, and so on. Of course it is reasonable that especially today people pray a lot for world peace, that the light transmissions are particularly intense, that the “Calls of Victory” are celebrated, and that you do many good things with your thoughts and deeds. Your FATHER, who is always with you, and is always responsive for all children, who pray profoundly for it. Amen.


March 29th, 2018

What is reasonable today


My children, you have often asked Me what is reasonable to do before Good Friday. Well, because this questions has moved many of you, I want to explain it in short. As before each greater Holiday, it is certainly useful to do a big shopping. You can do this of course also on Saturday, but the shops will be very crowded, therefore Holy Thursday is better. Further on, as every year before Easter, there is a big hate of many non-Christians against you, My children and Christians, because in your belief, Good Friday is the most important day of the year. If something would happen then, it would be for all Christians worldwide like an open slap in the face. Planning for this exists already long time, but your profound prayers, light transmissions, “Calls of Victory”, and good deeds and thoughts have averted every negative up to now. Therefore it is also this year so immensely important that you, My children, continue to do so many good deeds. There are so much discord, hate, rage, and many other negative energies on earth, to which you had always stood up against the other side, through your love, your loyalty, your inner strength, to do consciously good deeds and to know that I always stand behind you and encourage you. The power of love is the strongest power at all, My children, and this very power is unknown to the other side, because it never had been open to discover it. What do you think, My children, which gigantic power is in a profound prayer coming from the heart, with Me, your FATHER in JESUS CHRIST? Thus, so many negative things have been prevented already, because you have put this absolute confidence in God in My help and healing power, without knowing exactly, how strong such a prayer is. For this it is most important to have absolute faith in My help and My healing power, and to know that everything will be good. Your FATHER, who knows what His children can do, if they want it from their hearts. Amen.


March 28th, 2018

Ecological housing      


My children, again and again you ask Me, how you can or should live in future. Well, such housing is certainly not appropriate for everybody. There are different possibilities to realize unusual ways of living: In Germany, there are e.g. some camping sites, where you can live all year long. Some people live all the year in their mobile home and change now and then the locations, where they want to stay. Of course, caravan sites or camper sites are useful, because there are power connections and e.g. shower facilities. Many people like to live also in the caravan or refurbished former circus wagons. The latest trends are the so-called “Tiny-Houses”, i.e. tiny mobile houses, which can be coupled to an appropriate towing vehicle, and which have been e.g. mounted to the frame of a trailer or a former caravan. Here an elaborate solution for individual living is realized in the smallest space. But also buildings, which originally had not been suitable for living, are reconstructed now more often correspondingly. This can be e.g. old barns, mills, water towers, former churches, or also own constructions, for which it is often difficult to get a building permit. In Germany, this is not as easy as e.g. in Spain or on the Islands. Especially electro sensitive people have often no other possibility than to escape to unconventional methods and practices, to be flexible with a mobile home on wheels, if necessary. Some electro sensitive people have therefore emigrated to the Canaries to live there free of radiation – of course far away from the tourist locations. Also former caves can be used for an ecological and peaceful living. Based on the motto: Who searches, finds. But who says now: “How can I flee now from a big city, which makes me more and more sick through the extreme radiation, when I have to do my job there?” Then I answer: The people must set priorities and decide, what is more important: Career, earn much money, and suffer, or being healthy and get along with less money for living. Who wants to live ecological and mostly also unusual, in accordance with nature, should go inside himself and talk to Me in the profound prayer. But if he is not alone, has a family, I recommend to discuss it first of all within the family. With this, you can realize how far the rest of the family is ready to participate in such an adventure. If the children are still small and the parents agree on this, they have to join them, if they like it or not. It is ideal, if you plan e.g. a longer holiday in the region you like, to check exactly, whether this is the right location you want to emigrate. Many young people do not agree any more with the old fashioned life style of their ancestors, and they are adventuresome concerning an unusual and also ecological way of living. This has been only a small part of the very complex theme, which could easily fill a complete book. The extremely rising rents in many cities let many people think about a simple, ecological housing, because they have simply not enough money to pay a traditional home. Amen.


March 27th, 2018

Do not overwork yourselves, My children


Recently, some of you have been quite stricken, and now are on their way to recovery. You should not become high-spirited and should not dare too much too quickly. The recovery process of the body likes it, if the healing is processed step by step. Some of you have already experienced some smaller relapses, because they had dared too much. In this case, you should shift or cancel appointments you cannot keep. Listen to your body, My children, because it tells you exactly, what it can do now, and what not. Amen.



March 26th, 2018

Holy Week


My children, as you know, you are in the Holy Week. Some of you behave differently this week than normally, but the rest of you persue their daily work as usual. Even Good Friday is for many worldly oriented people only a holiday, where you must not work. Many people do not know the historical background, and what the crucifixion of Me in JESUS CHRIST means, or it does not real matter to them. Therefore I want to ask you, My children, to send this week again targeted the profound prayers, light transmissions, “Calls of Victory”, and all your good deeds and thoughts intensely out into the world, as an opposite pole to the other side and the worldly oriented people, for whom Easter means only some leisure days, and searching for eggs with the children resp. grandchildren. Of course you should also do your work, which has to be done, but you should stay profoundly connected with Me in your hearts. Amen.


March 25th, 2018

Advantages and disadvantages of the time shift


My children, again it is time for the time shift during the night to Sunday for one hour from two o’clock to three o’clock, to the the so-called summer time. There are many discussions concerning the advantages and disadvantages. Some of you like the summer time very much, because it is one hour longer daylight in the evening, and others think that the biological rhythm of the people gets absolutely in a fuddle. There are even proponents, who want to have summer time all over the year. Well, My children, it is so: The natural rhythm of the people is just now coupled to the winter time. Who is now not connected to any organic or biologic clock does feel the time shift to summer time not or only hardly. That is, because time is something relative. This means, if you would be in a dark room, locked for several days, you could not tell any more, which time of day it would be then. Your orientation would be absolutely disturbed. But this means in other words that the time shift to the summer time is purely controlled by the head. This means: The more you are fond of it, the better your body can cope with it. The more you fight against it, the more difficult it is for your body to accept it. Milk cows, e.g., have many problems with the time shift, because they are used to be milked at a fixed time. But also animals can adapt, except the farmer shifts the time of milking accordingly. Of course, this has to do something with logistics. People who have to get up early in the morning, can program their bodies mentally so that they can compensate this one hour of summer time. I recommend you, My children, to make the best of the summer time, because you cannot change it anyway. Who is now still absolutely upset that he loses one hour, should simply think about, how often he lies broodingly in bed and cannot sleep. Many of you see this hour as a free loan for the earth, that it helps you to enjoy nature in the evening for one hour longer in daylight outdoors. People should not think about so much negative, but try to make the best and most positive out of everything. Especially in midsummer, this one additional hour, where it is still daylight outside, can be used for wonderful light transmissions, profound prayers, “Calls of Victory”, and many good deeds. Your FATHER, who is always glad, when His children combine the positive with the useful. Amen.


March 24th, 2018

Soak up the sun


My children, this last weekend of March, in some regions the temperature can rise to two digit degrees, so that you can soak up the sun partially. Put yourselves well under My protective coat before you leave the house, and use the already strengthening power of the sun, e.g. for your face. If the sun shows, it has meanwhile already so much power that it can do a lot of positive things in and at the body. Imagine the power of the sun together with its warmth to be a solar service station for your body. The human battery needs just now, after winter, the warming power of the sun. This weekend is a first highlight with sun influence, because at Easter, it will probably become cooler again. Amen.


March 23rd, 2018

Comfort zones


My children, everybody should have a comfort zone, this means a location, where you can seclude yourselves and feel accordingly well. Whether this is in your home or elsewhere does not matter. There are no limits. It can be e.g. a self-constructed tree house, the old hut in the garden, a special place in the wood, or also the cleaning ritual under the shower, to name only some places. You need such a comfort zone, because there you can take in strength and energy. It can be of course also your own bed. You should always move to such a place, when you feel that you need to refill your strength and energy. For many people, who go the worldly way, it is the place in front of their TV set, they could hardly do without. But what you should never do, My children, is: To make yourselves dependent on this place in any way. It is good and positive to refuel power with joy, but never under pressure. If you follow this, you have much joy at your energy filling station. Amen.


March 22nd, 2018



My children, many of you have assumed responsibility. This can be for your own children at home, in the company you work for, or also other kinds of responsibilities. Who now bears responsibility has often problems to sleep in peace during the night, because responsibility means also a lot of control. Especially here you should learn to integrate Me into your situation. Give Me everything that burdens you, so that your head becomes clear. Just now, in this fast moving time, it can be very burdensome to bear responsibility for something. Nevertheless, I want to beg you to try again and again to continue with bearing this responsibility, if it is possible for you. Amen.


March 21st, 2018

Still no spring in sight


My children, currently, no spring is in sight, even though it has been officially announced. The cold is very persistent, and snow at Easter could absolutely happen in some regions. This year, nothing is certain any more, and the freak weather plays its games furthermore. Especially this icy cold inhibits the people to recover soon. Of course, from the psychological view, 20 degrees plus would be a better healing factor for the soul and the body. Amen.


March 20th, 2018

If something upsets your stomach


My children, depending upon the sensitivity, stomach problems can be very heavy. Who believes now that these problems vanish regularly after one or two days, is absolutely wrong! This can also last several weeks, if the cause cannot be found at once, or if the ordeal is already quite advanced. Who like My writing channel here has a hyper sensitive stomach should absolutely take care in the present time, what and when he eats, do not hear or read any negative headlines during eating, and always ask for My blessing in advance, also when travelling. Messages and news can upset your stomach as well, therefore do not let something pull you down. If you are now affected by stomach pains and you feel very, very bad, avoid stress of any kind and stay at home to recover. To go to work hastily can lead often very easily to relapses. Bland diet, appropriate teas, and much rest are mostly the best companions. The subject of patience is often of greater importance than you can imagine. Amen.


March 19th, 2018

If everything would be so simple


My children, the people make many things in their lives absolutely much too complicated. But I always tell My children: The divine way is simple. If something is destined for you, it normally works simply. In so far, normally you can of course find out yourselves, whether this or that you strive for can be fulfilled simply or difficultly. This way, you do not only become familiar with your ups and downs, but it shows you as well, whether something is predestined for you or not. Would it be of any use, if you had every day four hours of duty stroke, just to earn about 200 Euro per month more, than to choose a job, which has firstly less stress, and secondly a time saving of four hours a day. You see, do not accept at once the first job that comes along, but evaluate calmly and carefully. Amen.

March 18th, 2018

Winter’s last revival


My children, the so-called wave of influenza is running, where many people have been infected artificially, while they had been outdoors on those days, where these pathogens have been sprayed. Merely this is already a reason to ask always and everywhere for My protective coat, so that you are protected from it. The highest risk of infection, though, is in rooms, where it is very hot, poorly ventilated, where the people cough and sneeze as if they would like to take part in the Olympic Games. The coming cold, together with snow and ice, can become very insidious, because who is still groggy should take especially care, when he is on his way outdoors. When you are aware that the greater area, where you live, is sprayed most of all to make the people ill, this is for many people a valid reason to emigrate or to stay at least during winter in warmer regions. Who lives in a health resort can often use salines or other salty possibilities, resp. inhale, in order to provide relief to the chest and the lung. There are also so-called salt pipes, which you can also buy in the internet. Last year, the family of My writing channel here has had good success with it. I give all of you the good advice to completely cure yourselves and not to got to work too early, otherwise a relapse could happen. Amen.


March 17th, 2018

Food and supplements


My children, nowadays, the food contains only in rare biological cases all minerals, vitamins, and trace elements the body needs urgently. In former years it was said that you should help with food supplements from an age of forty years on. Nowadays, you can take them readily before the age of thirty, because less and less of these essential elements are in the food. Mostly you realize the grievance of this shortage only then, when the body lies down due to the overexploitation of its own resources or due to a so-called “disease”. But even then it is not too late to feed the own body up again and to give him everything necessary, which it needs most at this moment. Through being bedridden, sometimes also such a comfortable weight and warmth comes into the body that you first of all want to savour this situation. If this applies also to you, My children, that your body is so absolutely weak that it wants best only to lie some time, grant it this time-out, which it needs urgently. Let yourselves pamper a bit, and eat and drink exactly that you have a ravenous appetite for. But in spite work at yourselves and at your recovery process by performing every day some exercises while standing, followed by some walking, possibly in the beginning with supporting company. When you lie down so heavily, your body needs first of all a longer rest. Your body does so much for you – now it is time that you do something for your body. A lot of sleep or at least resting phases help to recover. Be patient, My children, and pass these well meant advice also to your beloved ones, in case they lie down. Amen.


March 16th, 2018

Patience has to do with endurance


My children, at the time being, some of you are in bed or at the sofa all day long, because they are extremely weak, but often the doctors do not find anything. It can absolutely be that you go through one, two, or even three weeks of this cleaning process, because it is nothing else. To feel so absolutely limp that you even cannot go to the toilet without help is frustrating and humiliating for the most of you, who are just concerned. Currently, more of My children true to Me are concerned worldwide than you can imagine. Also the family of My writing channel here is heavily concerned. You can now speak the following prayer for all of those, who are worldwide concerned: “Beloved FATHER, we as your children, who love you and voluntarily follow you faithfully, pray now profoundly for the regeneration, healing, and recovery of the bodies of our light siblings, within the scope of what has been changed to the positive. So is it and so be it. Amen. Amen. Amen. Your will is done now. Because JESUS CHRIST IS THE VICTOR, JESUS CHRIST IS THE VICTOR, JESUS CHRIST IS THE VICTOR.” Amen.


March 15th, 2018

Healing caresses


My children, the soul suffers very much from the increasing isolation. Especially in this fast moving world, it needs tender, extremely fine caresses, which you can do best of all through carefully caressing the cheek or tender hugs. The giving part must not be a human being. A dog or a cat can commit itself to do this voluntarily as well. If you have nobody, with whom you can change these soft cuddles, ask simply Me, your FATHER in JESUS CHRIST to do it. Who says now: “How shall I ask You for this, beloved FATHER?” I answer tenderly: “Through the profound prayer from the heart.” People, who have nobody to hug and got a cat or a dog, recovered often, even though nobody would have believed so. Animals are very sensible, and they can help people very targeted, when they live intimately together with them. But also in the family, healing and soft cuddles and hugs are very important. My writing channel here had just, so to say as a foretaste of the FATHER’S WORD and to show his son how good this does, made such a profound, minute long hug with his son. It is important not to press, but to let the energies flow very softly, and feel, what happens within the subtle range, when you donate this pleasant energy field to the soul and also the body. It is secondary, whether it is a male or female energy. However, many people have a disgust factor, when they have to hug e.g. the seriously ill grandmother in the hospital, though she would receive a great help for her convalescence through these healing hugs and caresses. Do you remember, My children, how happy you have always been, when Easter, Christmas, or the birthday were close? It was not only the anticipation of the gifts, but often also the joy of the reunion to see the beloved relatives. Many of you have been pressed regularly and got thick kisses on the cheeks. Of course, the soul stores something like this in the positive sense. Therefore, if you feel week, drained, or flaccid, such healing touches and hugs are balm for your soul and your body. If you feel that e.g. your children or grandchildren are not so well, simply ask them to hug you closely. If they look somewhat puzzled, simply say: “Come to Mom/Dad/Grandma/Grandpa, my beloved little sweethearts”, and then open your arms invitingly, so that the beloved person cannot avoid to be cuddled by you. Especially grandmothers and grand grandmothers know instinctively about these healing things through the earth memory. Sometimes, you need a little bit flair. Of course, children and people, who remained a child, can take their cuddly toys and dolls they are very much attached to and love very much. Amen.

March 14th, 2018

Heavy clouds


My children, many of you sleep badly, dream restlessly, and feel that something is in the air – so to say. Just now, My children, you should pray as much as possible. Sending light, the “Calls of Victory”, and the good deeds continue to be – together with the profound prayer – the strongest bulwark against the other side. Amen.


March 13th, 2018

Influence on the body


My children, because again and again questions relating to this are put, I will talk about this subject again. Indeed, everything what happens around you influences your body. Part of this are the public life, your daily work, all your ways of thinking and acting, everything you eat and drink, and of course, what many people often underestimate, is the acting and working in and at your body. In plain language, this means: Drinking of fluids, which do the body not good, have relatively quickly a negative influence on this body. I will you give now several examples: Coffee e.g. is predicating and stimulates the body momentarily. ‘Dead animal’ contains all stress hormones, which it suffered during its death, and this way, they come into the person, who eats it. But also the people, who have to do with it as butcher, cook, or also shop assistant are confronted with these energies very strongly. You should check all so-called food and drinks, which you can buy, what is printed at the package about the ingredients. I give you the good advice to avoid absolutely all modified ingredients, as well as sweeteners and E-chemicals of any kind. Who has the possibility should possibly buy biological things of all kinds. Additionally, I recommend to equip absolutely everything with My blessing spoken in My name, before you eat or drink it, and thus to clean and charge it. Let us speak now about what happens with your body every day: Everything has influence on the health of the body. Each stress can cause e.g. heartburn, and if this stays, it can lead to a stomach ulcer, resp. to other diseases. This depends of the respective individual case. If joy is missing in life, often depressions occur. If somebody thinks that he is of no value, because nobody gives him something to work, e.g. arthritis or arthrosis can occur. Who misses the sweetness of life, and nothing can enjoy him any more, the very often gets diabetes II, the so-called adult-onset diabetes. Who sits continuously in front of the computer and must stress his eyes too much, needs often glasses soon, because the eyes are overstressed. Furthermore, people get very often back problems of different kinds. Also extreme sports harm the human body permanently. With these examples I gave you, you see that the human being is the architect of his own rate. But what soon will be one of the worst problems is the radiation, which is generated everywhere artificially. More and more people become electrosensitive, renounce consciously everything what radiates, of course also the mobile all-rounder, and the least radiation influencing them causes extreme aches in and at the body. By accepting it – also due to ignorance – most of the people invite radiation of any kinds into their body by using the mobile all-rounder, carrying it around nearly the whole day, and the wireless radiation of the internet also at work. Who says now: “Beloved FATHER, My boss forces me to do it,” may gladly beg for help together with Me in the profound prayer, so that another workplace is given to him. Of course, this person should change also his private life and exclude radiation from his and his family’s life. The same applies to apartments or houses, My children, where sometime emigrating into regions far away from any radiation is the last bastion for extremely electrosensitive people, because dead spots are very rare in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Amen.


March 12th, 2018

Water has healing power


My children, most of the people underestimate the healing power of water. As you know, water is intelligent, as well as oil of any kind, and can help everybody to become healthier or totally healthy. Of course it helps also to keep the ideal state of health in the own body in a high vibration. Water reacts to everything it is exposed to. Thus it lies in the people’s own hands to use water positive as well as negative. There are various musical styles, which load water sad, ill, and negative. But you have to consider all circumstances: During a very loud music parade or a concert, not only the vibrations influence the water, but also the joy de vivre of the single person, who drinks this water just then. Thus any kind of music can have a positive or negative effect on a person, when he drinks the water. Let us talk about the possibility, how you can positively charge water permanently, whatever music plays, what you read or hear, or how your own vibration is in this moment. If a bottle, a glass, or a carafe with water stands on a so-called energy picture, which has been loaded by Me with My blessing, no, absolutely no negative energy can flow into this water. (My writing channel here offers at this website these pictures in love and free of charge for download.) When you are now on your way and are thirsty, but do not have something to drink with you, you can also buy normal water or a Saftschorle free of additives, and before drinking it, cross out the bar code several times with a pen or at least with your fingernail, saying at least three times in profound connection with Me “JESUS CHRIST IS THE VICTOR!” This way, you are always and everywhere surrounded with pure water, which does you good, applies positive forces to your body, and helps you also to recover, if you are weak, are “ill”, or even are ill in bed. You see, My children, water helps against all little aches – of course within the scope of the life plan of the single person – because relief happens always this way, when healing shall happen. Amen.

March 11th, 2018

When the fever comes


My children, the temperature fluctuations between the single days are often 10 degrees or more. Then you should take care that you wear the right clothing, because you can easily catch a draught or a cold. If the body needs a time-out now, you combine the useful with the practical, and a fever forces the body to calm down. This can be connected with a cough, because this – as is well known – stands for suppressed wording. Who is always kind and well-behaved and never dared to express his opinion, can possibly get a barking cough. This way, the body shows that something has to be solved yet. Such a fever, often together with a cough, ends mostly after some days, when the body comes to a rest, and if you have found your voice. Such fever days – with often 39 or more degrees – can absolutely fluster somebody. Often, men are more snivelling than women, this is due to the fact that women can bear up against pain better than men. Some days of rest, and you feel fresh and ready to cope with new tasks gladly. Amen.


March 10th, 2018

Nature tempts with its gifts


My children, in the next future, it will begin to green and bloom. I recommend now all stay-at-homes, for whom the cold outside had been too intense, to go out into nature again on beautiful days. It is a true gift for body, mind, and soul, if everything greens and blossoms. Especially the younger generation is nearly grown together with their mobile all-rounder, and they hardly ever let go this addictive device. Exceptions are times during the night, when they sleep, but then the all-rounder serves mostly as an alarm clock, and sometimes also as a help to fall asleep. Who now changes the word “digital” for an outdoor adventure will realize that the world is not only an illusion for the senses, but real and smelling. Many children and young people play simulations of real life at their consoles, and more youngsters than you can imagine are part of this virtual simulated world, where something is pretended to give them the feeling of an ideal world, which they miss deep inside. Offer something to your children and young people, so that you can bring them out into nature. Come up with some ideas, otherwise these children will be addicted more and more to this virtual world and will no longer get by with their jobs. Benefit from the gifts of nature, and try to enjoy it also outside your home, when the weather is good, and do good deeds with joy. Amen.

March 9th, 2018

Cleaning of the body


My children, there are, as you know, various possibilities to clean your body. The most common internal cleaning is the diarrhea. Though it can be very uncomfortable for many people, this kind of cleaning is also a possibility to learn, what the body can tolerate or  not. In case of a constipation, it is often an important possibility to clean the body with castor oil. Fasting is another very effective cleaning. Here you should distinguish, if it is a complete fastening, or if you forego only eating, but drink sufficient water and e.g. juices. This kind of juice fasting in connection with water is suitable in the warmer seasons. Finally, I want to talk about the physical cleaning and the mental cleaning. The mental cleaning of body, mind, and soul should be done possibly daily, because every day something can build up consciously or unconsciously, which can be cleaned through the profound prayers and afterwards letting go. For the physical cleaning, there are many variants. Older people use quite often only a washcloth and a piece of soap, and wash themselves at the washbasin. Younger people prefer the shower, and the good old tub is often used only in colder times. Especially men from a certain age on are often lazy concerning washing and do mostly “a lick and a promise”, if they have no wife at home. Why women are normally cleaner and more picky is founded very early in the history of earth and has to do with power and property. I recommend you to do your cleaning in general by feelings. If you are uncertain, ask in the profound prayer for a decision support, and you will get help. If there would be soon power supply shortage and it would not work for some time, you should get along also with a so-called “lick and a promise”. Therefore less is sometimes more. Those children between you, who practise from time to time how to get along without electricity, practice of course also “lick and a promise”, partially also with cold up to very cold water – also from the rain barrel. Finally I want to recommend you that you harden yourselves regularly, there can be again and again a time, where it is useful to live very simple and very modest. Amen.


March 8th, 2018

Let yourselves be guided


My children, it sounds often very simple: To let yourselves be guided. But this process, which runs in the human being before, is not easy, because building absolute TRUST IN GOD is established by very few people, in relation to the total number of people on earth. Why is that? Well, My children, I gave all human beings the free will to be able to do and leave everything they want. They knew, though, that every action triggers a reaction. This is absolutely appropriately expressed by a well known proverb, My children: “How one shouts into the woods, that is what will echo back.” Who keeps this in mind life long, knows subconsciously very well that every deed triggers the related resonance. The other side has absolutely consciously deceived the human beings by telling them that there would be only one life. Therefore many people live as if there were no future after their death, and sentences as “After me, the Deluge” are planted consciously into the heads of many worldly oriented people by the other side. But due to the upcoming conscious responsibility for the environment and the resources, more and more people become receptive for doing good deeds – and if it only begins with waste separation – to understand first of all that e.g. that plastic and synthetic materials cannot be disposed of easily, and that recycling is very useful. In the oceans, there are gigantic large “waste islands or waste carpets”, which cause most people, who live and act environmentally consciously to shake their heads or to be very sad. This part of the earth, which is covered by the large oceans, is not only in need of an important cleaning, but also of a global rethink in the heads of the worldly oriented people. People are concerned about how much exhaust gas a diesel vehicle produces, but they e.g. promote travels of huge ships, which produce extreme air pollution many times over during the so-called cruises, which indulge mainly in craving for pleasure. Of course many people love to be pampered, but for what reason must it happen at the expense of the environment? Rethinking in the people’s heads will continue in the near future, and you will be surprised, how the other side will try to maltreat the people, mainly in Germany and also in the other countries important for them, and to restrict or even take away their human rights, which I gave to the people. Amen.


March 7th, 2018

Build communities


My children, some of you prepare to emigrate within the next years – or already earlier – to warmer regions. The favourites are the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands. It is not only much warmer there than in Germany, but the climate is more acceptable for most of the people. Especially sea air can help to alleviate many little aches. Fincas, i.e. property, houses, and also other buildings are offered for sale regularly. Especially properties, which need some “helping hands” for renovation, can be bought cheaply – in relation to Germany and also noble regions at the Canaries. Why do so many – particularly elder – people stay here in the cold regions, I have been asked. Well, this can be explained very simply: The people are used to their homeland, and they do not want to travel to distant countries by themselves, let alone emigrate. Even if he feels, how the cold bothers him more every year, he is not ready to take this step. But free spirits, as you are, My children, who feel that every location they like is appropriate for the profound prayers, light transmissions, and “Calls of Victory”, are absolutely ready to leave their old life in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland behind, and to start a new beginning together with like-minded siblings there, where they feel comfortable not only physically, but also spiritually. I have implied already for a long time, that during the end time many of My children true to Me will build communities, which stick together and can do without a superior leader. This is why in the group, there will be a peaceful community, and everybody has the same say. So as it will be in the New Time on earth, it can be now already done small-scale. If you ask Me to bring you together, I will do so, if accordance and peace exist. Therefore let yourselves guide, My children, and watch, what else your life plan has provided for you. Amen.


March 6th, 2018

To become flexible, and to stay flexible


My children, certainly, some of you have heard that gas has run very short in Germany, and that private households can be cut off from the gas supply. Every year, the amount of gas becomes more problematic, so that all families, who heat with gas or with electricity, should think about alternatives. Some of you have a gas tank in the garden and are therefore independent from electricity as well. Many of you have the possibility to heat with wood and coal. In general, think always about alternatives. If you keep your mind and preferably also your body fit through flexible thinking, you are often way superior to other people, who have only a deep-rooted view. But especially flexible thinkers, inventors, and active people bring changes and movements. Some of you have also so-called stand-alone solutions, i.e. a self-sufficient power supply, mostly on a small scale – e.g. in the garden, at the camping site, or at locations, where otherwise little or no electricity is available. Exchange views on such things, because what is the use of large supplies, when you – to stay at the subject – cannot cook them, because you have no emergency oven, or did not build it. There is still time, My children, at least to acquire basic knowledge, or to read about it, because who is not absolutely clumsy can try a lot himself. Here on My FATHERWORDS website, My writing channel here gives regularly hints, instructions, and helps. You can do something like this as well, when you, as said before, do networking, communicate, and also initiate projects together, because anything good is also supported by Me. But who says now: “FATHER, why does the subject of free energy emerge so hesitantly?” Then I answer that this is mainly because it does not work perfectly yet, or also that the rights to it have been or are being taken by the other side. Enjoy working on things, which you have dreamt of, because many inventions have been shown the people in their dreams, so that in reality they did not invent it, but have recovered it. Everything had existed already in any way. Be ready, My children, to become finders and discoverers again. Amen.



March 5th, 2018

Nevertheless, something changes...


My children, many people, and also some of you, are sad that nothing changes on earth. From their view, this is in many cases so – but only seemingly. I do not mean politics or the world affairs, which are presented to you. Here, the large, well stocked “bread and circuses” fuss goes on, and so as a formula one car turns its laps one after the other, often in prime time, the same happens also to the people, who turn their rounds in an imaginary cage, every day, every week, and also every year in the same routine. Many things are absolutely predictable with these people, because they have bogged down their rhythm, and it is known that the human being is a “creature of habit”, as one of your proverbs says. Free spirits, as you are partially, have no or only very few fixed rhythms, and thus they are difficult to anticipate. Spontaneity is the big key word, My children! You are spontaneous and often do things, because you just want it. Who but you would have the idea to pray during the night, send light, celebrate the “Calls of Victory”, or also to be creative with handicrafts and fiddling. I do not mean from time to time, but regularly. Many of you sleep only after midnight, some of you even after two or three o’clock in the morning, because before, you hear too much of the hustle and bustle, which happens on earth. Energetically seen, from three o’clock on it is quieter, and your bodies are overtired, so that your eyes shut and you come quickly into the deep sleep phase to recover there. To understand, how difficult changes can be understood personally, you can compare it with the growth of the lawn, when you watch it growing for hours or days. Amen.


March 4th, 2018

The sadness fades away


My children, currently, many people worldwide are sad, desperate, and very listless concerning the joy in their lives. This has of course to do with the weather and the many catastrophes, but on the other hand also with themselves. There is happening a soft, but permanent change on earth, which is caused by the soft increase of vibrations. But who sticks with everything he has, and is not ready to let go, because also changes will happen, will realize that there are problems. With the beginning of March this year, though, I have released a new, very subtle and hardly perceptible vibration into the world, which helps the people to free themselves softly from their sadness and their listlessness. As said before, this happens very softly, and thus all people, who feel this glimmer of hope, respire and get strength and confidence again. Such helps are given again and again, if enough of My children true to Me ask for it and pray for it. Your FATHER, who helps you always, if you ask for it, but only within the scope of your life plan. Amen.


March 3rd, 2018

Prudent looking ahead


My children, in times of snow, black ice, heavy rain, and other situations difficult for the people, a prudent looking ahead is important. If you e.g. know that there will be freezing rain – or that it can happen – and if you must not necessarily leave the house, it is often more reasonable to stay at home. Also to study regularly the weather forecasts – comparing the different weather sites in the internet – results often in a quite useful forecast for the next day. Many people go shopping better during dry weather than the next day, where dangerous black ice has been announced, as partially today. Also studying the weather for other parts of Germany or of other countries in the world is very reasonable, because you can send helping light transmissions and prayers to locations, where it is just now very difficult for the people. A said before, My children, it is always positive, if you behave forward-looking, and often react then immediately as well. Some of you keep going a kind of an electronic communication. Within seconds, an electronic letter can be sent worldwide through the internet. You can also do much good by means of Orgone Radiators. If e.g. a catastrophe is announced, as e.g. a typhoon or another cyclone, you can of course at once send healing energies to the location of the cyclone through the photo in the internet. Everything happens within the bounds of the feasible, within the scope of the life plans of the people. You have already often averted tempests and also mitigated tornados – only through the profound prayers, pleas, light transmissions, and the use of Orgone Radiators. Therefore it is – and I love to repeat it – very reasonable not to go with blinkers through the world, but to watch considerately, to think, and also to act. Amen.


March 2nd, 2018

In March...


My children, in March, a lot has already been decided, changed, modified, but also a lot of surprising things have been experienced. From the icy cold up to the summery temperatures, the people could always experience anything in March. The greatest anticipation for many people, though, is that in March, spring has often sent welcome warmth. Because this year, Easter is end of March and beginning of April, a lot can happen until then. As said before, you, My children, go along with the decision concerning many things, which are pending in the world affairs and also will be executed. Your many profound prayers, light transmissions, “Calls of Victory”, and good deeds are in many aspects a positive power, which in hard cases can tip the scales to peace. Do not look only into your own country, but also into other countries, My children. Great Britain is just been lavished with extreme masses of snow that there also panic and chaos are beginning. All those countries, which have normally only little or no snow in winter, are not so well prepared for extreme masses of snow as e.g. Bavaria, Austria, and Switzerland. Because the people are told again and again that there is a strong global warming, they feel often absolutely confused during such weather conditions, to say it politely. It depends upon various aspects, where and how much snow falls in a region. There the collective thinking and acting is the same way involved as the influence by the other side. But if in one region several of My children are praying regularly, sending light, and doing many other good deeds, this has of course also positive influences to the place and the region, where they live. Think about it. Amen.


March 1st, 2018



My children, this subject does not only deal with food, water, clothing, and whatever you can store, but it also deals with the human body and all storages, which do not belong there, from the view of optimal health. You see, the word ‘storages’ can have very well a positive as also a negative vibration. Why do human beings tend to store, My children? Well, in the early days, there was not always the food available, which the people liked, and they began to store. But they tried to store also everything else, what they needed for themselves and for their families. Then the barter transactions and later on also the commercial transactions began. There are many people, who absolutely wolf their food down, because they have a programme running inside, which suggests them again and again – and leads them to believe – that they have to put on “winter fat” in order not to starve. In the early days, very often the available food was eaten fast, resp. gulped down, so that no other hungry person could take it. This thinking and acting happens still nowadays in many large families, when there is a certain “jealousy about food”, because many hungry people quarrel about a relatively small amount of food. It is very difficult to tell these people now that it is much more useful and better for their bodies, when they eat slowly and salivate each bite, and eat it without additional liquid, because they absolutely cannot understand the meaning behind it. For them, first of all al full, well-fed stomach is important. They absolutely do not understand the awkward “prim and proper fuss” of many vegans or vegetarians – from the view of the worldly oriented people. They eat nearly everything to get full. That people can be so picky at all and decline food which e.g. contains animal products or ingredients, which have been genetically modified, is a behaviour for these people they watch with a shake of the head. Well, My children: Who wolfs the food down or eats it hastily gets a feeling of fullness, overweight, heart problems, a higher risk of stroke, and many other risks. Furthermore, convenience food should be avoided as far as possible, because inter alia not all ingredients are named. Those of you, who have, due to lack of time, now and then no other possibility than to eat convenience food, should at least avoid the microwave oven and always ask for My blessing for food and drinks. Times will come, where the term “panic buying” is appropriate, and where the worldly oriented people fight in wild panic and sheer fear to get food and all other things in the big super markets, if a breakdown of your currency is imminent or has already happened. You, My children, who have stored sufficient supplies in wise foresight, have at home water and everything else you need to survive, can then observe safely from home the whole scenario, and connect yourselves with Me profoundly to send a nearly permanent chain of light transmissions – in connection with the other children – worldwide around the earth to prevent the worse, and also to help with the transformation and cleaning here on earth. It will do, when an extreme price increase is announced, then the people storm the shops and do so-called “panic buying”, as it just now happens again and could be watched again and again in various countries. A proverb says: “The wise man makes provisions for the future.” Without evaluation, this proverb shows that at all times there have always been people, who had a very good comprehension of the events around them, and therefore did also what they thought was right, and thus they could survive catastrophes. Of course, also TRUST IN GOD belonged to it, and the certainty that I always help, if I am asked for it – within the scope of the life plan of the concerning human being. Amen.


February 28th, 2018

Several things give way


My children, with the end of February, many things give way. Winter decreases, the inner cold may yield from the soul, the anticipation of spring may take a special place in the heart, fears and sorrows may also give way to the spring fever, and many things more. It has to do a lot with you and your thoughts, hopes, wishes, and actions, My children, how you feel and what thus happens to you. It happens mainly in your heart and your mind. Who simply switches tomorrow, to the meteorological beginning of spring, inside himself to spring, cannot be harmed by winter any more, as long as it will still last. You decide, how you feel, and which old patterns, thoughts, views, and ways of acting will be solved now and thus can give way, so that more joie de vivre can come into your body. Amen.


February 27th, 2018

Felt feeling


My children, just in times like these, where the real temperatures differ often extremely from the felt temperatures, you should take care that you do not suffer from frostbite. Some men, women, or also children/youngsters are quite vain, when they leave the house, and – of vanity – they do without important clothes, because they let them seem to be more full-bodied or more bulky, resp. also older. But thick, lined winter jackets or coats serve the purpose to warm. The same applies to winter caps, gloves, and scarves.  Also pay attention that your young go to school dressed accordingly, My children. A sub-zero temperature of 5 degrees can be easily felt 10 to 15 degrees colder due to icy wind, and who wears the wrong shoes is also at risk to fall. Insoles and long johns should be used as well, and a protective cream resp. oil should be applied to the face. Wrapping up in several layers of clothes needs possibly getting used to and should be adapted depending upon the temperature of the location. Who comes in from the cold and is dressed adequately can sometimes run into a problem, if e.g. the supermarket he visits has summerlike temperatures of 25 degrees inside. You should consider in advance, whether it is worthwhile to leave the lined jacket in the car during shopping, or to open it at least in the shop. You can catch a cold quite quickly, and it is a question of reason, when and how long you should be on the way with these icy temperatures. Many of you have bought enough supplies beforehand, in order to have to leave the house only for necessary things, and of course for the daily drive to work, if applicable. If a car stands still for a longer time, it is advisable to remove the battery and to store it in the warmth, or at least to separate one battery pole, so that the battery does not discharge or worst case is destroyed. I have recommended some of you to sleep during these icy days in a warmer room, if the sleeping room is heated sparsely or not at all, and thus the sub-zero temperatures during the night would be an extreme physical exertion for the most of you. Amen.


February 26th, 2018

The prayer is the strongest power


My children, no matter what oppresses you, moves you, burdens or also enjoys you, the profound prayer is always a good comforter, concern remover, and helper in the need or also in the joy! Irrelevant, which news are told in the public media, you have always through the profound prayer the possibility to ask Me for help, for advice, or to be glad together with Me and your guardian angels about nice messages! Just now, where winter shows its icy claws once again, you can pray profoundly, send light, celebrate the “Calls of Victory”, or think and do a lot of good deeds in your warm, quiet chamber. Amen.


February 25th, 2018

It can become icy


My children, this week, in many regions the thermometer falls to two digit sub-zero temperatures, and especially in such a situation it is important to stay at home as far as possible, or to make appropriate precautions. Most of you have made provisions concerning food, water, and heating material. If the power supply would fail, you should have always alternatives, which I have described already several times. But also in the car it is useful to have the tank filled up, and to have one blanket per person and something to eat and to drink in the car. *) This week, it can snow heavily as well, and also snowdrifts, which continue mainly in the south of Germany and in the Alpine regions, can become a danger, which should not be underestimated. You should have also appropriate clothing and a good protection against hypothermia. Even if I repeat Myself now and then in some FATHERWORDS, it is better to refresh the memory than to forget it carelessly, because My children true to Me do not always read all FATHERWORDS continuously every day. Your FATHER, who is always there for you, if you allow it. Amen.

*) Please remember that you should not leave a filled water bottle in the car, when the temperatures are sub-zero, because if the water would freeze, the bottle would burst. Maybe you can use a thermos-bottle.


February 24th, 2018

What is reasonable


My children, it can be very reasonable to refresh and check your supplies, because firstly the weather front, which hits also Germany, brings a lot of snow and cold, and secondly there is also an icy time in politics. Supplies are always and every time not only useful in this so-called end time, but they are recommended also for strategic reasons. Avoid any “gimmick”, which only serves to please your ego. This includes also things as “smart devices”, which so to say follow the all-rounder. Do not rely too much on wireless equipment of any kind. It can happen that during a long term power supply failure the people sit in a self-created trap, like a mouse in the live trap. Simplicity is called for again, My children! Learn to cook without power supply and to filter your water. In light of recent events, I want to motivate you, as I have done already several times, to think about the world affairs in awkward situations. What takes place just now is an experiment, and Europe is the guinea pig. That especially Germany is in the main focus, is connected with the fact that famous poets and thinkers in the enlarged circle of your homeland have achieved great things, and that many sophisticated souls have found their home here. It has to do also with the fact that My children, who are incarnated periodically on earth, had and still have corresponding tasks, which often have prevented worse conditions. In your prayers, you also ask, up to what degree I will allow this scenario still happen here on earth. Well, first of all, you should always take a good look at yourselves, because every human being can do something against it. I do not mean by force, but subtly through prayers, light transmissions, “Calls of Victory”, and good deeds, and first of all by living it. I mean with this, to be a good example for your children, relatives, friends, and fellow human beings. This can start with little things and small steps, and then grow like an avalanche and integrate many other awoken people. I gave you the free will and intervene absolutely only in situations, where the wellbeing of many people is endangered, whose life plan has not yet expired. Some compare this “fight” with what happened between David and Goliath in former times, where My children are David. But do not forget that David won the “fight”. Who produces his ideas, inspirations, fiddling, and also a healthy dose of shrewdness, and shares this through the prayers and light transmissions, can thus reach through the earth’s memory many people in far corners of the earth. Of course, many people think that these injustices, which happen here on earth through the henchmen of the other side, are hardly bearable any more, but remember the history of earth. When have there been good times, where peaceful, godly people could live in peace and harmony together for a longer time? Since the revolt of the lovely Sadhana, whom you know now as Lucifer, this earth is kind of a prison, and My children true to Me, who have incarnated here voluntarily, have agreed to fulfil this Sisyphean task to help the deeply fallen beings here to turn back in the direction of My FATHER’S HOUSE. Many of the entities, who participated in guiding this revolt, are meanwhile on their way back, more exactly, way home to My FATHER’S HOUSE, and this has been initiated absolutely only through My single earth life as JESUS CHRIST. Therefore it is so immensely important that every day you do good deeds voluntarily full of joy, and thus also help this living being you call earth to recover, and that you simultaneously develop a brightness inside yourselves to illuminate symbolically the way to My FATHER’S HEART for all people and souls, who turn away voluntarily from the other side. Therefore be not sad, and even when winter has his cold paws still deeply in your country, a coming spring and summer are planned. Remember that e.g. in the Middle Ages or also as Christians in the Apostolic Age during the Roman period, My children true to Me had mostly a worse lot than you nowadays. But because everything is always in resonance, be sure that the reward for your work, spiritually, will be princely. This year is a key year as well as the previous and the coming year. Everything is possible, within the scope of your margin – concerning the life plans – with a possible extension and enlargement. Amen.


February 23rd, 2018

Mobility in winter


My children, just now, were winter turns on again and shows that it has not yet lost his cold and frost, it is important that you move sufficiently. It is of course tempting to spend much time in the warm room, when you must not leave the house that day, resp. have to do only the most necessary. But as an old, but proven proverb says: “If you rest you rust”, and thus it is useful to move sufficiently in spite. Also stretching and some gymnastics can be very good for the body. A mini trampoline or an exercise bike are good alternatives as well. But you should take care that you do not become chilled and are in unheated rooms or in the fresh air only for a short time – unless you are dressed accordingly warm. The icy wind brings easily the felt temperatures to two-digit minus degrees in some regions of your country, and therefore a good protection of the head and of other parts of the body, which freeze easily, is necessary. Of course it fits the winter well, when you move due to the transport of wood or coal. But there are very many worldly oriented people, who are off the pay roll and spend their leisure time in winter better in front of the TV and watch it for hours, instead of doing things, which are useful and also do their body good. You, My children, find mostly an appropriate solution to avoid to neglect your body in winter. Amen.


February 22nd, 2018

The favourite things of the people


My children, in Germany and also in the neighbouring countries, many people are absolutely crazy about their cars. There would be more healthy alternatives, but they are not released yet. Many people are fond of a hobby. This may be the allotment garden, the camping site, the model train, the doll collection, or many more other collection sectors, which occurred to the people. If somebody has found a passion for a certain collection sector, he pushes it often so intensely as if the world peace would depend on it. Why is that so, My children? Well, for many people, normal life is too boring or monotonous, and they believe to get excitement and adventures into their life through one or more hobbies resp. collector’s passion. Interestingly, these hobbies are often also supported by the relatives and friends, so that some are proud to announce, how many models they possess e.g. of a certain device. Why do I tell you this, My children? Well, you shall realize, how much distinguishes you from the worldly oriented people, because exceedingly few of My children true to Me are enthusiastic collectors of certain things. You focus on the here and now and try to let go everything, which connects you too intensely to the worldly frills. Especially who holds tight too intensely has immense difficulties to go consciously a step in the direction of the spiritual life. Very few children amongst you manage to separate consequently between their worldly hobbies and the spiritual life, because they do everything consciously. This means, pursue their hobbies consciously in their leisure time, and then as if by command drop everything to commit themselves to their spiritual work. Only a few people worldwide are able to do this, though, and it needs a large portion of responsibility and also a very strong love as a spiritual helper to live life on earth consciously. Amen.


February 21st, 2018

Now again, the strengthening of the immune system is called for


My children, again and again there are times, where an extremely high strengthening of the immune system is called for. Especially when it is very cold in winter and a so-called “influenza” is rampant, you should watch yourselves and your beloved ones. Because you ask Me again and again through the profound prayer, what can protect and help you most, I tell you again, My children: First of all, it is absolutely important not to be afraid of an infection, to ask Me every day in the profound prayer for My protective coat, and to follow some rules, which do you good. It is of course useful to keep your endogenous vibrations as high as possible, because pathogens can only then jump over, when the vibrations of a human being are low. It always helps very well to speak the sentence “Vibrations high!” regularly, because the subconscious must accept and assume your “commands”, which you express again and again. Of course regular hand-washing is an advantage, as well as avoiding handshake. Ginger, lemon, black cumin oil, coriander, to name only some helpful means, together with My blessing for food and drinks, are excellent helps, which you may and should apply every day, because all good deeds – whether for yourselves or for other people, animals, and wherever you send your prayers, come back to you as resonance. Many people have e.g. a lack of magnesium, iron, or also sulphur. Those of you, who know this, supplement it daily with the “little helpers”, which you can buy in biological pure form. Especially vegans should be wary, because sulphur is very important for the physical well-being.It can do little miracles, when you drink it daily in form of MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) dissolved in water, in small doses. You must consider that the natural food you can buy nowadays contains no longer these large amounts of minerals, vitamins, and trace element as in former times. It is ideal to eat everything as far as possible in healthy form, provided with My blessing, and then to supplement what is feasible.  But because not every one of you knows food supplements resp. can buy them, you are gladly allowed to ask in the profound prayer that I radiate you all the missing supplements, which you cannot reach.  However, I do absolutely not support laziness, but I want that My children try in individual responsibility the best for themselves. Everything else will then be supplemented helpfully by Me within the scope of the life plan and the learning processes. You see, My children that you can do a lot under your own direction to be healthy, to stay healthy, and also to mitigate persistent “diseases” or also to remove them, if the correct path is used, which makes it possible to distinguish the cause, and then begins the healing in wise conversion. Amen.


February 20th, 2018

Healing hugs


My children, most of the people live for the moment and avoid emotions and bodily reactions consciously or unconsciously. Normally, men can for example show and stand behind feelings worse than women. This has often to do with the education or also the circle of friends and acquaintances. However, tears are a possibility of the soul to show feelings and suppressed emotions, and they should possibly not be suppressed. Always when the soul feels a resonance, the people will feel it very strongly. First of all suppressed or neglected feelings come again and again to the daylight through resonances, My children. How can you feed the soul, but also the body, with healing energies, which are needed urgently? Well, some of you embrace all their acquaintances, relatives, and friends, but also trees of their choice with profound joy. If you get suddenly visit by kind people you like, a hug is not too hard in most cases. On the contrary, you embrace relatives you know only briefly or who are unpleasant for whatever reasons often only very reluctantly. But who manages to see a hug as something wonderful, beneficial, will experience how the soul is delighted and draws positive energies from it. Timid people, who avoid any contact, e.g. through a hug, can practice it very well e.g. with trees in a park or a wood. Children use very often their cuddly toys to get missing security. Older women, who hat no dolls in their childhood e.g. due to poverty, make up for this shortage when they are old, by collecting consciously dolls or cuddly toys. But there are also many men, who try to compensate the missing affection through collector’s passions of different kinds. Who asks now, regarding this, what e.g. model trains, model cars, or stamps, to name the most popular collector’s items, have to do with hugs or proofs of love, I tell you: As long as the soul rejoices and is happy – in connection with the human being – feelings of happiness can arise also this way. Even buying a sports car and things like this can trigger something in a person that can bring him into the so-called “Seventh heaven of happiness”. However, from the spiritual view concerning the vibrations, a bodily embrace cannot be compared with the worldly mammon. Therefore I recommend you, My children, that you should give vent to your feelings and hug people heartily, whom you meet in resonance. The soul signalizes again and again, what healing energies it needs, until the human being finally realizes it and refers to it. What do you think, My children, what jubilations and rejoicing take place in the spiritual realms, when this way positive, healing, and beneficial energies flow from the heart and the soul – in the energy exchange. Amen.


February 19th, 2018

Several things are escalating


My children, you know that My children true to Me have many key positions in the world. They often are the famous potential to tip the scales and also the light houses, who symbolically let My love light shine for the searching people in the dark, stormy night. As you know as well, the events on earth, which show in politics and the other worldly things, have an influence on many factors, thus the next time could be turbulent. The weather becomes more icy, and also the fears of a war increase worldwide. Now it is your turn again, My children: Your profound prayers, light transmissions, “Calls of Victory”, good thoughts and deeds are the bulwark against the sheer overwhelming power, which works on earth at the time being. But whatever will come, My children, you are protected and guarded, and it is time to know, how strong prayers can be that they even can prevent airplane crashes. Have confidence in your power and know that you have always a huge Armada of guardian angels around you, if you do good deeds, and that these guardian angels also help – in My name. Amen.


February 18th, 2018

Snow, freezing rain and sunshine


My children, after a very turbulent Saturday with snow chaos in the south of Germany and farther south, where partially towns could have freezing rain, near to snow storms – where in northern regions the sun was shining with nearly vernal temperatures. Some of you ask how such weather differences can happen. Well, it always depends upon where the weather pattern results from, and how high a location or a region is situated, and whether it has a natural origin, or whether somebody has helped. In the near future, weather will continue to report and also annoy those people, who wait already for the beginning of spring. Before now, My children, February had mostly been snowy, and it plays absolutely a role, where and how high you live. But there are also other wisdoms, which you know as well: “In March, the farmer yokes his horses...” is a German children’s song, which says that in March, there should be no snow and no frost any more. Thus have stamina and patience, because also the longest winter will go by. Amen.


February 17th, 2018



My children, many things you would like to have, you often cannot get at all, or only with difficulties. This can be exotic medicinal herbs or also things, which you could buy here completely normally some years ago. Here your strength of faith comes into action: Who deeply believes that I help you through the profound prayer and also make you healthy – within the scope of your life plan – will receive help, if the profound prayer is strong enough and also profound enough. This help works then subtly and often cannot be understood or believed by people, who think and act on the physical level. With Me, everything is possible, if the human being prays, lives, and acts profoundly and does good deeds – on a voluntary level. Amen.


February 16th, 2018

The food chain


My children, upon request of some FATHER’S WORDS readers, this it the subject of today’s FATHER’S WORD. This is a very extensive subject, and I will answer here only according to your wishes. Overproduction is a subject, which is mentioned not too gladly. What to do with all the food, which remains every day? This subject touches many people. In former times, it was partially possible to look into the waste bins of the shops, what was left. Nowadays, it is no more possible due to health reasons. But you can ask a farmer, when the harvests will take place, and if you may look for what has been left. After the Second World War, e.g., it was normal that a very careful search for remains had been done, because the people were very hungry. The bread, fruits and vegetables that are disposed every day would be sufficient to fill many thousand people. I know that what happens on earth just now is everything else than what is in the Divine plan. But, My children: As said before, you have the free will, and therefore you can also act on your own initiative. Who prefers, can join with several likewise thinking people and bring this subject into the shops and supermarkets. Who asks, gets answers. Perhaps you can convince the store manager to supply the TAFEL (volunteer based organization in Germany to donate food) with the surplus food, or other people, who have little money to live. But you can also ask in the profound prayer that like-minded people are brought together to do good deeds. Let us come to part two of this FATHER’S WORD: All meat eaters, who still not yet have understood, how the animals are fattened artificially, just to bring enough weight on the scales to earn money with them, should look at pictures or videos, what happens to the animals, before they are slaughtered. Nowadays, the ideal nutrition is without any animal flesh. All vegans, who pray profoundly and are believers, get radiated from Me also all missing vitamins, minerals, and trace elements, when they try to live healthy – but in spite have a deficiency. Certainly, the well-known “B12-phenomenon” is quoted again, because vegans and also vegetarians often have these deficiencies. But who asks Me profoundly, will get radiated it daily in an optimal amount through the profound prayer. You see, it is absolutely possible to eat quite healthy also nowadays, if you are ready to do your body something good, and also are ready to inform yourselves about the various pollutants in the food. Your FATHER, who helps you always, and protects you, if you allow it. Amen.


February 15th, 2018

Going with open eyes through the world


My children, there is not only a lot to discover and to see, when children, curious and hungry for knowledge, explore the world around them. Most of the adults hardly realize things, which children see, because they are mostly distracted or have other thoughts. I could say now, observe for one day a week the way you have done it as a child, in order to experience new things, to explore them, or also to try them. Those of you, who have e.g. a child or a grandchild of appropriate age, can explore the world together with this child. When did you last observe consciously plants and animals? I do not mean in a zoo or animal park, but in nature. Especially such exercises so to say, to go with open eyes through the world, let the people see, feel or also sense things, which they would have passed thoughtlessly otherwise. But one prerequisite should be watched: No distraction through the mobile all-rounder or also music, and so on. Who engages in this adventure and so to say decelerates time, will learn how beautiful life is, when you look at it stress-free and without time pressure. Some of you do something like this in spring and summer in a weakened form, when they sit often for hours e.g. on a bench and watch everything, what happens around them. Thereby, now and then nice conversations develop with apparently totally unknown people. Interestingly, many people do not mind to be overfed by invented stories in front of the TV, but to experience such things in real life blocks them often. Who wants to go even further can talk to people, who have e.g. a microscope, and then they can possibly look into worlds, which cannot be experienced otherwise. Amen.


February 14th, 2018

Different kinds of fasting


My children, on Ash Wednesday, the fast for many believing Christians starts traditionally. Recently, some people invented another kind of fasting, though. They forgo deliberately television during the days until Holy Saturday, use the bicycle or the bus instead of the car, restrict their use of the mobile all-rounder, or even practice abstinence of alcohol and nicotine. Well, My children, I appreciate all kinds of abstinence, fasting, or also reduction of things, which are normally usual in the daily routine. It is important, though, that these resolutions are kept voluntarily without pressure, and that they thus do not become a nuisance. The general change of the nutrition to purer things is of course something, which can help you to get a better relationship with your body, your soul, and your mind. Because many of My children true to Me want to fast only by the hour or by the day, because they have otherwise difficulties to organize their life, I am very glad, if merely the conscious acting – towards more order and purity in life – is strived. Many people have changed their nutrition not voluntarily, but due to “diseases”, as you call it, or due to health problems. Therefore you have now the possibility to experiment with different food, which you have wanted to try for a long time, whether it does you good, and some will then also practice water fasting for 12 or 24 hours to experience, what effect it has on them. Amen.


February 13th, 2018

Forward-looking thinking


My children, again and again you have questions, how far you should think and act proactively. Well, forward-looking thinking in not only important for driving a car, but everywhere. I give you an example, what is useful: Those of you, who use wood and coal for heating, should inform themselves proactively, where he can get cheap wood for the next winter. Also the supply of food and drinking water should be watched regularly and be adapted appropriately. Who thinks forward-looking, knows of course also that you should neither stick to the past, nor dream too much of the future. The here and now is the measure of all things – but with the necessary view and responsibility for the coming events. Thus, My children: A reasonable forward-looking view resp. planning is important, if you want to live in a more carefree manner. Amen.


February 12th, 2018

Perfect red herrings (diversionary tactics)


My children, now that the Olympic Games have started and the carnival works up to its climax, terrific red herrings have been started, which shall prevent the people from awakening from their dozy state. There is a lot going on in the so-called politics, but of course all that glitters is not gold. This means: Do not believe everything they tell you, but keep your eyes and ears open yourselves, My children. I want to warn you as well against the many additional programs, which are available mostly free of charge for your mobile all-rounders. The other side tries to collect as many data as possible from the people, and for this, more and more precise programs are developed, known under the name “App”. If you want to have halfway peace, you should mask all microphones and cameras at your portable computers. But please remember that the latest all-rounders cannot be switched off completely any more. “Shame to him, who thinks evil of it” (“honi soit qui mal y pense”), is one of your appropriate proverbs. You see, there are many, many distractions of many kinds, and therefore consider carefully, what you want to watch, hear, read, and first of all, to download onto your computer. Amen.


February 11th, 2018

When the body feels uncomfortable


My children, on days like this, where it is very turbulent in the worldly realms, some of you feel uncomfortable. The food does not taste as usual, there can be also a feeling of fullness or also heartburn coming apparently out of the blue. Well, My children, if there is no harmony between body, mind, and soul, the whole system is confused, and then such things can happen. There are typical examples: Exam nerves, personal interviews, commencement of work in a new job, change of school, and so on. Whenever the fear or the uncertainty is big, the human being loses its balance. That includes also intense stress. What can you do now, if you are concerned? First of all, you should come into your inner peace. Do not allow stress, and try to achieve a balance again, inside and with you. Many people automatically lie down automatically, and thus try to come to rest. Sometimes also a short nap can help to find the own middle again. Who can absolutely find no rest, though, should not pressure himself. Well, then the concerning day is just a little bit different than usual. Who pressurizes body, mind, and soul massively, will be not happy in the long run. Some of you try then is such an uncomfortable situation to revive an old trick from their childhood: To do what a child does, when it feels uncomfortable. A child will do automatically something, which detracts it from problems and sorrows, so that it can laugh again and be happy. Therefore, My children, when you feel uncomfortable, look mentally inside yourselves and remember, what made you happy, when you were a child. It can be also be adjusted somehow to the current age. It is important that you always do everything voluntarily, because pressure, from wherever, is no good companion in life. Amen.


February 10th, 2018



My children, not only human beings can have strong sensations, but also the rest, which lives on earth. Thus especially trees are concerned, when e.g. a new cell tower is built in their vicinity. Animals can look for another place, but trees are rooted, where they stand. People, who live in houses, where radiation occurs, can theoretically move to another location, which is free of radiation or at least low in radiation. Trees must always suffer, though, because radiation can be absolutely measured also at tree trunks. Sensible and sensitive people feel very well that these trees have sensations, but they are often ridiculed or looked at, as if there were esoteric followers of a sect. Well, to stay in the physical range, radiation can harm human beings as well as animals, plants, and trees. What can you do against it, My children? Well, first of all the best way is the profound prayer, the light transmissions, and all good deeds and thoughts. If you are e.g. affected by such a situation and try to support the affected nature, so that it is protected and can also be wrapped through your prayers, you will experience that all profound prayers and light transmissions act like balm at the skin – symbolically said – of the trees. Through the profound prayers and light transmissions, you can establish sort of a protective coat around trees and of course also around animals. Simply try it yourselves, and you will learn that it helps. Trees e.g. are very grateful and give as a response to help a mighty protection to people, who help them. Amen.


February 9th, 2018

Your thoughts


My children, you know that thoughts have a strong power. But it happens very often that many worldly oriented people and also some of My children, who go the spiritual way, simply live carelessly for the moment and nearly do not think about anything. Thus, often mishaps or also incomprehensibilities happen, up to shakes of the head or verbal addresses due to this. But why should you, My children, get your thoughts into an order and also switch on your mind, in order to have a kind togetherness? Well, people can hardly settle down in this world, who simply dream away in the day like a small child, do not want to assume any responsibility, and do not think about or let their hearts decide, before they do something. They are not classified as socially acceptable and stay quasi children. This is of course a situation from My point of view, which I leave so, because I do not judge. However, the human beings do not give those, who stayed children, nearly any chance. But who now sorts his thoughts, before he does something, switches on his brain and/or his heart, will do anyway something, what seems to him appropriate as a human being. Let us come to the second part of this FATHER’S WORD: By means of your targeted thoughts, you can do a lot of good deeds, and you can also help to make the world some more pure and oscillating higher. Therefore I recommend you not to live simply for the moment and, proverbially said “let God be a good man”, but to accept for yourself a certain responsibility and do everything much more consciously and profoundly. Pray more profoundly, send light, celebrate the “Calls of Victory”, and do good deeds also with words, deeds, and thoughts, and give negative situations, which touch you during the day, affectionately to Me for transformation by saying “JESUS CHRIST IS THE VICTOR!”, or send them into the light yourselves. As said before, your thoughts are very powerful, and everything you think, speak, or do is subject to a resonance. Therefore every good deed is also a wonderful boomerang, which comes back to you. Amen.

February 8th, 2018

Better stay at home


My children, today the foolish activities begin, and the women hold symbolically the sceptre for one day, so that they can let off steam and romp around. You can certainly imagine that this has been different in former times and has been changed by the other side. During the days from today until next Tuesday inclusively, you should avoid as far as possible all cities and places, where carnival resp. Mardi Gras is celebrated, because who does not protect himself well and puts himself under My protective coat can possibly have problems, or can be at least considerably annoyed. But there are certainly also other reasons to stay better in the warm room, when there is no important occasion to leave the house. It is a matter of the cold and of course of the weather conditions. In Paris, the traffic has broken down to a large extent due to the extreme weather, and this can happen in any large city, when winter “delights” it with a mixture of heavy snow fall and icy cold. Yes, My children, winter has not yet gone, and many are now longing already for the warm spring days with temperatures higher than 20 degrees. In most cases, you have a warm home, but in the early days, winters were mostly longer and colder, the people had to fight every year hard to have a warm room in winter. Nowadays, e.g. as a pensioner it is also relatively simpler to spend the winter in warmer regions – than in former times, where it had been absolutely unthinkable to leave the own country long-term – unless people emigrated to another country in greatest need. Amen.


February 7th, 2018

Arrest bleeding


My children, people cut or hurt themselves quickly, when they are not careful. This bleeding can be harmless or also dangerous, depending upon what comes into the wound. Earlier, in the 60s and 70s, most children were often outdoors in the fresh air, and it happened very often, that they were injured. They took a handkerchief, if they had something like this – or some water resp. saliva, rubbed it over the wound, and forgot about. Do you remember this, My children? At the moment, where you do not worry and know in the subconscious that it heals, and if you have the necessary TRUST IN GOD, it really does. Now and then, also a plaster had been applied. Why do I tell you this today? Well, indeed it is a different time, where people live nowadays. Many things are genetically modified, for the big disadvantage of the people, and what comes down from the sky every day should be considered carefully. Therefore, you should take care in case of injuries that no dirt or something else comes into the wound. Many of you suck the wound, if they can reach it, and spit everything out afterwards. This can help, if nothing serious has happened. Who has colloidal silver at hand can do this on the wound as well. My writing channel here puts on every wound his old healing remedy: kirsch with salt. This burns of course often, but the healing process starts at once. The same can be said about the Swedish Bitter herbs, magnesium chloride, or also, as said before, colloidal silver water. I want to sensitize you to important remedies, which you should have available in times of crises or emergency. Plaster can be useful, as well as bandages. Amen.


February 6th, 2018

Sudden fatigue


My children, many worldly oriented people and also some of you are surprised that they experience again and again a sudden fatigue, which seems to come out of the blue. Well, this is of course not the case, because it absolutely has its roots. On the one hand, it is the increasing of the vibrations, which the body must cope with, and on the other hand, there are heavy things the body has to master. This can be after a stress situation, an opulent meal, or also after a strenuous work. Even sitting in front of the computer can lead to it. For you, My children, these short “little naps”, to say it colloquially, last often only some minutes, and during this time, we help you to adjust your body and to calibrate it according to these new energies. For the worldly oriented people, this process runs significantly more complex, and it can only be executed only in tiny steps as well, because their body could not cope with it otherwise. Amen.


February 5th, 2018

New challenges


My children, due to the higher vibrations, which flow on earth this year, many people, who are mostly worldly oriented, cannot cope any more with their body and in general with life. Also for you, in January there were partially bigger adaptation difficulties, but you know such challenges already. Here it is, what you can recommend your worldly oriented fellow human beings, when they ask you for help or advice: Try to avoid stress, eat healthier, avoid genetically modified food, drink pure, if possible blessed water, avoid poisons, as e.g. nicotine, caffeine, or sweeteners, try to use your mobile all-rounder as seldom as possible, avoid radiation of any kind as often as possible, try to come to rest – also during the night, and live your life in slowness, compared with the life on the fast lane, which inevitably throws your body off the tracks. One of your proverbs says: “Strength lies in peace.” Many people should take this to heart. This may be during eating, drinking, or also in leisure activities. Even when driving the car it is usually considerably less stressful, when you drive calmly and more contemplative than speeding constantly and having to overtake. Amen.


February 4th, 2018

It becomes cold again


My children, winter comes back and displaces the quite mild temperatures of the recent times. Well, for end of January and begin of February, it has been quite mild, and temperatures below zero degrees in your regions are normal during this season. But because some of you freeze already at slight plus degrees, I want to give you some tips, what you can do, if it is cold, when you e.g. must be outdoors for a while: First of all, you should wear appropriate clothing and a headgear, because the warmth of the body can easily escape via the head and also the hands. It makes sense to oil or cream the face. To stand still on a spot, as football fans like it in winter as well, is not good for the health. Moving regularly and doing good deeds at the same time – also e.g. as prayers or light transmissions – is very useful, thus the circulatory systems keeps going. Insoles and moving the toes helps against cold feet. It can also be very pleasant to warm up regularly in a warm room, together with a warm drink. Therefore once again My advice for all of you, who are on your way regularly with the car in winter: Take e.g. some tea in a thermos, something to eat, and also a blanket, if you should be stuck in a traffic jam. Your FATHER, who is always with you, if you allow it. Amen.


February 3rd, 2018

Lack of sun exposure


My children, there are many questions and also complaints from your side, why I allow that you are deprived of the sun. Well, I do not interfere, My children, you know this. But in case of emergency, you can help yourselves. I have told you already quite often that a part of the weather is caused through the vibrations of the people, and that the rest has been changed by the other side. You know as well, how a weather candle works, and I explain you regularly, that prayers are helpful. Simply send My “Call of Victory” “JESUS CHRIST IS THE VICTOR!” to the sky as often as you want, and blow symbolically everything away what disturbs you within your free will. With persistence you will succeed, as already some of your light siblings do it. Concerning the lack of sun, you should follow the tips I have given you already: Sit down in front of an infrared lamp and imagine that you are now in a place, where it is cosy warm and beautiful, and where the sun light flows through you affectionately and pampers you with the optimum amount of vitamin D3, as you call it. Drink also sufficient blessed water as support, and you will find that you feel better. Also here it is important to do it regularly in a stress-free atmosphere. Relaxing music or natural sounds as e.g. sounds of the sea can often support the whole thing. Some of you consume food supplements, vitamin D3 together with vitamin K2 for instance. Also this is possible. You can visit as well a thermal bath or also a solarium, if you can tolerate it. Just now in this cold season it is important to take advantage of the days, when the sun is shining, if your job allows it. Amen.


February 2nd, 2018

Mary’s Candlemas 2018


My children, as of today, many of you know it, the light on earth is considerably amplified, and also the light intensity increases significantly. Today is a good day to send a lot of light, to pray, to celebrate the “Calls of Victory”, and to do good deeds in general. Even if in some regions the weather is symbolically not very bright, the spiritual power flows increasedly to all forms of life, though, which are open to it. Amen.


February 1st, 2018

What can harm the body


My children, there are many things, which you should not do to your body, consciously or unconsciously. However, some things happen without your permissions and due to a lack of information e.g. of your parents. Many babies and small children are vaccinated or also stuffed with medicines, which can harm their mental and physical development. My children, most of you have been vaccinated, because this had been usual at that time. Even at the German Army there had been a lot of vaccinations, and who refused it could have been sent to jail. But the body, mind, and also the soul can be damaged not only through vaccinations and medicines, but also through various drugs. I do not free of dept the daily drugs as coffee, black tea, nicotine, or also various alcoholic beverages! Even sweets can trigger dangerous processes in the body. Also all those sweeteners and the modified, i.e. genetically changed ingredients in food or drinks... Those of you, who have noticed once, what drugs of various kinds can trigger in a human being, knows what I mean. Let us get now to the help: You may pray for all people, who had been vaccinated or get or have got syringes with medicines, so that through the profound prayer the poisons can be now eliminated from the bodies through the existing exits. I give you now an according example: Some of My children here, who read the FATHERWORDS daily, have prayed profoundly that all poisons would be eliminated from the body of their niece, who had been vaccinated one day before. The result was: At the day of the vaccination the little girl felt very bad, and since the day after they had prayed for the detoxification, she was alive and kicking and fun-loving, as she had been all the time before. Formulate it simply with your own words, My beloved children. Everybody has got the free will from Me, and thus every human being should be able to decide, what he consumes and what not. Amen.


January 31st, 2018

The nocturnal quiet


My children, in spite of several FATHER’S WORDS on the subject of sleeping, questions concerning the nocturnal quiet occur repeatedly. I want to help you to come to rest, so that your body can sleep and find relaxation and regeneration. There are a lot of possibilities to find a relaxed tranquility. If possible, avoid the TV receiver, the mobile all-rounder, or other equipment near your bed. In general, they should not be there, if you want to be quiet and relaxed. Some of you prefer reading a good book before sleeping, after the profound prayer. Also candles, which stand securely and burn throughout the whole night are used gladly as protection, salvation, and blessing, and often they are called a “spiritual cuddly blanket from Me”. Well, why do many people not come into the inner rest and get asleep during the night, when they are in their bed? There are many reasons, and I want to list some of them: First of all, there is the fear of the darkness and the tranquility connected with it. People, who have lived up to now in big cities with a lot of noisy hustle and bustle and then moved to the country, very often cannot cope with the tranquility. Thoughts and impressions, which the people experience during the day emerge then before their mind’s eye or sneak into the mental world before falling asleep. Furthermore, these are fears and sorrows of the next day or also of the near future. Bad sleeping places concerning water veins, earth faults, radiations of any kind let the body come hardly to rest. The last example I list here are physical pains, because if the person cannot sleep in the right position without feeling pain, a recovery is often hardly to achieve. Especially My children true to Me have often difficulties to fall asleep before three or four o’clock in the morning, because they are absolutely more delicate and sensitive than the main part of mankind, and thus they feel, what just happens in the world affairs. Nearly all of you feel major events or disasters – directly or indirectly. Here it is not important, how far the event is away. Now I want to give you two good hints on your way how to fall asleep: Get lavender and chamomile as pure ethereal essences, and dilute them with water. You spay it on your pillow, and this scent calms, harmonises, and lets peace arise in the heart. Furthermore, some of you celebrate first of all the “Calls of Victory” in the bed, and afterwards various prayers or other positive affirmations, until their eyes shut from fatigue. Amen.


January 30th, 2018

Considerate children


My children, many of you are considerate concerning many problems of the daily life. You save water, collect rain water to use it e.g. for the toilet and for the garden in spring and summer, are considerate concerning single journeys with the car, are affectionate and considerate parents or grandparents, try to fulfil the wishes of your beloved ones, if this is feasible concerning your budget and complies with your way of life, and and and... I could list many more sides of things, which you do, and think forward while doing this. Why do I say this now, My children? Well, many worldly oriented people let live their life, and do not form their personal, creative life themselves, but it is conducted or controlled by other people. Additionally, many of the worldly oriented people are absolutely afraid of being “different”. They want to “swim with the masses” and absolutely do not want to attract somebody’s attention. Yes, they want to be obediently a so-called “do-gooder”, who joins in everything, which others lead him to believe in and demonstrate. Nevertheless, only those children have the pure peace in the heart, who are profoundly connected with Me und live concerning to their inner feelings and therefore are considerate. What is good for me, and what not? I am glad, when every day more and more people awake from their TV controlled dozy state, and realize that the so-called “illusion of bread and circuses”, which are sent daily, are nothing else that a unit of fabric softener, together with a big cushion, which is coated with an adhesive, to keep the sleeping people very comfortable in this usual, homely atmosphere. Amen.


January 29th, 2018

Old household remedies


My children, on My recommendation, many of you have bought old and also new books about alternative healing as it is known since long time. Already many mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers knew that at least one herb has been created by Me against every disease. But there are also remedies, which can be applied in many cases, against many pain and little aches. These are amongst others: Black cumin oil, which can be used inwardly and outwardly, biological cider vinegar, which can do a lot good, colloidal silver, which some of you produce themselves, and the favourite of My writing channel here is a mixture of 40% kirsch and one level tablespoon good salt. All these means can trigger or establish healing in many cases, if the person on the one hand believes in it and on the other hand asks Me in the profound prayer for it. Certainly also people have recovered, who have nothing to do with Me – of course from their point of view, but this has different karmic reasons. My children, a so-called “disease” does not come out of the blue, as many people mean. Not at all by coincidence, because it falls to somebody, i.e. it is intended. Because everything is linked to each other, you can of course again and again receive intuitions and aids in dreams, during and after prayers, and through many other possibilities, if you focus on your healing. In rare cases, no or only a small amount of healing happens to people, who pray for it profoundly. This depends on a case-by-case basis upon their life task and their spiritual way. There are some souls, who e.g. want to do a lot penance in this earth life to solve an old karma quickly. As you know, this works best during an incarnation on earth. It lasts many times longer in the spiritual realms. Therefore, who has trouble and little aches may gladly use old household remedies, because they have had their effects already long time ago, and also nowadays, they should be brought better into the light again. Amen.


January 28th, 2018

Body’s defences and immune system


My children, some people are absolutely picky, when they are or have been on the toilet – but in their kitchen they are often very careless. Certainly, everywhere pathogens and bacterial strains can develop or exist. Before now, when you were children, you were told: “You may play in the dirt, because this way, you will become hardened.” Indeed, many people got in their childhood a certain hardening from the worldly point of view. From the spiritual view, these people have a different structure in their body. Sensitivity, disgust, and aversion let also decrease the endogenous defence, thus pathogens, bacilli, and so on can come over, and the people wonder, why they become “ill” or suddenly get aversions etc. I always recommend you, My children true to Me, that cleanliness is a basic principle, but extreme mania for cleaning is a disadvantage for these people and sometimes for other housemates. Everything extreme is not good and should be reduced. This well meant advice I give you repeatedly on your way. Who is fixed in the confidence to Me and holds his endogenous vibration high, will be normally protected from everything – except that he has still to work on dissolutions within his life plan. Therefore live your life in love and in accordance with Me, and try to stay clear from extremes. The immune system and the endogenous body’s defences of any kind will thank you, and they help to keep body, mind, and soul clean, in the scope of what is just pending for this person. Amen.


January 27th, 2018

In harmony with nature – as far as possible


My children, the FATHER’S WORD of today is a wish of many people, also of you, and therefore I pick it up to talk about it once more. It started several decades before that the people began to rethink. The garbage was separated, people tried to make everything more biological and clean, but actually what has been achieved up to now is only a fraction of what is possible. Many people like to live in the country, in a wooden house with as little radiation as possible. But there is the other group, who like to live in the city, want to have the latest electronic luxury, live wireless, and wonder where the many little pains and aches, and partially also real pain is coming from. Well, for living absolutely self-sufficient, you should make many admissions. However, it is often quite naive, how many, mainly worldly oriented people, develop views in order to live halfway self-sufficient, without thinking carefully beforehand about what consequences the exit from the worldly life will have. Many people want to live as in the Middle Ages only for some weeks during their various events and meetings. But the real exit from the society is associated with a lot of expense and also inventiveness, and also some physical fitness. Certainly there are abandoned villages in some quite warm regions, but it takes an immense preparation to develop there a halfway self-sufficient village life. Also the coexistence should work, and nobody may show off there as a “major guru”, but it should be an affectionate togetherness. Exceedingly few people want to live completely without technology, and the power supply from hydropower or solar energy must be used skilfully. At the time being, the better alternative for dropouts is to live semi-autarkic, and I gladly support useful projects, which are thoughtful. However, who all of a sudden has the demand for freedom and needs a lot of space around, and whose family supports this, will receive of course the same spiritual help, if it is asked for in the profound prayer. But the well-known sentence is very important: “Help yourself, and God will help you!” This means: Plan, begin, and you will receive help. Amen.


January 26th, 2018



My children, most people are diverted from the essential things of life, which they originally wanted to do. In this extremely fast moving time, it is of course very difficult to keep a steady spiritual course, because many distractions lurk everywhere. This can be the mobile all-rounder, the TV program, the internet in general, or many other temptations, which impact and flow over the people every day. Therefore it is so absolutely important that at least once a day, you pray profoundly, send light, if possible also celebrate the “Calls of Victory”, and do good deeds – for the good of the people, animals, plants, and the earth. Nobody is forced, My children, you know this. Therefore never urge somebody to do something, which he does not want to do voluntarily, and never rise feelings of guilt in somebody accordingly. Every hour you do not sit in front of the TV receiver or deal with your all-rounder is a good hour for everything spiritual, if you want it, too. Think about it! Amen.

January 25th, 2018

Skilled craftmanship


My children, it is extremely useful, if you have at least some manual skills, because this is always an advantage in crisis times. But also now, in these somewhat uncertain times, there is no harm in being able to know how to use tools and wood, to name only two of these things. Who says now: “Who can teach me that?”, I tell him: There are so many books about it, in the internet there are many texts, also with pictures, and a lot of videos on the relevant pages. In general, everybody who dares it can learn a little bit of manual skills, because there are also simple jobs. Try it, and do not wonder, if it is fun suddenly, and if you highly like some of these works. Amen.


January 24th, 2018

Live your life


My children, I want to point out once more urgently, how important it is to live your life yourself and not to let it be lived through skilful diversionary tactics. I mean the distractions through the mobile all-rounder, television, newspapers, and also the must-attend events, which you must participate regularly, in order not to be socially avoided. What’s more are the family celebrations, meeting with friends, and so on. Most of the people will look at you in disbelief or deem you to be insane, if you have the courage and admit publicly not to watch TV any more, because it is only a pack of lies, and that you also want to avoid radiation from now on, where it is possible. But what does it mean? In order to be liked and absolutely not to attract negative attention, most of the people adapt to what you call fads, trends, or also “normal life”. But I tell you, My children: It takes a lot of guts and stamina to live your own life so as you like it, and additionally find the time to do good deeds. You, My children, manage it actually to some extent. Some of you are very strong in their stamina. Who now foregoes the TV program for one week, better even for four weeks, and afterwards wants to watch TV for about one hour – including ads and news – will realize at once, which rebellion takes place inside him. Most of you, who try this now, get after some minutes of watching of news or ads a very bad, nearly disgusting feeling, and ask yourselves: “How did I manage to bear this all the years?” Only by the distance to these daily “temptations” through the TV program, your soul and your body get the chance to distinguish clearly, what you really want to see and hear, and what not. This applies also to the all-rounder. You must not be always available! Regarding this, especially the young people are conditioned and believe that they can no more exist without their all-rounder! What do you think would happen during a power supply failure of several days? Nervous breakdowns, hysterical riots, panic attacks, and many, many more... Here you see how the other side has managed through tricky chess moves to make the youngsters and also older people absolutely dependent, so that it can control them at any time. However, who is free of these addictions and dependencies, and who looks so to say behind the facades of the “bread an circuses” community, will recognize that it does not need a lot to live, work, and do happily good deeds happy, free, and worth living in a simple way. Amen.


January 23rd, 2018



My children, many people have it, but some are very sad because they miss it: I mean willpower. Many people feel unwell in their body. Mostly it is, because they have overweight or underweight. But they often lack the willpower to change it. If these people knew, how much they miss two things: The one thing is the absolute CONFIDENCE IN GOD, together with the knowledge that I always help all My children true to Me within the scope of their life plans, and on the other side, they should drink more energetic, blessed water. How can you lose resp. gain weight? Well, you can beg through the profound prayer, that you get help through the blessed water, which you drink in sips, optimally salivating, throughout the day, which is loaded with the concerning vibrations. This could be e.g. the vibration “Achieve the ideal weight within 6 months“. You can specify any other time as well, or leave the time factor in total. What happens now in your body, My children? Well, first of all, the informed water sends these vibrations, which it contains as a carrier of the information, everywhere, where it is needed. But it helps you as well to strengthen your will to eat only then, when the body is hungry, and not thirsty, which is mixed up very often. I want to recommend you to drink blessed water regularly, and you will learn that the craving for food, or even sweet or sour food, decreases, and that the normal eating level settles. Within a relatively short time, your body adapts to your new eating and drinking habits, if you can maintain them in a quite constant rhythm. Amen.

January 22nd, 2018

Stay fit and vital


My children, physical movement, vitality, and joy in health and mental flexibility is often a bothersome evil for younger people. Much to the chagrin of many parents, children and youngsters often do not move more than they absolutely have to. They are focused much too much on their mobile all-rounder. When they have finished school, a major part of them have no stamina to work eight hours a day, whether in an apprenticeship or elsewhere. People over 40 should keep and eat regularly healthy, fit, and vital. But often this happens only, when they come near to retirement. If at the age of 50+, little aches and pains come, many of them get annoyed that they did not move and eat accordingly in former years. Here My children true to Me come into play: Many of you have no resp. only mild pain resp. “diseases”, if – yes if – they had recognized their old patterns and karmic souvenirs, and have given them to Me in the profound prayer for transformation. Some of you suffer from partially very heavy so-called “diseases”, which still have to be solved. I say consciously the word “diseases” in quotation marks, because these are mainly karmic old burdens, which most of My children true to Me have to bear resp. to pay off accordingly. But also those children of you, who have physical restrictions, can do something for their fitness and health. Corresponding nutrition, pure, blessed water, which I have already explained, and mobility. This can be mentally and physically. To stay mentally flexible means also not to isolate oneself from the world. Part of you forego consciously watching TV and do not read worldly newspapers. Nevertheless, you should know in general, what happens of earth. For this, the internet or also the good old radio receiver are useful. Many elder people want to have also a mobile all-rounder to communicate with their relatives, because those do not practice any more the “good old writing of letters”. Electronic mails and communication possibilities of different kinds through the all-rounder or also various internet provisions are then a necessary means for them. Even programs for data exchange, which work normally with the all-rounder or the so-called “tablet PC”, can be used also on a personal computer or a laptop, so that you do not need a wireless connection. Some of you use this possibility already without being burdened by the radiating, pathogen wireless transmission. You have asked Me, whether I would agree, when also elder people play regularly computer games to keep their mind and their flexibility fit. Well, you have a free will, My children. I give you an example: The mother of My writing channel here is much more modern and fit with such games than the rest of the family, and it does her good, because she does is only for her mental fitness and feels well doing it. I say “Everybody should do what he likes”. This sentence all those of you should remember, who are continuously shouting and grumbling. As you know, everybody forges his own destiny, and this way, he can very well do away with stones in his way, or also position them so that it is difficult to get through. Amen.


January 21st, 2018

Money is not everything


For money, people do things, which they never would do in normal life. Most of you are different in your way of thinking, acting, and points of view. Health always has precedence over daredevil experiments, which the worldly oriented people do only for money and fame. In the worldly TV media, this belongs of course also to the fraction “bread and circuses”, and a lot of people absolutely like this. You shake your head, but the number of worldly oriented people, who are led through adrenalin excesses deeper and deeper into areas you refuse, shows, how big the difference between My children true to Me and the worldly oriented people is already in some areas. Some of you compare it with Rome or other lost eras, and they are not too far away from reality. Now, in this end time, it will escalate further, and you will see, what people will do for money and “fame”. Who goes in such times consciously into himself, and then experiences in the profound prayer, the light transmissions, or e.g. the “Calls of Victory”, how I then guard and lead My children, feels what it means to be My child, which I guide elegantly through the roaring sees of the worldliness, so that the peace in the heart and the knowledge that everything will be good are in you. Amen.


January 20th, 2018

Water does not equal water


My children, the issue of water is again discussed very often, and you ask also again and again, and therefore I want to give you today an actualisation regarding water. Therefore listen carefully, if you want to know, by which different methods you can energize your drinking water. First of all I want to tell you that the tap water has of course often very long distances to flow, and that it does not run always through very clean pipes. But you know as well that water is absolutely intelligent and can adapt and change very quickly. I want to name here an example, in accordance with My writing channel, because it is the tap water, which he and his family use. Well, first of all there is the possibility to fill water in carafes, bottles, or glasses. Please avoid plastic bottles, with contain softeners. Well, this water is placed here on energy pictures, which My writing cannel has made in the profound prayer together with Me, and which he has made available for you as well. What happens now with the tap water, which has not yet been informed? Well, it receives two kinds of information through this picture. First of all it is cleaned, energized, and charged by the vibration “JESUS CHRIST IS THE VICTOR”, and secondly, it is informed through the sentence: “This water is now ethereally free from all negative influences, and it helps with the harmonisation, cleaning, and detoxification of the body.” This vibration is not measurable, but it is noticeable, sensible, and visible. The water is now enriched with oxygen bubbles, and if you shake it clockwise in the bottle, it will produce a vortex. If you take the bottle in your hand now, you feel it through a tingling or a pleasant feeling. Of course you can improve the water also by a drop of ozonized oil to activate it even more. Cleaning procedures, as e.g. the reverse osmosis, clean the water from residues. Afterwards, though, the water must be supplied with energy again. There are many technologies, but because most of the FATHERWORDS readers have not so much money for expensive equipment and often looks for a simple method, I have explained in the beginning, how My writing channel handles it. The water is energetically clean and helps the body to remove toxins, slag, and other negative things as far as they are present. You may not forget, My children, that nearly every breath in a big city contains microscopic small subjects, which do the body absolutely no good. Therefore it is also so important to drink energetic clean, blessed water. I want to add that nearly all of My children true to Me let bless their food and also their water by Me, and that they thus are already on the safe side, because water is intelligent, created by Me, and is also contained in our food. Who drinks sufficient water, also in winter, will experience that a feeling of hunger or craving for sweets for example shows often only a lack of water. Amen.


January 19th, 2018



My children, the storm, which reached his peak with more than 200 kilometres per hour in the Harz Mountains has demonstrated again, how vulnerable many things are. This concerns also the railway, which cancelled all long-distance trains at least for some hours, because uprooted trees fell at the rails, and also in many regions the power supply failed, which the people did not expect mostly. My children, this had been only an offshoot of possibilities, which can come and also will come, if the people do not awake faster from their twilight sleep, which they still follow. Therefore I have informed you again and again, how important emergency supplies are, and that you also should deal with what you can do, if the power supply would fail for a longer period. Many of My children lit their weather candles, and at some of them, as e.g. My writing channel here, it burns still with the prayer for mitigation and mercy. Many of you have done this as well, and of course, the effect showed. A significant mitigation happened everywhere, where people prayed profoundly, and where they also prayed for protection, salvation, and blessing. In the 50s, 60s, and 70s, large masses of snow and also strong rainfall were usual every year, and in winter 1962 until 1963, even the Lake Constance had been frozen. But since the worldly oriented people are made believe that there would be a global warming, caused by the exhaust gasses of the human beings, every natural phenomenon, which had been normal in former times, is artificially pushed up and praised as a media event. Earth has survived again and again cold and warm phases, and in your so-called Middle Ages, there had been times, where it was very mild and warm, to name an example. But there have also been resonances as floods and floodings, when the people had done too much overexploitation of nature, and e.g. had cut down nearly all trees available. In general, life in accordance with nature is ideal, but up to then, in most cases it will last quite a long time. A few so-called dropouts try it again and again since the late 1960s, but it is difficult to get a consensus integrated for good. Now, My children, is again such a time, where you should try to cooperate better with nature than to work against it. Who agrees this as well with Me in the profound prayer regularly, will gather very positive experiences. Amen.


January 18th, 2018

When teeth are aching...


My children, toothache come sometimes – seemingly out of the blue – to the people. That they can have different causes is known to some of you, but that the reason often is hidden deep inside, not. Very often, toothache happens due to psychological problems, or if you eat extremely unhealthy. Also to brush one’s teeth in a wrong way can be worse for the teeth and the gum, as if you would never use a toothbrush and toothpaste, but only e.g. rinse them with water. What can you do, when you have prolonged toothache and e.g. do not get a dental appointment at once, resp. do not want to go there. Some of My children true to Me have not been at the dentist’s for more than 20 years, because they did not keep their sorrows and problems to themselves, but gave them regularly to Me through the profound prayer for transformation. So we come to the psychological factor: Grief at the soul can lead to toothache, the same as fillings or dental bridges in the mouth, under which e.g. a suppurative focus has built. There can be many causes. If you want to use household remedies for immediate help, you can take e.g. sage, camomile, peppermint, rosemary, carnation, diluted tee tree oil, or also high-proof alcohol for rinsing, not for drinking. Often there are bacilli or other pathogens, which can be removed through rinses. Long term, it would be advisable to go to the dentist in case of prolonged toothache, though, but this is for many people like a “Walk to Canossa”, because they are so much afraid of it. It is easy to localise e.g. through an X-ray examination suppurative focuses and other affected areas. Who is enshrouded during the X-ray keeps unharmed by the radiation. It is sufficient to ask Me profoundly for My protection, or to say in your mind “JESUS CHRIST IS THE VICTOR” at least three times. But because toothache has very often karmic reasons, the trigger should be looked for also in this direction. Here the prayer for forgiveness helps, which is located at the ‘FATHERWORDS’ website/ prayers/ ‘Prayer To Let Go’. First of all, stay quiet and enjoy the help, which will come soon, if you help yourselves through the just listed means. Amen.


January 17th, 2018

Confidence in the own power


My children, many people have no self confidence, or only a little bit. This can result from a previous life, but also intimidation, damages of the soul during the childhood through victimisations of different kinds, up to the age of adults. How can such a person build up his own confidence, resp. fortify it? Well, first of all it is important, that this person sees himself as an individual thinking for himself, who has the same rights, obligations, and responsibilities as every other human being. I never ever judge, and I give every human being the same possibility to develop. It is of course ideal, if people with weaknesses, inferiority problems, and other depressing vibrations are motivated and established emotionally by one ore more people, who help them to keep up or strengthen their self confidence. You, My children, are partially predestined to meet these requirements, because I have equipped you with the concerning talents and qualifications. Best of all, start in your relationship and your circle of friends, if you realize that somebody there needs help. Also harassment is such a thing, which you can only get a grip on, if the harassed person is on the one hand clear about, how he should behave in future, and on the other hand learns from it, and works on it with the help of a person of trust, to develop confidence in the own abilities, and also to realize that every human being is precious and a unique person. You can learn power and confidence in the own power, My children! I am glad, when My children true to Me carry out also these tasks and do a wonderful job this way. Amen.


January 16th, 2018

Let the worries go


My children, just now, many people are very much concerned. They are concerned about a war, the uncontrolled access of people, that the monetary system could break, and then, to make matters worse, that also the weather makes difficulties. You as My prolonged arms on earth know that I help all people, who pray profoundly and believe in Me. These fears among the population existed already very often in various times, but nowadays, the messages spread of course very fast due to the worldwide networking. In the Middle Ages e.g., the horizon of the people had been very narrow, and everything that happened far away reached very seldom the real awareness of these people. But concerning dependencies, these people were mostly not free. If e.g. the prince, earl, or even the king wanted to make war or had to do it, the simple peasants and other subjects had to go with him as infantry – if they wanted or not. Also nowadays, a large dependency of the human being exists in many respects. Who has no job must mostly subordinate to the rules of the state, in order to get e.g. financial support. Also the housing market is very limited. There are regions, where single men nearly find no accommodation, and where they are forced to buy a condominium or to move to another region. Worries and sorrows... This was already usual in large parts of the earth, since the other side is in charge – seen from the worldly point of view. However, My children true to Me have been very often pioneers of the very special kind. They had the guts and the free-spirited thinking to swim against the tide symbolically, and to dare again and again exceptional experiments. These could have been dangerous ship journeys to find other, not yet explored countries resp. regions, or simply to get out of the hamster wheel of dependence, which a major part of mankind follows, because they do not know anything else, resp. they did not learn it as children. However, who gets out of this society needs except of courage, power of endurance, and the TRUST IN GOD also the profound inspiration, which all My children receive, who have grown something long-desired inside, and now have also the courage to live it, because otherwise they could have possibly a physical breakdown. Even at the risk of having to live with very little money, the free life is worthwhile this strain in the beginning. Therefore, My children, do not worry. It is all the same to Me, whether you live anywhere as free-spirits, or whether you are still integrated in the system. It is important that you do not give up your life, and that you stand by your way of living and what you make of it. Give all sorrows, problems, and whatever burdens you, to Me in the profound prayer for transformation, and I will help you – as far as you allow it. Amen.


 January 15th, 2018

What the weather pattern wants to tell you...


My children, the coming week will show once again what it means, when a certain inner conflict is present in the world affairs. But because it is January, it is of course nothing out of the ordinary that there is snow and uncomfortable weather, together with stormy times. Would it be more peaceful, and if the people were more polite and respectful of each other, there would be a very different tip on the weather scales. Therefore start small-scale within yourselves and your surroundings, so that this kind of politeness and being together begins to roll out as a slowly growing avalanche. Amen.


January 14th, 2018

Train your mind


My children, mankind is heading for dependence. That’s right, My children, this depends more and more upon the so-called “technology”. Well, the mobile all-rounder, the navigation system in the car, but also many other so-called aids and computer-assisted supports see to it, that the people use their minds less and less, and that logical thinking will become a foreign word to them soon. Countless accidents happen already through incorrect data of navigation systems. Also the word nobody wants to hear sneaks perfidiously into many a mind this way: Dementia! The human being stops to think, and also the absolute addiction concerning the mobile all-rounder stunts his own creativity and first of all, his trained mind more and more. I recommend you, My children, to let your navigation system switched off, and to navigate with the good old road map, as in former times. Of course it can happen that you must ask for the way now and then. Astonished people look at you then and ask often: “Your navigation system broken?” It is also a new, very interesting area of observation for some of My children, to observe the friends, relatives, and acquaintances, when they are only allowed to enter your flat or house, where you live, when they have switched off their all-rounder completely, or if it is collected by you up to the end of their visit. It can absolutely be that some of them refuse to switch off their all-rounder, otherwise they would decline the visit at your site with thanks. Train your mind, whenever it is possible, My children. Return to calculate many things in your heads, e.g. estimate the amount, which you have to pay at the cashier. To do this, you should memorize the price for each part you put in the trolley, and to add it up in your head. Solve Sudoko puzzles or cross-word-puzzles, and engage yourselves in being independent. Meanwhile, more and more readers of the FATHER’S WORDS forego consciously to use a navigation system and the mobile all-rounder, also at the risk of being looked at by their surrounding as something strange. Amen.


January 13th, 2018

Clearing out


 My children, now in winter, there is a good opportunity for many of you to tidy up again for some hours, to check what is still needed, and then to clear out consequently, to let everything come to a new light e.g. in your home, the cellar, the garage, or whatever wants to be cleared. Winter, as far as it is not too cold, offers itself often for such activities, because in summer, many excuses appear from inside, and the desire to tidy up sinks with the increasing temperatures. Some of you, My children, got anyway just now the task to let go all those worldly, superfluous things, which hang around since years, and thus this FATHER’S WORD is just in time for motivation and support. Also the food you have stored should be checked regularly, whether it is e.g. still ok, and if it should be consumed now and then be replaced with new supplies. There is a lot to do, before in spring the new cleansing activities start, together with possible spring time actions in the garden. Who works regularly a bit, has a certain practise, but also continuous tasks, so that there is never a risk of boredom. Amen.


January 12th, 2018

What does you good


My children, I want to talk once more about how important the blessing of food and drinks and the right preselection is. The people are daily confronted consciously or unconsciously with many things, whereto also the different kinds of advertisement for food and drinks belong. Especially drinks without sugar to avoid gaining weight contain mainly artificial sweeteners, which are very unhealthy for your body, to say it very carefully. On the other hand, water from the tap is presented negative in many places. But I tell you, My children: Tap water is in general very well drinkable in your regions, if you ask Me for My blessing for it. Certainly there are several procedures to make this drinking water cleaner, but not all of My children true to Me have enough money to buy such equipment. Concerning the food, it is certainly also a mental development phase away from eating meat to the vegan or at least vegetarian nutrition. Also here it is true that My blessing dissolves everything disturbing and burdening, if you pray profoundly for it. Let us talk about alcohol and other addictive factors: I am very pleased, when My children manage to forego completely alcohol, coffee, nicotine, and other addictive drugs. I know that the coffee “pleasure” in the morning is still relative popular also with My children true to Me, but that it becomes less from year to year. My children, simply try to forego this and to drink e.g. herbal tea instead, or simply pure water enhanced with My blessing, drink it in sips, insalivate it, and say with each sip taken ”JESUS CHRIST IS THE VICTOR!” What do you think how your body would like this! Amen.


January 11th, 2018

Everything in the body is linked to each other


My children, if you suddenly get pain, not the point that hurts must be necessarily the trigger and initiator. Often totally different locations in or at the body are the cause. But it can also be an old pattern, which you have brought from former lives, and which waits now for the solution. Especially so-called diseases, as e.g. fibromyalgia or extremely severe burdens and disabilities, which occur e.g. also with infants, have nearly always their cause in past lives and have not been solved there. Some of My children true to Me suffer from it, but nevertheless master their lives brilliantly. Why can My children true to Me can usually cope with their diseases and physical problems better than worldly oriented people? Well, because they know that they are allowed e.g. still something to clear away, that they bear voluntarily karma for other people or also for groups of people, to simplify their tasks, e.g. often concerning nuns, monks, or also caregivers. How can those people change or even end these severe physical symptoms? Well, this depends absolutely upon what this single child has conferred with Me before his incarnation, and what he wants to experience, suffer, or also take as an experience or get to know during this life. This sounds partially quite heavy, but e.g. many mothers accept pregnancies partially up to birth to help a highly burdened soul to dissolve great parts of its karma, if this soul goes back shortly after its birth into the spiritual realms. Who says now: This is heavy or severe, should never forget that there are many voluntary so-called “atonement souls”, who out of love to Me or out of love to the fallen souls is ready to help during one or several incarnations. Therefore you never should judge or speak evil or derogatory of other people, because you absolutely do not know which spiritual background they bring with them into this incarnation. Usually, the people are very religious, who shoulder such „fates“ voluntarily. Amen.


January 10th, 2018

Money is a form of energy


My children, once again, I want to answer questions, which interest you very much. I recommend you to pay everything cash, if possible, and not to yield to the temptations of credit cards and other possibilities. For a long time, the other side tries to make the chip, which shall be implanted, attractive to the people in insidious form. They proceed very slowly step by step, until there is no way back, and the human being loses his freedom he had up to then through his cash money. Many of you, My children, handle it the way that they withdraw the complete cash available for the month all at once from their account immediately after the receipt of their salary or pension, then they can manage their money carefully from home throughout the month, and thus there is no temptation to spend more money than they actually have. Of course, unforeseen expenditures can happen. For this, many of you put consequently money aside every month as a so-called “nest egg”. More and more of My children true to Me act according to the motto “Cash is king”, and they avoid consequently all electronic payments, which are possible. Only payments, which have to be debited, are made electronically. Every payment through the internet is transparent. This means: It is traceable. Therefore, significantly less of you buy their products in the internet and prefer to pay cash in the local shops of the region. Remember this, before you pay the next time thoughtlessly with your credit card. Amen.




January 9th, 2018

The difference


My children, because again and again, new readers of the FATHER’S WORDS come along worldwide, I am glad to answer questions, if they have been put in the profound prayer. Well, the big difference is very large between My children true to Me, who in this and also in former lives have voluntarily sent My love light and everything I gave to them, in My name worldwide, and the worldly oriented people, who know Me mostly only by My name, and otherwise go only the pure way of the worldly flesh and the enslavement resp. the slavery. But more and more worldly oriented people awake and realize suddenly that what is said and shown in the worldly media in TV or e.g. newspapers is not what counts in real life. Some people must first win everything to lose it afterwards completely, so that they recognize that worldly glory and frills are not the things worthwhile to strive for. Who namely thinks and acts this way, will have e.g. a lot of incarnations, before the soul is purified and the understanding shows, why everything is as it is on earth. When you, My children, endeavour to distribute My word and My love, please follow always the following advice: Never impose something on another person, do not preach for the benefit of preaching, and never try to convince somebody to follow Me. Answer only, when you are asked, and please be present, when you are asked for help. Who follows these rules will learn how the law of resonance moves a lot of good things. Amen.


 January 8th, 2018

Bless the world


My children, apparently, it is quiet on earth, but My blessing should be every day sent voluntarily all over the earth in My name by My children true to Me. I cannot tell you often enough how important especially the blessings in My name are, because you are My prolonged arms on earth and My light houses, who send My light out into the world bright and clear through the profound prayers, light transmissions, “Calls of Victory”, and good deeds and thoughts, and thus build also the spiritual anchors, pillars, and also bridges of the spiritual kind, which can be used as help by those people, who are searching. Amen.


January 7th, 2018

Precautions are useful


My children, it is absolutely useful to make precautions in many respects. This concerns the stockpiling of food, water, clothing, natural medicine, the things necessary in the domestic life, and also health. Especially here, some of My children true to Me are a bit careless. A discreet prevention is also to supply the body daily with the optimal quantities of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. To inform yourselves about what you need, if you do not follow any more a worldly oriented way of life, can be equally useful as to forego the garbage production in everyday life, and to eat as biological as the budget allows it. But the greatest gift I donated to all people is the power of blessing. Who from now on adds continuously My blessing, spoken in My name, to everything he wants to eat, drink, or use otherwise, will be exempted from poisons in the food, the water, and also e.g. the clothing, to name this example, within the scope of his life plan. If you have questions concerning this, you may deliberately ask your spiritual siblings. My writing channel here gives his information regularly through his audio files to you. In urgent cases you can reach him through his e-mail address. My children, it is important that your awareness is trained resp. will be trained this way, because in this case, you think automatically of these things and send e.g. also regularly My blessing, spoken in my name, to the people, animals, plants, and trees, and this will bring also positive results as a resonance to you. Amen.


 January 6th, 2018

Wintering – but where?


 My children, because again and again questions have been put according to wintering by month, and because just now the news reported how extremely cold winter can be, I answer this subject more detailed again. Today is the day of Epiphany, but I have reported about this in the previous years. Well, about wintering: My writing channel here is as curious as you are to hear My explanations, because this is also one of his favourite themes. Almost 20 years ago, he has lived on the Canary Islands for a longer time, and since then, he has sometimes problems with minus degrees in Germany. It is interesting that many people, who had enjoyed comfortable temperatures of spring and summer from November until March or April, cannot cope any more with winters in your regions. Why is that so, My children? Well, there are various possibilities. On the one hand, the soul adapts to the warm temperatures, and if it comes then to the so-called “cold shock”, the body reacts quite sensible. Another possibility is the subconscious and what you call “your weaker self”. This expression is not very nice, but it is the best choice to explain it. The body reacts with defiance and stubbornness, resp. rigidity, because it knows, how simple and fine – and first of all warm – it could be, because it has experienced it already, and now it reacts stubborn, when it feels extreme cold. Another factor not to be underestimated is the age, My children. In the sunny warmth, bone problems, to underline them here explicitly, heal faster, and also the general wellness increases absolutely in warmer regions. Let us talk about places, resp. regions, which are preferred by Germans, Austrians, and also Swiss. You should distinguish between wintering by plane, car, or motor home. Well, by plane you should consider e.g. the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, or other, quite affordable holiday places as an attractive choice, if you can pay e.g. by month. Hotels or guest houses offer flat rates for spry pensioners, so that their sites are well booked also in winter. Considering e.g. fans of motor homes, the south of Spain is a worthwhile destination. South of Barcelona, the weather is already very comfortable. But also Italy and the Mediterranean islands as far south as Greece are nice destinations for winter refugees. You have asked Me again and again through the profound prayer, whether it is conform with the spiritual way to leave the homeland just so, and better spend the winter time in the warm sunshine. I tell you, My children: You have the free will, and thus also the choice to live or to travel, where you want. However, it should be agreed upon within the family. Who has a house or a condominium should of course take care of all necessities, and also consider postal delivery and anything else. Anyway, nearly all people, who want to live abroad, have internet access and a mobile all-rounder, thus they can react accordingly in case of an emergency. It is significant that you continue to live your life in accordance with Me voluntarily. From any place on earth, you can pray, send light, and do good deeds. To answer another question, I can understand very well, if you want to live in warmer regions, because you suffer e.g. from pain and little aches. Also when I lived on earth, it was comfortably warm. Your FATHER, who guides and leads His children always – not important where they are – if they allow it. Amen.


January 5th, 2018

Worldwide changes


My children, what you have experienced now is only a small foretaste. The rising water levels of the rivers are a logical consequence of weather and politics, though, which change every normal into abnormal for a long time. Snow in countries, which had no snow since nearly 30 years, icy cold in the U.S.A. and Canada, but also snow masses in China, just to indicate a few aspects. Something is changing, but for the most part, this is not caused by the worldly oriented people, but through targeted influence and manipulation of the other side. Your consolation and your hope are your profound prayers with Me and all the other good deeds, in the certainty that these very well contribute to anchor something good on earth piece by piece, despite everything. Amen.


January 4th, 2018

No “radiating” future


My children, nearly everywhere in Europe you find radiation – sometimes more, sometimes less. There are still some so-called dead spots, where no radiation or only minimal radiation is present. But I tell you: Who has now extreme problems with radiation, should possibly consider moving to another country, where such an intense radiation as e.g. in Germany does not exist. The other variant is to protect himself accordingly, and do build the apartment resp. the house as low in radiation as possible. But at a certain point, no extreme radiation can be admissible any more, beginning with this year’s turn of the year. Soon the point has been reached, which may not be exceeded, otherwise within some years more than 90% of the people in contaminated regions will not only be ill, but also unable to do physical work. Because I have been asked, which locations outside your region can be recommended to some extent, I can again and again give you the hint that water in large extent can be helpful, if the appropriate warmth is available. Also regions, which are sparsely populated and thus a large network for the mobile phones is not profitable, can be considered. Consider, My children, that the development has proceeded already so far, that equipment, antennas, and other receivers cannot only receive and transmit wireless, but that they often do not need to be connected to the power supply network any more. The sensitive children know what I mean. Avoid radiation wherever it is possible, and stay clear of modern TV sets, which are meanwhile able to do nearly everything. They build up a radiation, which is anything else than healthy. Amen.




January 3rd, 2018

Storm and rain


My children, today, the first heavy storm reaches you, and it comes also with a lot of rain. The first floods of this year can happen.   Here your weather candle is again a loyal companion and a good protection device as well. Also the profound prayer, the “Calls of Victory”, the light transmissions, good deeds and thoughts help that everything can be moderateed. Amen.


January 2nd, 2018

A new energy


My children, some of you will have felt it at the stroke of midnight or shortly after the turn of the year: A new energy can be felt now on earth. The vibration, as you call it, has changed, and with it also everything else that happens on earth. Well, every year the energy adapts to the happenings on earth, resp. influences it a bit to the positive side, through the many profound prayers, light transmissions, “Calls of Victory”, and the good things, which take place daily. But this year, the energy is something different. This means: Your many helping prayers and good deeds have influenced the world affairs still more and prevented something bad. You feel now My connection to you through your soul much more directly, and not only in the profound prayer from your heart. I am glad, when My children feel this now more directly and then know exactly, that the way they go is in accordance with Me. Amen.


January 1st, 2018

A blessed New Year 2018, My children


My children, due to all the hustle and bustle, which begins always at midnight, the new FATHER’S WORD is transmitted with a little delay. An eventful, intense year 2017 has ended, and a year is ahead of you, of which many people are afraid. Therefore I ask you, My children, to pray profoundly and to do good deeds, as far as it is possible for you voluntarily. The confidence in My love and help, together with My CREATIVITY, is an important building block to be able to work on earth spiritually in My vineyard. Amen.


December 31st, 2017

New Year’s Eve


My children, once again, a year is over, which has been quite turbulent, but it did not bring the events many people had been afraid of, who interpret prophecies in their way. Certainly there are many prophecies and warnings, which I gave some people long time ago. However, these were warnings against things, which can happen, if the people do not change, but which must not occur! You are the best examples, My children! Your daily profound prayers, light transmissions, „Calls of Victory“, good thoughts and deeds help to clean and purify the earth every day a little bit, and to bring it nearer to the light of transformation. Indeed, many prophecies have been postponed or even changed, because more and more people awoke from the twilight sleep of the unconscious and have realized where mankind stands. Positive thinking, acting, and living are the same way the cornerstones of your way of living and acting as also the knowledge that you are always protected and sheltered – under My protective coat of security – when you do so many good deeds voluntarily every day. In this sense, I want to recommend you to avoid mass meetings in the New Year’s night, and if possible also to stay at home, because it will be very turbulent, not only in Germany. Especially in this night, your profound prayers and spiritual support are very, very important! Your FATHER, who is always with you and leads and guides you, if you allow it, My children. Amen.


December 30th, 2017

Worldly and spiritual reactions


My children, some of you are absolutely sad about the reactions of their worldly oriented friends and relatives concerning Christmas in general, and also concerning the gifts. I have told you several times, My children, that you preferably should not expect something, then you do not experience disappointments like this. Though the word disappointment (in German Enttäuschung) means that a deception has been revealed. The German language is very precise in its wording, and who listens carefully or researches something will realize, how many truths are really contained in the German language. Back to the gifts: Who has offered a gift from his heart and now sees only bad-tempered or disappointed faces of the donees should not be sad about it, because a gift is always beautiful or not according to the concerning person. Recently, many people wish more and more gift certificates or money to buy then what they prefer personally. Amen.


December 29th, 2017

The weather roller coaster


My children, now and during the following days, the weather will ride a roller coaster symbolically. Snow, ice, and shortly afterwards two digit degrees plus. This is not so easy for people suffering from rheumatism, joint problems of different kinds, circulatory problems, and weather sensitivity, to name only some problems. You know, My children, that you are always guided and led by My, if you allow it. Thus I can give you again and again spiritual impulses, which you can integrate into your life. Often, these impulses come to you as if you had just an inspiration. Therefore, when you are not too sure concerning several things, how you should decide, you can consciously pause for some minutes, go into the profound prayer with Me, and then listen carefully into yourselves. I will send you help then. Amen.


December 28th, 2017

Between the years


My children, the time after Christmas until the beginning of the New Year is called so, and it is also a time, where many of you are on leave and in spite of the cold can do some work at home. But it is also a time of leisure and inner contemplation to do good deeds every day. Usually these few days until the end of the year are used to go shopping, because many people have little stocks at home and would be very astonished, to say the least, if the power supply would fail. Well, recently some of you had more often a power supply failure, but in general you all stayed calm. Sometimes it is also due to an internal overload in your house that the fuse is actuated. I am pleased, when you know then, where you have handy your flash light, candles, matches, and other emergency equipment. Amen.


December 27th, 2017

Healing on a small and large scale


My children, I have often told you that healing must always take place first inside yourself, so that you can send this vibration optimally out into the world. Nevertheless, some of you send every day incessantly profound prayers, good deeds, “Calls of Victory”, and more out into the world without knowing, whether they are clean themselves. This kind of remorse drives some of My children to feelings of guilt. I tell you: Who has daily the impulse from the bottom of his heart to pray profoundly, send light, celebrate the “Calls of Victory”, and who has also positive thoughts and realizes them, can absolutely not have any evil inside or at him. You, My children, become cleaner from month to month, and also your worldly hobbies and joys decrease significantly by and by. However, this does not mean that you will not have any hobbies any more. As said before, the healing begins first at yourself, then possibly in the family or the relationship, resp. the circle of friends, then in the village or community, where you live, followed by the city, the county, and later on also the federal state, up to your country of birth. You must imagine that the healing of body, mind, and soul does not happen everywhere, but it starts with a small percentage, and then it moves on like a slowly starting avalanche. The periods of the velocity of the avalanche depends upon the intensity of the good deeds and profound prayers. Therefore, it continues at a steady pace, My children! Amen.


December 26th, 2017

Unhealthy eating during holidays


My children, many people fatten themselves during the bank holidays and also on days, where it is usual to celebrate. This can be on Christmas Eve and the following two Christmas days, New Years’s Eve and New Year’s Day, Easter, or also during other seasonal or regional days, where according to many people it had always been, that extreme masses of food and drinks have been consumed. My children, any kind of gluttony is not appropriate for the body, on the one hand to cope with it, and on the other side that it is anyway confronted with it in general. Avoid such big celebrations as far as possible. If you have still to participate, because it is e.g. a wedding, baptism, or also another family celebration, please hold back at the gluttony. I want to repeat this well meant advice, because just now at Christmas many people moan terribly, who have gorged themselves with things they absolutely cannot tolerate. Some of you say that their relatives are deeply insulted, when you would not eat adequately. My children, there is something you can do then: Firstly, you do not go there at all, secondly you tell them that you want to lose weight just now, resp. are in a phase, where you eat less and first or all more consciously. My writing channel here has a third reason: Incompatibility to certain food and drinks. It is interesting that this is the most widely accepted reason for the worldly oriented people. Amen.


December 25th, 2017

Christmas 2017


My children, depending upon where you live on earth, the distribution of presents is celebrated on December 24th or on December 25th. Also Children living alone give themselves presents that they like. Some of you have fulfilled their whish beforehand, because this year, Christmas Eve is a Sunday, where normally packages are not delivered. Why do you make presents to each other, My children? Well, this tradition is quite old and simply shows an appreciation and affection to the donee – from your point of view, and often also in a mutual way without any constraint. Who gives something from the heart to enjoy somebody else will get something back automatically as well. Enjoy this day – in some other countries also December 26th – as Christmas day in peace and certainty that every profound prayer is answered, and that also every healing energy you ask for in the profound prayer will also be sent. Amen.


December 24th, 2017

Christmas Eve 2017


My children, this year 2017 has been very strenuous for many people, and the political tensions, which still continue now, make many people unable to shut down absolutely and to come to a rest. But Christmas is something very special for all of My children, and I am glad, when they can spend it together with their family. All those children, who live alone, can possibly spend at least the Christmas Eve together with like-minded people. My children, you may enclose in your prayer all those lonely people, who have not anyone and are alone on Christmas Eve. It could be like this: „I pray now for all lonely people, who are alone on Christmas Eve and Christmas, and thus feel as if they were far away from You, beloved FATHER. We send now Your love light, beloved FATHER, to the destination where it is necessary, wanted, and longed for. Amen. Because JESUS CHRIST IS THE VICTOR! JESUS CHRIST IS THE VICTOR! JESUS CHRIST IS THE VICTOR! Amen!” Stay connected in My love, continue to pray profoundly, and you will experience that the world becomes a little bit brighter from day to day. Amen.


December 23rd, 2017

Christmas at home


My children, I recommend you to stay Christmas at home if possible. It is absolutely dangerous this time to be on the way, especially in the evening. Enshroud yourselves well under My protective coat, and have sufficient supplies at home, because on the one hand the shops are closed for three days, and on the other hand, because it is useful to have enough food at home in general. Please pray profoundly as much as you can, because this Christmas is attacked heavily from the other side. Every prayer is important, every light transmission, every “Call of Victory”, and every good deed. It is also useful to have the car fuelled up, because the petrol prices are pushed up artificially now. Amen.


December 22nd, 2017

The days are getting longer again


My children, symbolically said, it took a load off the mind of many of you, because from today on, the days are getting longer again. The tristesse of the days, where everything is only grey in grey, foggy, and the sun does not shine at all, beats down the sentiment of many people. But now the anticipation of Christmas Eve, Christmas, and the turn of the year are programmed in the people’s heads, so that they change their minds accordingly. You can also compare the longer getting days symbolically with a positive thinking pattern. Each day that gets longer in this cold winter time is a symbol of hope that soon warmer days will come. Equipped with such a positive way of thinking, many people manage to endure the long time of winter. But it is also a time of leisure, contemplation, and calmness, before in spring there will be more work outdoors again. Nevertheless, from year to year more people long to spend the cold seasons in warmer regions. This is absolutely understandable, when e.g. the bones in the body long for warmth and light, or also the easier way of life in warmer countries, when e.g. elder people have trouble to clear the snow in winter and to take care that they do not fall due to black ice, or that also trips with the car can absolutely be an adventure due to wintery road conditions. You as Germans, Austrians, Swiss, or other German-speaking children are often firmly rooted with your country of birth. In the early days, it was unthinkable to travel more than one to two day’s marches. Nowadays you can absolutely think about a holiday in warmer regions during winter time, but afterwards, the body catches very often a cold, because the strong temperature differences cannot be handled by the immune system so quickly, and who does not keep his body vibrations always high, catches easily pathogens and more in low oscillating regions. Therefore I recommend all My children to consider carefully, how and where they want to live and spend their holidays next year. Amen.

December 21st, 2017

Compatibility of raw food


My children, many vegans try also during winter to satisfy the major part of their food requirements through raw food. But if you exaggerate it, or the body has to adapt too fast to the raw food, it can absolutely happen that there is a rebellion in the body, because eating raw food should be carefully considered on the one hand, and on the other hand it should be chewed very well and thoroughly. Some of My children true to Me are absolutely unhappy that their body reacts extremely, they have feelings of fullness and flatulence, though they wanted originally only to grant their body healthy food. My children, not everybody can tolerate everything well, therefore it is quite useful that you eat either a balanced mix of food, or that you check first of all, what you can tolerate and what not. Amen.


December 20th, 2017

Make preparations


My children, there is not much time left until Christmas, and many people do everything related to it at the last minute, and they wonder when they are absolutely exhausted, nervous, and impatient. But who organizes his work smartly and plans wisely beforehand, will experience that everything can be done in calmness and without stress. Because it is already announced that on December 22nd and 23rd chaos and hectic will prevail on the highways and in the cities, you can plan your trip to your relatives you want to visit on Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day accordingly. It makes sense anyway to take sufficient food and drinks with you, when you plan a longer trip then, as well as blankets, and you should always refuel your car in due time, because who gets stuck in an traffic jam can possibly expect a delay of several hours. Therefore Christmas Eve is the better day of travel, where you should start very early, because in most families, the candles at the Christmas tree are lit at the start of twilight, and thus also the so-called “distribution of presents” is celebrated. Preparations should always be made meaningful, also concerning the end of the year. Since the riots in Cologne and other cities, it is often better not to go to endangered places during the New Year’s Eve night. Also concerning your preparations referring to the precaution in the event of a crisis it, is useful to check regularly, which food is overdue and possibly must be eaten and then replaced. Buy sufficient good salt and a larger choice of different spices, so that your food tastes good also during other times. As said before, My children, power supply failures can easily happen during winter times. Trees can fall due to too heavy snow loads and thus damage power poles or even the absolutely fragile power supply network in Europe, which hung by a thread already several times during the previous years. If due to these reasons, an extensive power supply failure happens, a lot is really in a sorry state, and you are glad, when you have made precautions and have sufficient supplies of food and drinks. Amen.


December 19th, 2017

Profound love welds together


My children, have you ever asked yourself, why before now, there were so many happy marriages, and today so many separations? It is because everything is much too fast moving. The society “demand” e.g. that the wife also earns money, because there absolutely should be an own house, where they want to live. The constraints and requirements of the so-called society pressure a main part of the families tremendously. But who now, as some of you, My children, evades this social pressure and lives his life consciously, can live in cosy togetherness or also with the children and sometimes also the grandchildren profoundly in love. I have called this FATHER’S WORD “Profound love welds together” consciously, because this is it, which welds together. The profound love from Me to My children true to Me is meant exactly so as the profound love e.g. between spouses and life partners. But there is also a profound love of pets, to name another example. Animals can also be very, very loyal and affectionate. Many people know this from their own personal experience. The peace in the peace is shared in the profound love, and thus it can be sent in double strength through the profound prayer out into the world for healing. Amen.


December 18th, 2017

Prayers are decision supports


My children, at the time being, there is a lot of agitation in the world. This may be in your own country, where you do not know any more, what the politicians plan to do with you as the people, or also in far regions, which you often know only from the map or partially from television reports. Everything is in a sorry state, and what the politicians often tell you is exactly the contrary of what they plan, respectively do. Therefore the profound prayer with Me is your fortress, and thus also the protective coat that I spread over you. The prayer is also in many cases a comforter and donor of blessing, and it helps you to make the right decisions. Often you do not know, whether you should do this or that, and only the inner immersion into the profound prayer with Me gives you the help for your decision. My children, you are always protected and guarded within the scope of your life plan by Me and My guardian angels assigned to you. Therefore do not mull too much over the actual situation in politics, but go consciously the way of your heart – with Me at your side. If your family goes this way together with you, it is good and easier for you, because nowadays, the closest family circuit, i.e. the people with whom you live together, is important for a strong solidarity. Amen.


December 17th, 2017

Share your life experiences


My children, often situations come into your life, where you can introduce your knowledge, but also your wisdom and intuition. This is then especially important, when the younger generation needs your help or your advice. But sometimes you need also some flair, because it needs often a lot of empathy to communicate something to this generation, which so to say grew up with the mobile all-rounder, and who cannot imagine how to live without internet. Just today, on the third Advent, it is useful to explain the younger generation with words of wisdom that there is more than to isolate themselves daily in every free minute, and to have a certain addiction to mobile equipment. Amen.


December 16th, 2017

Late meals


My children, late meals, as it is meanwhile usual with many people, are not good for most of the bodies, and they often cause gastric discomfort, feeling of fullness, stronger winds, and also heatburn, to name the most important things. Who eats before going to sleep brings his body into an unusual activity, which it does not want at this moment. When it is time to go to bed and the person has eaten too much during the two previous hours, depending on the constellation of this person, problems arise to fall asleep or other problems of different kinds. Also the habit to eat a lot directly after a bowel movement is not so good for the body as well. Especially the resting phase, which is certainly necessary, is not observed here. Many people’s stomach is rumbling then, and they interpret it as a sign to eat a lot at once. But instead waiting first and drinking if possible blessed water in sips, people eat often abundantly. My children, try to listen to your body after a bowel movement what it wants to tell you, but also do not to mix up hunger and thirst. When you think that you are hungry, it is often the thirst, which shows and wants to be quenched. However, drink the water in small sips consciously and if possible insalivate it, and try to do it without distraction. When you eat from now on every bite consciously, and also salivate your soup with every spoon, you will experience that there is no feeling of hunger any more in the late evening, but that your body longs mostly for water, because most of the people drink too little in winter, because then the feeling of thirst is not so strong as in summer. Therefore, before you follow the apparent demand for some food, wait for some minutes and feel into yourself, and often you will find that your body was simply thirsty. Your FATHER, who helps you always and backs you up in difficult situations, when you ask for it in the profound prayer. Amen.


December 15th, 2017

Remain who you are


My children, many of you, but also many worldly-oriented people, try to please everybody during Christmas time. Normally, this does not work, except you accept partially extreme restrictions or other adaptations, which are hardly feasible. This means: Smaller adaptations, which you can tolerate, your soul and your body will cope with, but to act against your entire temperament, only to curry favour with the others, does more damage to you than it helps. Many of My children true to Me are so-called “free spirits”, and they do not like to be penned in determined, forced paths, because the good manners of the worldly oriented relatives want it so, e.g. on Christmas Eve. Of course a discreet adaptation is mostly useful. But who bends mentally trough days, for the sake of peace and quiet, does himself nothing good. You can cope with a small adaptation, and you are welcome to present your personal opinion, but there should be preferably no quarrel at Christmas Eve. When you stay as they know you, there are often two kinds of reaction in worldly oriented families, resp. relationships: They accept you unavoidably as you are – or they are absolutely not amused to see you. Because I have told you quite often that it is important to have peace in your family, the variant of looking away is sometimes better than quarrels, which are often predictable, when people with absolutely different points of view meet. You may pray for your beloved ones as well, and help them this way. As said before, My children: If you go to family conventions, adapt yourselves so far as you can stand it on the level of body and soul. Do not bend yourselves – symbolically seen – because long-term, this harms you more. I am glad to give you this well meant advice, because there were questions from your side referring to meetings with relatives at Christmas. Amen.


December 14th, 2017

Physical symptoms


My children, especially in the days before Christmas and also afterwards, often physical symptoms of different kinds occur. At Christmas or afterwards, often much too heavy food makes the body feel bad – together with often above average eating of sweets or other things, which do not do your inside any good. Before Christmas, it is often pre-Christmas stress, not enough time to enjoy the meals in relaxation, and also disordered brakes for drinking and resting. This adds up to the earlier getting up than you are used to normally, to remove snow and ice from your car after the night, or to clear the snow if necessary. In other words: It can get absolutely stressful for people, who must work early in the morning, but have the duty of snow removal and perhaps have no garage. Additionally, the people protect themselves absolutely insufficiently against so-called colds. Everywhere, people cough, sneeze, and distribute bacilli, and who does not keep his endogenous vibrations high, is easily infected at the lower levels by these so-called pathogens. Along with this are often long traffic jams on the way to and from the working place, crowded department stores with people, who need Christmas gifts in a rush, and so on. You see, My children, already this small list is enough to blow your body totally off-course. This is why many people are ill around Christmas – better said, their body needs a timeout. Therefore try during the remaining days until Christmas Eve to spend your days enthusiastically, think always positive, stay in the calmness, and be safe and sound, then you can send regularly full of joy profound prayers, light transmissions, “Calls of Victory”, and also good deeds, together with positive thoughts. Amen.


December 13th, 2017

Be generous


My children, especially before Christmas, many people have to deal with the wishes and problems of the other people around them. If you are generous now and give from the bottom of your heart, this money energy comes back to you through the law of resonance, and you will be surprised and delighted, what is possible, when you do not adhere too much to the money, but let it flow in love. If you remember e.g. when you were a child, when your eyes were bright, because you received a fine gift at your birthday or at Christmas, you can please also other people with this vibration. However, be also generous towards yourself, and indulge in all what does you good personally. This can be e.g. healthy food, a visit in the thermal bath, new clothing, which you need in order not to freeze, abundant wood and coal for your stoves, something to please your beloved ones, and so on. Think about whom and what you want to help. If you say now, I have only little money for myself, I have to keep hold of it, so this is a way of thinking, which limits you. It must not be a large amount, which you give from the bottom of your heart – but everything you give in love comes back to you many times over. Just now, where the festival of love is near, it always makes sense to think about gifts – also for yourself, which are useful and give joy. Amen.


December 12th, 2017



My children, just now, in a time, where the threat of war hovers like a large shadow over the earth, and additionally the cold and the dark days due to the lack of sun in your country, the people long for peace, warm-heartedness, happiness, and many other things I do not want to list now. Why is this so, My children? Well, from the spiritual point of view, you are born into this world with another attitude, and you live this, but the worldly oriented people begin now also to awake more and more and to look for the true things of life. Therefore I recommend you again and again that you let yourselves not pull down by these energies, and that you do your profound prayers, light transmissions, “Calls of Victory”, and good deeds persistently in love and confidence every day gladly and voluntarily. Only ten days to go, then the days will become longer after the winter solstice, and many things will improve. Also the joy looking forward to the Christmas Eve and to be together with the family in cosy harmony is a bright star at the spiritual sky for many of you. Each year this time, some of you feel a light mental sadness, because they miss the beloved sun and together with it the warmth, which then cannot creep into all their pores. Then they dream to emigrate, or at least to spend the cold winter in warmer regions. I do not object, but it should be well thought and planned. Infrared cabins, infrared lamps, and other possibilities are available to simulate the warmth of the sun, so that the body can absorb it to the full, to create a little buffer, where applicable. Amen.


December 11th, 2017

How the weather influences body, mind, and soul


My children, the “extreme weather chaos”, as it is called partially, influences body, mind, and soul. To clear the snow from sidewalks and access roads keeps your body fit, and you need fresh air to stay healthy. Who does not like water and snow waits mostly, until it stops snowing. As long as the white snow is untouched, it is balm for the soul, but if it is mushy and dirty, it is absolutely the contrary. Therefore a picture with pure snow in the sunlight can be good for your soul. Who is put under stress now by the weather, should better avoid longer trips by car, because slow moving traffic or even traffic jams are often preprogrammed then. Today, partially thaw will set in again, and thus it can be slippery. My children, stay in the calmness, and – regardless of the weather - try to keep your inner middle and stay cool. Amen.

December 10th, 2017

Second Advent 2017


My children, concerning the weather, it is partially quite turbulent. Even those countries, which had no snow for decades, have now in their higher regions this quite rare pleasure. On the other hand, the focus is set too much on this subject, in order to detract from important, worldwide problems. Also the “bread and circuses fraction” tries really hard to take centre stage. Many of you, My children true to Me, watch the TV consciously seldom or not at all during the weekend, and they get the information they are interested in often only from the internet. Because today is the second Advent, there are only 14 days until Christmas Eve. Many religious people are missing already the fourth Advent, which this year will often be nearly neglected, due to the preparations for the Christmas Eve, which is on the same day. I tell you, My children: Not the day is important, where you connect yourselves with Me profoundly through the prayer, but always the energy of your heart – and this way, every day of the year can be profound for you. Amen.


December 9th, 2017

Profound prayers


My children, just now, the world needs again many profound prayers, light transmissions, “Calls of Victory”, and of course good thoughts and deeds. In the Middle East, there is at the time being a tricky hotspot, where you should guide your prayers to. The fact that the word FREEDOM has only a secondary meaning for many people is also a resonance to the daily transmissions of the public media, which most of the people believe in, so unfiltered as they are transmitted. You, My children, are different in your way of thinking and acting. Therefore I am brief today, and I suggest you to send today and in the coming days profound prayers for peace intensely. Amen.


December 8th, 2017

Wintery impressions


My children, after the first short intermezzo some days ago, winter shows his icy hand with snow again. Many children wish that the snow will stay at least until Christmas, but many drivers do not like it at all. Snow in itself is for My children true to Me a regularly repeating event. But most of you do not like icy temperatures, they are keen on mild temperature values. Remember your car batteries, My children, when you have very deep minus temperatures, because also batteries have only limited energy. Some of you remove the car battery at such days, store them in a protected place during the night, and reload them if necessary during this time at a charging device. Drinking water bottles can burst, when they had been forgotten in the car, and also the cooling water should be checked for sufficient antifreeze. Also the scratching of the car windows should be considered, if you have no garage, and a frosty night should hit you without prior warning. If there is snow and ice, there is very often a traffic jam, resp. the cars go very slow. Therefore you should start early enough, when you want to arrive punctual at your working place. Many things are very exciting in the world, and you should send your prayers and light transmissions especially there, because the power of the profound prayer is absolutely underestimated by most of the people. Amen.


December 7th, 2017

Healing silence at a quiet place


My children, already before now, many people knew that silence can heal. They prayed or went into a forest, because the light hiss of the leaves in the wind, a gentle breeze at the sea, or the lovely twittering of birds had always the stimulatory effect on the soul and also on the body. My writing channel here has created for you a meditation in the form of such sounds, which you can use free of charge. But silence does not equal silence. An extreme silence exists, which is frowned upon nowadays, where you hear absolutely nothing, of what most of the people are afraid. Therefore it is a torture for many of these worldly oriented people to lie in their bed in the evening, resp. during the night, if absolute silence prevails. Therefore, according to this, the other side squeezes the young generation into a certain scheme, which so to speak forbids them to go to bed without their mobile all-rounder. Also the two preceding generations needed radio, partially TV or their cassette recorder or CD player to fall asleep in the evening. Many people from these generations maintained it, and nowadays in the bedrooms of many worldly oriented people, a TV set is placed, which with a time switch goes to “standby mode”, to use this modern wording, in order that everybody understands Me. They do not know or tolerate it consciously that this equipment continues to radiate, influences the sleeping people also in their dreams, and first of all hinders them to find the right relaxation. I recommend you, My children, to switch off all sources of power supply in the bedroom during the night as far as possible. Who needs an alarm clock, can do this also with battery driven or manually wound alarm clocks. The modern things are not always an improvement for the people. Some of My children true to Me have absolutely technical devices in their homes, which worldly oriented people would call “antediluvian”. Back to silence: Indulge yourselves consciously every day in some minutes of absolute silence, and you will experience, how this influences your whole life. You have a word for a place, where in the early days it was usual that there was silence. Therefore it has been and is sometimes still called the “the silent restroom”. Who visits this room, can there literally let go and come to a rest. Indulge yourselves every day in some minutes of the silent contemplation, and your brain cells will thank you as well. Amen.

December 6th, 2017

You have questions...


My children, since I answer questions now and then, daily new questions come from you for answering. Today I will again answer some of them. I recommend you, if you are on your way with your car, to drive as seldom as possible with high beam, because wildlife animals are attracted by it, and stand still confusedly on the road. You should also adapt your speed in the darkness, when it snows or rains strongly, or when it is foggy. Whether you give your diesel away now and – in spite of the bonus for a new car – get into dept, you must decide completely alone, here I do not interfere. Who means that his diesel car is good enough and if he does not live in a big city with problems arising, can continue to use his car. One the one hand, electric cars are not sophisticated yet, and on the other hand the costs for the batteries and electricity are not reasonable, let alone the problem of the rare earth elements. Also the range is too low for the most drivers. Whether you heat now with wood, coal, oil, gas, or electricity, you should first clarify for yourselves, and afterward if necessary with an expert. In winter, some of My children true to Me have only two to five degrees centigrade in their bedroom. For worldly oriented people, this is worth only a head shake. The subject of energy, also concerning solar and photovoltaic energy, moves you very much. Who is electro sensitive keeps normally away from it. Of course, there are free energies, but most of them are kept under lock. Some of My children have inspirations during the night and concerning dreams, but often they have forgotten most of it, when they awake. The following applies to all dreams, My children: If you do not remember a dream in total, you are welcome to ask Me again and again in your profound prayers that the dream will be repeated so long, until you can remember it. It is also useful to have paper, a pen, and possibly a flashlight near your bed, in order to write down at once keywords or whole sentences during the night. Through this, often memories come back during the day-to-day business. Amen.


December 5th, 2017

Care for animals


My children, your pet animals are mostly not only fed well and sufficiently, but they mostly take part in the family life. But as soon as it becomes colder outside and the animals, which cannot or do not want to fly into the south, do not find any food any more, you may feed them e.g. with titmice dumplings or bird food in a feeding box, to make the little birds’ lives easier. Because many of you have questions concerning this subject, and because also My writing channel here asked for it, I selected this FATHER’S WORD of today accordingly. You should take care not to give too much bird food into the feeding box at a time, and you should check regularly the titmice dumplings, whether they are used, otherwise you should change their position. The feeding box should also be placed so that the wind cannot blow it away, and that no cats can creep up. Concerning the animals in the woods, it is advisable to talk to the responsible forester regarding e.g. the feeding of deer. I have also been asked about the compost piles in winter. Well, there are on the one hand different variants and also methods of ventilation, and on the other side, it should be as far away from the house as possible, in order not to attract rats, mice, and so on. Some of you wish a strong, cold winter, and others, who are the majority, a milder winter. Well, it depends of course also from the region you live in, but this winter, it will not be free of snow in most of the regions, so much already in advance. If you have reasonable grounds, why it should not snow at a certain time at a certain place, you are welcome to inform Me through the profound prayer, and it will possibly have an influence on the weather activity in a small area. On the contrary, multiple, profound prayers for the cleaning of the earth and the dissolution of poisons in the atmosphere have a bigger influence on the weather pattern, My children. Therefore you should daily always pray profoundly full of concentration and from the voluntary heart, and send light, because this has a bigger influence that you can probably imagine. Amen.


December 4th, 2017

Sports activities in winter


My children, now where it snows and is cold in many places, you can possibly build a snow man with your children, clear snow, or do other activities in the snow as tobogganing, cross-country skiing, and so on. Inside, there are also possibilities of physical activities as: Exercise equipment, dancing, vacuum-cleaning, or be simply creative, My children. When I say physical activities, I mean that everything, which exceeds a certain amount of movement, can absolutely be called sportive. Of course it belongs to it to clear the snow from the car, with possible scratching ice from the car windows. I know that many of My children true to Me do not like winter with its restrictions of many kinds, but nevertheless you should try to take it into your heart the same way as spring, summer, or autumn. Many of you can imagine that summer is the favourite season for many people. But who wants to flee the winter in e.g. Germany, Austria, or Switzerland, needs normally a lot of money or is independent, e.g. as a wealthy pensioner. Therefore try also in winter to keep your body fit through regular exercises, in order to avoid that you have suddenly little aches in spring. Amen.


December 3rd, 2017

Tests of patience – also on 1st Advent


My children, concerning the weather, it is uncomfortable. It is necessary to be patient, when you are stuck in a traffic jam e.g. on the highway. But there are also other tests of patience, with which you are confronted regularly: This can be the schoolwork, which your children or grandchildren absolutely cannot understand, and you must rein yourselves to stay calm. You often do not comprehend, why your children cannot understand multiplication, addition, and substraction logically, though you can calculate it incidentally. My children, many of My children true to Me have huge problems with this hectic, fast moving world. They simply want to live modestly and do not want to ponder about, whether they were suitable to work in a job during this life anyway. In the so-called Middle Ages, when only a few people could read, write, and calculate, they could cope with the pace of life. However, many of them refuse to learn something new at the level of the soul and the body, and thus they have big difficulties in this life, because logical thinking is necessary, and they can hardly or not at all master it. Often they do not understand at all, why people request that they learn e.g. to calculate. But who stands completely still is endangered to become demented soon, and therefore I advise these children to work at themselves, and to do at least everyday some memory training. Thus, many of them are placed in a home or other institutions, because those, who do not want to grow up or cannot do it, are not useful for this society of fast pace. Let us come back to patience, My children. It takes a lot of patience, when e.g. parents take care of their adult children, who are not able to learn and to think logical. I told you once, become like children again. This is of course a great challenge for those people, who care daily for their children being adult in age, who do not want or cannot grow up mentally. However, these parents learn also some things from their child, and therefore this child should try at least to learn also something from the parents. Some of them have stayed always on the same level for several incarnations, and they should of course not be surprised, when they had been placed in a monastery, or that they had lived as a maid on a farm a very meagre life. Only nowadays, many of My children true to Me understand, that those souls have selected you as their parents consciously, so that they have the chance to develop still further with your patient support. Many of these children are often day dreamers, or they sleep disproportionately much, because their dream experiences please them much more than the so-called reality. Therefore, My children, I am highly delighted, when you continue further on to have this patience to help your children, who absolutely cannot cope with this fast moving life. Concerning this matter, the state should provide these parents with a generous support, because at least one parent cannot go to work. Amen.


December 2nd, 2017

Stay flexible


My children, often the people have laid blockades in their way through a too fast commitment or promise, which they cannot change or do not want to change. But you should stay always flexible, and you should have the guts to cancel a promise, which you cannot keep by whatever reasons, and if necessary also to explain why. When somebody makes a promise, oath, wow, and so on, he makes a commitment to something. You may now solve such things tenderly in the profound prayer with Me. If you e.g. have promised to help somebody, try to do it as much as you can. But if it does not work, stand behind it, and explain why. Therefore, many of My children true to Me add: “As far as it is possible, resp. if it shall or may be.” With this, you leave a margin in order not to pressure yourself. The typical Bavarian sentence: “Let us wait and see” shows that some buffer is always useful, because you cannot know, if something comes in between, or you are not able to keep your promise due to other things. Nowadays, nearly all people have a mobile all-rounder, up to some of My children true to Me, who reject this device consciously, and then there is the growing number of electro sensitive people, who look for places, where there is no radiation, resp. where people show consideration for their sensitivity. Who means now that there is more stress in the city during the pre-Christmas hype is mostly right. But it can also be that My children, who live absolutely rural and have no garage for their car, should study the weather forecast carefully, because it can possibly last a long time, until the streets in the country are cleared from snow and ice. Also here flexibility is necessary. Some of you have bought covers for their cars, which you can stretch over the chassis, so that at least the large quantities of snow must be only removed from the cover, not from the car. Also a certain agreement is often necessary, because the sidewalks have to be cleared, and sometimes My children true to Me are outdoors also late in the evening and clear the snow away, so that they are not surprised by the masses of snow early in the morning. I ask you not to underestimate the winter, and that you at least light a blessed tea light in the evening with the prayer to Me to protect you and your home as far as possible from bigger weather caprioles. Amen.


December 1st, 2017

Advent time


My children, the day after tomorrow is the first Advent, and many people install an Advent wreath. I recommend you once again to use white candles, and to beg for each of them for My blessing for it in the profound prayer, because white candles comprise the complete spectrum of all colours, and when they are blessed by Me, in the state of being lit or unlit, they spread positive energies, which go out into the world the same way as your profound prayers. Try to make it comfortable during the three Advent Sundays, and to do good deeds. This year, the fourth Advent is the Christmas Eve, and thus it has a still stronger energy, which you may support also with your good deeds. As the children are looking forward to their Advent calendar, also My children feel, when there is something for them, what enjoys them. My writing channel here has created again something in this direction to spend this time together with you. So go therefore, and spend the Advent time in the love, the confidence, and the knowledge to do something good every day, and not to be subject to the hype of commerce. Amen.

November 30th, 2017

My work


My children, everyday, the people send Me prayers, partially profound prayers, and they wish that I would finally intervene into the world affairs and clean up the entire world, and to eliminate resp. clean up everything, what these people consider as negative. Well, I am a loving FATHER, and I gave as you know the free will to every human being. But this comprises also, that I do not intervene without any reason in fateful situations, and thus very often worldly oriented people react saying: “My God, why did you allow this?” As you know, everybody is responsible for his own fate, and he may also work on the resonances correspondingly, which come to him due to his sent thoughts, words, and deeds. But now comes the significant step, where I can work on earth through you: If you ask Me through the profound prayer that I can work through you, when you say: “FATHER, Your will is done now!”, then I can at once act and work with your clearance of your free will for this or that situation, through your prayers, light transmissions, “Calls of Victory”, and good wishes. When you e.g. ask and pray also for protection, salvation, and blessing for human beings, animals, and nature, also there help comes within the scope of the life plan of the parties concerned. My work on earth depends very strongly on My children true to Me, who do voluntarily this labour of love to the nearest. And this work in My vineyard is something, which fills Me with love and joy, because in this heartless, fast moving and partially consciously destructive world, which has been created artificially and manipulated by the other side, I am always full of happiness that many of My children true to Me defy the temptations again and again, and do not allow to be mislead by the other side, but that they are certain – humble, modest, full of joy in their hearts, and with the invincible hope in the heart that My love- and salvation-plan for the earth will be realized – in love and peace. That the chaos happens from time to time only shows how strong the fight between light and darkness is. But you should know, My beloved children, that everywhere, where the light shines, the dark must give way, because light outshines always and everywhere the darkness. Amen.


November 29th, 2017

Choice of profession


My children, because questions about this subject come repeatedly from you – especially according your children and grandchildren – I readily respond to this subject. Well, when young people have to select a job, they often have no realistic idea of it. Merely the fact that they had then to do always the same work until they retire discourages many young people. According to their wishes, computer based jobs are highly wanted, but also everything that has to do with computer games, latest developments, and so on. Nevertheless, I recommend you to think about the so-called “golden handcraft”, because on the one hand, these professions are in demand, if you have finished your apprenticeship, and on the other hand, you can also work abroad, when you have learned e.g. carpenter, baker, confectioner, and so on. Even in countries, to which you can emigrate only with difficulties, you can stand a better chance with such a profession. If you would have a crisis and the system would break down, craftsmen are necessary for the reconstruction as well, to name an example. Older people, who still lead a busy life in their job and want to retrain, should take care that they find an employment after retraining, where they can work and what pleases them. Freelancers are the children I have to cope with most of the time, because their persistence can be very often equated with boldness, because without endurance and diligence they are soon an unprofitable artist. Therefore consider, what you want to do, and if you absolutely stick to your vocation, you have always My support within the scope of your life plan. Amen.


 November 28th, 2017

Physical indispositions


My children, just now, in the days before the Advent season, some of you suffer from physical little aches and indispositions. Stomach pains, emotional pain, but also insomnia, uncoordinated sleep, or also extreme sleeping needs can be some of the things, which occur now. Also the stress factor should not be underestimated, because just now and in the Advent season a higher stress factor is usual for many people. But I tell you, My children: Who plans and shapes his life in the profound connection with Me will see that many things, which caused stress-related diseases in the past, do not occur any more, resp. are reduced considerably. But who says now: “FATHER, I need this and that, because I live on it”, I tell him that there are always two possibilities: The job in connection with stress and possibly a good salary, or the choice to scale down the activities and stay healthy. I gave all children on earth the free choice, and thus “everybody is the architect of his own future”, proverbially said. Who now absolutely does not know what is good for him can give Me his sorrows, needs, and questions at any time through the profound prayer for conversion and help. Then you should live your life well and sensitively, because I help you now in your difficult situations, because you have given your free will concerning these things to Me, in order to help you. Nevertheless, it is self-evident that I do not tell you what you should do and what not. You receive only subtle, very soft hints from Me, if you live your life accordingly. Amen.


November 27th, 2017

Absolute dependence


My children, it is an explosive subject, and you ask Me again and again to handle it: The extremely heavy dependence – especially of the young and very young people, but also of the generation up to 40 years: The dependence on the mobile all-rounder. To a large extent, the people do not live their own life any more, but it is imposed on them, what they should or should not do. Already the younger children are harassed at school, when they do not have an all-rounder – a simple telephone is not enough. Who is nowadays not continuously online and mobile has in many jobs hardly any chance. Even in places, where the all-rounder should normally be switched off, it is switched to mute. The number of those, who absolutely freak out, when their “drug all-rounder” is taken away for some time, becomes higher and higher. This happens though more and more young people would like to forego this addictive device for some time in order to relax, but their friends do not allow it, and for fear of being harassed or excluded, they endure this permanent accessibility, though. You, My children, have the same experiences in your families or your relationship resp. circle of friends, and some of you feel powerless, when they ask their children to switch off this all-rounder at least for a while, and they get only a head-shaking from their children. My children, you have the say in your family – at least until your children are of legal age – and if you do not want it, your sweethearts must live by this – if they like it or not. Many of you reject the all-rounder consciously, because an orderly life is only possible in this hectic world, if you take targeted time-outs for yourself and for your soul. Amen.


November 26th, 2017

 The weather changes



My children, in spite of all emotions in all the people you have enjoyed the warm days during the previous days, now a change of weather is coming. On time at the beginning of December next week, it will become colder, and the snow can show partially also in flat regions. Who has not yet changed to winter tires or at least all-weather tires should do this as soon as possible, otherwise the guardian angles will be absolutely busy. Relating to the subject of emotions, the “bread and circuses” fraction has kept the people on the go and distracted them from the important issues. The worldly oriented people need every evening their lulling through the public media, because they want to forget the everyday life at least for some hours. You, My children, do something, which the worldly oriented people can hardly understand: You determine your daily life and your leisure time, and you do not allow somebody to control what you want to see and experience. Amen.




November 25th, 2017

Lack of sleep


 My children, do not grieve, if you do not sleep enough during the night. However, you should indulge in the sleep, when you e.g. become tired in the afternoon and would reject this afternoon sleep for fear of being unable to sleep during the night. The body can always sleep, and it does not matter to him, whether it gets its sleep during the night or the day. Even if you think you sleep only two to three hours a night for days or weeks, you are supplied completely, though, because your body is not bound to time and space during the sleep, and therefore the sleeping period can be extended considerably during the sleep. Thus e.g. during a short “nap” of some minutes at noon, a complete night phase can be caught up, if the body needs it. Therefore follow your body, if it indicates that it wants to rest resp. sleep for some minutes. In most cases, you are fit and refreshed afterwards. Amen.



November 24th, 2017

Peace begins in the own heart



My children, who wants peace should begin with himself. Afterwards in the own family, the friends and acquaintances, and so on. Send your peace, which you carry in your heart, through the profound prayer with Me out into the world, and you will find out, which wonderful resonances will happen then. People, who carry something in their soul, are depressed by it and possibly sleep badly during the night, or they have a bad conscience. However, who is free of these burdens realizes, how easy and simple everything can be – of course in a small circle. Allow yourselves from time to time something good for your soul. Time-outs are good for you, your soul, and also your dearest ones, because when you are happy and satisfied, you radiate this also to your fellow human beings and your family members. Amen.




November 23rd, 2017

The world needs profound prayers


My children, many people pray quite incidentally, eat something during the prayer, watch TV, or hear music, radio and so on. I want to encourage My children to address those people carefully, who pray only superficially, and to explain them, why profound praying is so immensely important, and first of all the praying person should try to think of nothing worldly during the prayer. This sounds quite difficult, but you, My children, know exactly how you can free your mind – before, during, and after the profound prayer. The earth is in a phase, you know it, My children, where it accepts every profound prayer with gratitude and love. This means: The more often the people voluntarily pray profoundly, the better the earth is doing, and thereby also all people, who do good deeds – in the spiritual way – who also bear peace energies within themselves and send them daily in voluntary, affectionate kind out into the world – knowing that they do something good, resp. have done it. Amen.


November 22nd, 2017

Unfulfilled and suppressed wishes and longings


My children, mainly elder people become ill due to not fulfilled dreams, hopes, longings – due to fears, cowardice, or indecision. I explain you why with the aid of an example. Somebody wishes something very profoundly e.g. for most of his lifetime, nevertheless he does not have the guts or the courage or the determination to begin with it, resp. start the planning, and here are some examples: Great dreams of many people are to have an own house, to visit foreign countries, or even to live there. Who focuses now in his head one of these three wishes again and again and asks Me also that it should become real – but has never the guts to do the first step, thwarts himself, his own creativity, and first of all a lot of his joie de vivre. This results in sadness, deep frustration, or also one or several diseases, which spread over the body due to a not lived adventure or risk. Who has again and again dreams he wants to fulfil with My help, and then refuses to do it due to his own fear, harms himself and his body. But who starts small with wishes and dreams, and then leaves it to Me, whether it should happen or not, receives a very different resonance – without pressure to succeed. This is the same, if you e.g. like to travel mentally in cold seasons into the South Sea, and mentally have a good time on the beach there, and wish that this sun energy is good for your body. Something like this works, if you firmly believe in it. Amen.


November 21st, 2017

Water helps in many ways


My children, there are more and more people, who cannot cope any more with many dishes and drinks, and whose body responds through stomach pain, discomfort, diarrhea, or reflux. Now our water comes into action: Who drinks additionally to the normal amount of about one to two litres of blessed water consciously some sips of the delicious water about 15 to 30 minutes before meals and asks Me to supply this water with a healing energy for all inner organs, and repeats this within the same time after the meal, will experience, how a healing or at least an improvement of his pains can work, if he believes in profound faith always in the healing and improvement of his overall condition, and has confidence in My love. Amen.


November 20th, 2017



My children, many children of school age are not happy to go to school. If the teaching would be aligned with the strengths and weaknesses of the children, and would they learn things they could use in their working life, many of the kids and youngsters would like to go to school. Also some of you did not go to school voluntarily, but only, because otherwise their parents had threatened you with penalties. In the New Time, there will be a very different school system, My children. The constraints continue for many worldly oriented people their whole life long. Who is stuck in this dependent relationship for good and has to accept any job just for his survival, realizes quickly that something is wrong with this system. Normally, the people should engage in an activity in joy and love, which fulfils them completely. But as long as the other side determines where to go – seen from the worldly point of view – most of the people cannot escape from. But I tell My children again and again: Take heart, stay confident, and take the chance of self-employment, with Me as strengthening of your back, seen symbolically, if you dare to do it, and then you practise the job you like, as a profession, as it should be. Also at the risk of having less money at the end of the month, resp. at the beginning of the month, you can follow your “dream profession” with a pure heart. Many of you dream of it, and some of you, as My writing channel here, have done it consequently throughout the years, associated with the unshakeable confidence in My love, and the knowledge that I let not starve My children true to Me. Of course, there have been always those so-called “lean periods”, where those, My children, did not know sometimes how they should pay the next rent or the next purchase. But who is always in the absolute confidence to Me, receives always help, even if it works at the so-called last minute. Therefore, My children, free yourselves from your sorrows, your fears, and first of all from the constraints, and plan your future together with Me through the profound prayer – together with your beloved ones. You receive always the help you need: Sometimes earlier, sometimes later, this depends from various factors and regularities. Amen.


 November 19th, 2017

Rain, storm, and snow


My children, it will become uncomfortable in your country soon. But December is near, and most of My children do not like the month of November very much. Even if December shows a similar weather, due to the joy of Advent and thus also the anticipation of Christmas, each day of December is a little positive surprise. Especially in this season, the help of My angels I always send to you is often necessary, because the road conditions are often quite slippery, and increased attention is necessary in continuous fog or heavy rain, as well as during snow fall. Amen.


November 18th, 2017

What moves you currently


My children, many of you are deeply moved in these disturbing times. Worldly oriented people realize many things only marginally or in the public media, which send all news from their point of view, so that the awakened person must first of all research in the internet to learn the true facts. Well, what moves you most? First of all, it is the impending threat of war, which apparently hangs over your continent like a sword of Damocles. But in reality, it is the complete earth, which is fogged through the nearly daily spraying by the other side. It is good that many of you have your techniques to dissolve this “chemical soup”. Of course, the profound prayer helps there always, My children. What moves you very much as well, are the workplaces and the fear of unemployment – not so much for yourselves personally than for your beloved ones, friends, and acquaintances. It is also an important topic that the food and also the drinking water will become worse, if nobody interferes. But also some of you are affected by insomnia resp. difficulties to fall asleep. As I have told you several times before, the profound prayer helps, when you are lying in your bed, ideally connected with the “Calls of Victory”. Who wants can also let burn a combined weather- and protection-candle during the night. Some of you do it already. A last item which is asked for by many of you again and again is, whether the new time will come soon. Well, there is a time for everything, and you know it, My children. As long as the earth is still in this stage, a change cannot take place. But because you live in the so-called “end time”, a lot is moved and converted in the near future. Most of you have decided upon a smooth, slow change and rejected the hard battering ram method by the majority, and so in your prayers also always soft changes are wanted and also sent, and the resonance will show always on earth. You are protected and sheltered, My children, when you are always in the absolute confidence in Me and My love energy. This process on earth is not easy, but full of energies and changes, anyway. Try always to find the pleasant aspects of life, and do not allow letting pull you down by the daily destructive messages of the public media. Life is so beautiful – you should see and experience it absolutely with the eyes of love and the power of the pure heart. Amen.


 November 17th, 2017

Your home in winter


My children, gradually, it becomes colder, and much more people than you think freeze in winter, they partially cannot afford any electricity, or only little electricity, and they are heating by lump wood or coal. Well, the wood-fired heating works anyway also during a power supply failure, and who has a gas tank in his garden can also cook and heat this way, if appropriate gas connections are available. If the temperatures go below the minus ten degrees centigrade limit for a longer time, often the water pipes freeze, and the dilemma is then complete there. Also some of you, My children true to Me, heat with wood or coal, as also My writing channel here. It is laborious, when you have to fire several stoves all day long, so that your home does not cool down. For the night, several briquettes are fired in each stove, so that the minimum temperature can be held during the night. In winter, some of you have a lot to do with this occupation, and they could not do a worldly job as many others do. Many people refuse old houses, which can only be heated with wood and coal, though these can be often rented very cheep, or can also be bought at a small price. The reason for the refusal is often laziness, being afraid of high renovation costs, fear of harassment through friends and acquaintances, because those are living then significantly “more modern”, or they have no time to fire the stoves round the clock in order not to freeze. I tell you one thing, My children: If you live so that you can only heat with wood or coal, then that is ok. Times will come, where many people freezing in their “modern” flats or houses because of power supply failure, will envy you in your partially self-sufficient houses. Amen.


November 16th, 2017

Train your memory


My children, many people suffer from a memory, which becomes progressively weaker. Partially, this is because they do nothing any more independently. The “mobile all-rounder” and also the navigation system in the car do a lot of their work. But the brain needs mental work, otherwise it atrophies, and many people simply forget then many things, and then Alzheimer disease, or dementia are diagnosed then. Who keeps up his memory and solves regularly arithmetical problems or other quiz questions in his brain, will experience, how the so-called “grey matters” are whipped into shape, to use this sloppy wording here. You have a proverb: “A rolling stone gathers no moss.” Who works up into old age always consciously at himself and with himself mentally and physically, will nearly get no symptoms of decline, except it is due to karma. This also applies to the rejection of the present time by many elderly people. They go back in their mind to the “good old times”, where everything had been simpler from their point of view, and they do not realize, how suddenly the beginning dementia holds them tight. Who is open for everything, though, - without liking everything – will see that his memory stays awake and clear. Especially with arithmetical problems, the people realize, how complex their brain is still working, or not. But: Who practices daily about 30 minutes will learn that these exercises are very good for the brain and the general condition, and that they also help to recover mentally. Amen.




November 15th, 2017

Sending light in the cold season


My children, mainly older readers of the FATHER’S WORDS, who cannot walk so well any more or who are no longer able to leave their house without pain, ask now and again, what good deeds they may do. Well, My children, you should do exactly the same the other children are doing in their leisure time, when the weather does not invite them to go outside: Spiritual work through the profound prayer, light transmissions, and of course the “Calls of Victory”, and the good deeds. The so-called “bad weather” is a pretty possibility to do a lot of good deeds through mental work. Who has e.g. a fireplace can write at every piece of wood “JCitV”, i.e. “JESUS CHRIST IS THE VICTOR” with his finger, and thus through the wood combustion and the smoke coming from the chimney, he can send positive energies out into the world. Try it, My children. Amen.


November 14th, 2017

When people cough and sneeze around you


My children, especially during autumn and winter, many people have caught a cold. This has many reasons, which I do not want to explain here in detail, because then the FATHER’S WORD would become too long. But I want to consider, how My children act accordingly, resp. do not do so. I give you an example, which happens quite often. One of My children true to Me lives in a family together with his relatives, who do not go the spiritual way. When one of them has caught a cold, the others “get infected” very often as well, because they do not know how to keep the own endogenous vibration high enough to be beyond the oscillation which e.g. a cold transmits. The child true to Me knows how to keep his oscillation high, and he is the only member of the family, who is not infected. This happens permanently again and again, when the other family members endure their “cold”. If My child true to Me is asked, why he does not fall sick, he is now and then racked by remorse to say the full truth, even risking that they laugh at him or even bully him. But he can also say: “I believe in GOD, and I know that the Dear Lord protects me.” Do you understand, My children? Who is regularly agitated - has literally the belly full of something - should not be surprised, if he suddenly has got a runny nose or a barking cough. Everything has to do with resonance, i.e. also taking a break of the body and sometimes also of the soul, if no power is any more available. Then a “cold” or a “disease” starts almost as having been ordered. Well, My children, if your fellow people around you cough and sneeze and spray around the so-called bacilli or “pathogens”, you have the possibility to keep clear of them, though. Do not feel disgusted, keep your vibrations high, laugh a lot, wash your hands regularly, avoid skin contact with “ill” people, eat healthy, and pay attention to your sufficient supply with minerals and vitamins per day, drink blessed water – including e.g. a bit of turmeric and ginger, because this is a wonderful energy boost and a simultaneous protection for your body. Amen.


November 13th, 2017

When the weather oppresses the soul


My children, the persistent rain, together with strong wind gusts and driving snow in higher altitudes, oppresses the mood of many people. Often, the soul suffers very much from this weather, when it is bad for many days or sometimes also for weeks, and no sun shows. Just in such times, your soul and often also your body need mental warmth. You can get it certainly also through the profound prayer, but many of you dream then of sun, beach, palm trees, and all the other pleasures they know either from films or have even experienced in their holidays. I have also been asked, why every year the weather in your region must be so uncomfortable and cold in autumn and winter, whereas there are parts of the earth, where the sun is nearly always shining. Well, this can be explained very easily, My children. It depends on the place on earth, where you happen to be just now. Many of My children true to Me have moved to warm or also hot regions – either for winter, or as a complete emigration. But also the apparent “paradise” has its pitfalls. Not everybody can cope with the continuous heat. A rather moderate warm climate as in the south of Europe or also on the popular holiday islands is a great magnet of longing for many people. Indeed it is so that people tend to work outside in pleasant outdoor temperatures than in rain, snow, or general cold. According to your wishes, I give you once again some hints, what you can do against sadness of your souls: Take regularly hot baths, showers, or also footbaths, endulge your soul with red light sessions, and think of sunny places, and you will see how your soul enjoys it. Further on, you can as said before endulge yourselves with photo wallpapers of paradisiac places, hear pleasant music, and cook delicious meals, which are healthy and tasty. Some of you prefer also visits in so-called thermal baths. But who cannot cope at all with the weather, and whose souls become more and more sad, should think about a change of location, if it is possible from the professional and private point of view. Amen. 


November 12th, 2017

Crisis warnings


My children, in the public media, more and more often a possible blackout is talked about, i.e. a breakdown of the power supply network, and in several states of the earth, these breakdowns are simulated, as just now in your country. You will certainly ask, why. Well, this is partially because sun storms can indeed cause the power supplies to fail, in small or in large areas. However, this can also be triggered man-made by so called EMPs, electromagnetic pulses. This as well has been explained also quite often in the public media. Furthermore, attempts are made to make cashless payments absolutely attractive to the worldly oriented people. When you are waiting e.g. at the cashier of a discounter, observe, how many especially younger people pay cashless already now. I have told you already several times that only paper money is considered as currency from the spiritual aspect, even though these are only printed, partially coloured paper sheets. Of course gold and silver are also means to pay. There is also virtual money, and repeatedly, you get several offers to use plastic cards, through which you can get e.g. rebates and so on. I can only recommend you to inform as little as possible about your private life, because every card payment is stored in a system, which creates a profile of the related person. Also internet purchases are registered. Also there you have several possibilities to pay. I want to mention again My many well meant advices, according to a crisis warning. Already at the times of your grandparents, and partially also in the generations before, people used to have always supplies in their houses. Every house and many flats had of course a pantry, where food was stored, which stayed fresh for a longer period, and self preserved cans, jams, and so on. At these times, you could not just go to a super market, if you needed something. The housewife organized reasonable provisions, and it was always about the same time of the year, when they boiled down and preserved their food. Those of you, who have a pantry, are lucky, because this is absolutely no standard any more. Also a cellar is very well suitable, but you should make sure that no rodents e.g. visit you there, attracted by the smell. For many of My children, crisis provisions are self-evident, but not necessarily for the rest of their family. Thus, some of you have only the possibility to store food secretly or to reduce the amount of it so far that the rest of the family does not notice it. My children, crisis precautions have always been reasonable, and the coming winter is also an indication to make provisions. Your profound prayers, light transmissions, “Calls of Victory”, and good deeds are guarantees that every day, a bulwark against the other side develops, which has helped up to now to avoid something worse. Therefore your voluntary helps are so immensely valuable. Amen.


November 11th, 2017

Yesterday and today


My children, what I mean with the word “yesterday” is of course not explicitly the day before, but the past in general. As said before, My children, the people should learn from their own past they experienced in this life, and also draw the appropriate conclusions. But many people make again and again the same mistake from their point of view, or they are stuck somewhere. Who is attached to a former time just pursuing pure hobby, resp. likes to be there in thoughts without neglecting the here and now, does not stick to the “yesterday”, but takes it absolutely as a recreational pleasure. This is a big difference, My children. I give you an example, which concerns many people. Times are moving ever faster, and many, mainly older people cannot keep up with it. Often they cannot or do not want to use the “mobile all-rounder”. But just here, there are two different views: To be unable to do it or to refuse it consciously due to the radiation. Who says: “I cannot manage it anyway” and then crawls symbolically in a hole, is stuck in the old times. But who says: “I refuse consciously everything, what harms me” continues to live in the here and now, and designs his life consciously as it is the optimum for himself and possibly also his family. My writing channel here is not the only denier of wireless devices, which harm the people. Some of you think and act the same way. For sure, it is more difficult nowadays in a big city to find a destination without a navigation device in the car – but where there is a will there is a way. There is the possibility to ask people to find something. Sometimes you should simply, without thinking too much, connect yourselves with Me through the profound prayer and trust your guardian angles completely that everything is led, guided, and solved the right way. Amen.


November 10th, 2017

When the body is exhausted


My children, long car trips, exhausting traffic jams, viscous situations, heavy traffic in the city, multiple radiations in business buildings and many other places cause that your energy is drained. You feel exhausted, squeezed out, and flaccid in many situations. Help comes here from the continuous wrapping under My protective coat through the profound prayer, as well as blessed drinks and if necessary sleep or at least short intense restings. My children, you are confronted everywhere with different kinds of radiations, and your bodies have only a limited capacity to cope with it. Try first of all to switch off any radiation in your car, which withdraw your energy, as e.g. the mobile all-rounder, Bluetooth, the navigation system, and more. Solely thereby, a lot is changed to the positive. Do not take such indications lightly, but give your body sufficient breaks resp. rest times. Amen.



November 9th, 2017

Perfectionism can be harmful


My children, being meticulous or even picky, you know this very well from your relatives or acquaintances, or from yourselves. But who has the drive for absolute perfection harms mostly himself, because to be perfect means that he does not tolerate the least flaw at himself or the place, which should be perfect. Many women, who are addicted to this perfectionism, are often extremely edgy, their kids may not dirty anything, and due to this “putting themselves under absolute pressure to succeed” often migraine, permanent headache, or other quite unpleasant symptoms result as a resonance. Children of those mothers or fathers often tend to go the absolute contrary direction, as a result of the years of confrontation. The healthy balance is the one, many of My children have chosen. This means: Tidiness yes, but not up to the extreme, and also days, where nothing is done in the house, resp. the flat, to relax. Of course, also the pressure to succeed at school or at work belongs to perfectionism. Those, who do not allow themselves to be put under pressure, can sometimes lose out during the job search, but long-term, they have less stress and a freer life. Everybody is the architect of his own future, My children, you know this proverb. Therefore, under normal conditions everybody from a certain age can decide, at least partially, how his life should progress. Who laughs a lot, enjoys the simplicity of nature, and also likes the sociability in a smaller circle, is mostly not too perfectionist, because he as a human being has realized already, which immense pressure burdens him. “Burn out”, to use this buzzword, is associated quite well with perfectionists. Amen.


November 8th, 2017

Physical and mental well-being


My children, just now, in a time which is crisis-ridden and where many people are afraid of wars, and also because in your region is a wet autumn, it is absolutely important to come to a rest mentally and outwardly, and also to build up a feeling of wellness. This works very simple, My children. Normally, none of My children true to Me is spoilt by too much luxury, thus they can create already with little joys and changes something cosy. This may be e.g. a comfort zone in the bathroom, in the living room, in the bedroom, or in any other room of your home. It is important that you design it so that it is harmonious for you, and that you can retreat there or use it also for other activities. I give you two examples: One reader of the FATHER’S WORDS loves the sea with all its aspects. Therefore he has built sort of beach collage from different accessories, which connects him with the sea on the one hand, and offers him on the other hand a comfort zone. The second example concerns the South Sea. A large wall poster and several accessories provide the inner being and of course also the body with a feeling of sun, beach, and warmth – together with the sounds of the sea from a music CD. You see, it is possible to create a lot of things by means of simple tools, and this can be very helpful to come back into balance on dull days or during melancholy and other negative moods. Amen.


November 7th, 2017

When the body is cleaned


My children, often it comes “out of the sky”, to use one of your proverbs: The physical cleaning. It can happen in different ways. Very often you have increased diarrhoea, or also a sore throat, possibly a light dizziness, together with fatigue and brief fever. This disappears often within some hours, or overnight. Cleanings are very necessary, My children. If there are problems, My helping angels can very well expand the time, and some seconds up to some minutes deep sleep are sufficient to help you then. If you receive a cleaning, let it happen and do not fight against it. It feels different than a cold or e.g. than a flu. Then you should also not combat extreme fatigue, because as said before, some minutes deep sleep are sufficient to execute a cleaning deep inside you, with your mental consent. Amen.


November 6th, 2017

Make everything winterproof


My children, the first snow, together with cold showed today in the higher grounds. Everybody should have made his car already winterproof to avoid bad surprises. Some of you still speculate for an all-terrain car to be well prepared for winter. Well, My children, consider how often you would drive it with the assistance of 4-wheel drive? In higher grounds, 4-wheel drive is certainly a useful help, but on plain grounds you should take your decision carefully, whether such a purchase is worth it. An oil change and the check of the most important parts in the engine compartment should be made each year latest in autumn, My children. But also your garden should be made winterproof, and if you have frost-sensitive equipment, as e.g. a water pump, you should act accordingly. To store potatoes, apples, carrots, onions, and whatever you can stock is very useful. Amen.


November 5th, 2017

Curious people


My children, everybody is a little bit curious by nature, at least, what helps him e.g., how he can do something good. But those who want to know everything, also things, which should be not a matter of interest to them, because this information is private in nature of other people, are considered as too curious by their fellow people. Why do I tell you this now? You may learn to budget your knowledge. This means: Do not reveal information, which concerns you personally, in the internet or also in private in a way that everybody knows everything about you, because there are very many enviers, begrudging people, and people, who grudge you “the butter on your bread”. But you have a big heart and are not resentful or jealous. Very often, there are enviers especially in the own family or relationship. You should not shout it from the housetops, how you go the spiritual way. When you are asked, answer, but do not say more than necessary, because easily something you have said is misinterpreted, mistaken, or answered by harassment attacks. Do not misunderstand this, My children. You should not lie, but you must not give away everything. Amen.


November 4th, 2017

Prayers and wishes


My children, many worldly people do not take prayers really serious. They want to have something, and wish also the fulfilment of their prayers, resp. wishes, and they are amazed, what is to come then. Avoid anything esoteric, this advice I give you one more. Certainly, there are wish fulfilments, but not this way for My children true to Me. Who wishes for something and begs profoundly gets this wish fulfilled – within the scope of his personal life plan. This means that the result can be completely different than it had been wished. But who of you asks, that within the scope of his own life plan everything may be allowed what I grant you, wishes right. Desires, dreams, which repeat again and again, are often very ingrained wishes of this person to have this fulfilled and to be able to live it. Well, if the appropriate circumstances exist, this can absolutely be fulfilled within a certain scope. I give you an appropriate example, which concerns some of My children true to Me. Some of you have in always returning dreams the longing for the distance, to live in warm regions. Well, it is certainly possibly to live in the Balearic Islands or the Canary Islands, when you are aware that you should have researched sufficiently in advance about the country, the people and housing options – together with work places. An inspection on-site together with a holiday would be certainly of advantage. In general, this is normally simpler for retired people. Also the language plays a role. Many German-speaking people live in those two mentioned groups of islands, thus acclimatization can possibly be easier. I like to mention this example, because this is the greatest wish of many of you, also concerning a possible war scenario in your homeland. But it should be said as well that it would be more reasonable, not only to dream of an emigration, but to work every day intensely that the vibration in your homeland is kept high, and thus the war energies are scotched at once. Therefore, My children, you should take care that you continue to pray voluntarily with this partially increasing euphoria, send light, celebrate the “Calls of Victory”, and do good deeds. Of course you may continue to express your wishes, but you must be aware that they can be possibly fulfilled, as far as it is feasible for you. Therefore remember to be wise and modest concerning your wishes, because you are anyway more endowed through positive resonances due to your good deeds of your daily work in My vineyard, that you can often imagine. Amen.


November 3rd, 2017

Be inventive and creative


My children, nowadays it is reasonable to be inventive and creative with many things. Thus, it is always useful to read the small print at each package. This concerns food, drinks, and also things, which can possibly contain harmful substances. Be creative and combine your food as you can tolerate it, and not what you are longing for, because many brand products contain genetically modified ingredients, and the body does absolutely not tolerate modified substances. Do not trust your convenience, based on the motto: “I buy this product since my childhood, and I like the taste, and there would not be anything negative in it.” Most of the brand products have ingredients, which your bodies can handle only with difficulties or very badly. Therefore please pay attention to this, and also to the E-substances. Your inventiveness goes so far that some of you buy specifically biological food, which is free of genetically modified substances, and thus produce with new recipes something creative, inventive, which does not only taste very well through skilful addition of biological spices, but gets in general the benevolent approval of the family or the circle of friends. Ask always for My blessing, and when you tinker diligently and are inventive with recipes, you can gladly exchange them here through My writing channel. Amen.


November 2nd, 2017

All Soul’s Day together with letting go


My children, today is All Soul’s Day, and it is necessary, additionally to the many prayers and the own protection through the profound prayer with Me, also to let go e.g. old patterns, blockades, adherences of curses, imprecations, sorrows, fears, oaths, addictions, and so on. This letting go of all things you have collected during this life or have carried them with you from previous lives, is very difficult for most of the people, because they have built up sort of cushion, which is really smooth, comfortable, and cosy. In the evening, worldly people very often put up their feet after supper and watch the TV without exact exploration. The worldly working person is not interested to change his life, which he has built up, as long as he is healthy. You, My children, are to a large extent different in your way of seeing, thinking, and acting. You understood why it is so immensely important to drop old things, which only burden you, through the profound prayer, and to let them go. Also superfluous junk, to say it casually, may be let go in the old year as well. November is offering itself for it. Who manages to let go, feels relatively quick the liberating effect in his life. Therefore I recommend you, first of all to check your home calmly, and to part with everything you do not need any more. Whether you throw it away, sell, or e.g. give it away is secondary. The same way as you should clean and clear out your computer regularly, this applies also to your life in a number of ways. Body, mind, and soul are belonging to it. Amen.


November 1st, 2017

Prayers for peace on All Saints’ Day


My children, especially this year, you should not forget to speak many prayers for peace and healing at All Saints’ Day and All Soul’s Day, to pray and also to send inwardly, if it is impossible for you to speak them loud, e.g. due to your job. Who has not yet stored sufficient important supplies, should make up for it, because power supply failures can happen easily, as the hurricane has shown, which went over parts of Europe. The cold, which can be felt strongly already now during the nights, should be a hint to make your cars safe for the winter, and never leave the house too lightly dressed, even if the sun is shining. The weather changes quickly, and it becomes cold. If an unpleasant icy wind adds up, as you feel it normally, a weak immune system can throw you off the track easily. Until December 21st, the days became shorter now every day, and also the darkness begins partially very early, when it is a cloudy and dark day. Adapt yourselves accordingly – I give you this well meant advice with all My heart. Your FATHER, who is always glad and full of joy, when His children are healthy and do good deeds voluntarily from the bottoms of their hearts. Amen.