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Alles Liebe, Johannes.

All the love, Johannes





15 January 2021

What is healing

My children, you ask Me again and again in heartfelt prayer how especially now, in this difficult and drastic time for many people, the body can remain healthy and fit. Well, the trust in Me and My healing powers is an important pillar of your life - connected with the knowledge that you can do a lot for your health and everything that happens in, on and around you. Be helpful, think of other people who are in need, be generous to yourself and also to others if it is possible, always think positively, be cheerful, laugh if it comes from the heart, avoid stronger contacts with people who are not good for you and, if necessary, always try to increase your life energy. Always try to steal your life energy, eat healthy and if possible vegan food, drink mainly blessed water which you regularly receive from Me through intimate prayer or bless it in My name spoken in intimate deepening, let good thoughts come to you and send away everything destructive and energy-robbing - e.g. you can do this in intimate deepening. For example, you can hand this over in heartfelt prayer with Me for transformation, avoid extreme situations and also do not watch such films, go out into nature and enjoy it, read good books that do your soul good, have stimulating or uplifting conversations, help people in need - e.g. via the telephone or the internet, pray for people who ask you to help them and much more, My children. These advices are always recommendations from Me. Add to this your daily voluntary work in My vineyard... All will be well! Amen.


14 January 2021

Healing happens from the heart

My children, many of you are surprised that with some people healings happen very quickly and with others it seems to take forever. Well, it depends on different things: The path of life and the so-called karma to be worked off are partly responsible for this, but also the intimate belief in a quick recovery - combined with trust in Me and My love and healing power. Furthermore, patience is also immensely important, because if doubts arise now and then in the person who wants to get well, this immediately throws him back again, because then the resonance programme starts immediately. In other words, if you have a niggle, a little ache or something else that burdens or affects you, you should first of all feel into yourself and forgive yourself for what has happened to you as a human being. When this has happened, you or the person in question are welcome to talk to Me about the issue in heartfelt prayer and symbolically hand it over to Me. I will then help to the extent that I have just explained to you. Amen.


13 January 2021


My children, it is important in these times to observe basic things: First of all, you should not let yourselves be vaccinated in general, because vaccinations always do more harm to the body than good, since every vaccine is provided with substances that are not good for the body's own immune system. I have created human beings and also animals in such a way that no vaccinations of any kind are necessary. Back to the vaccination against something that on the one hand does not exist and on the other hand has so many side effects that only bodies with a fully intact immune system can cope with it at all, given certain factors. You are also welcome to say that you are (Original) Christians and that your faith forbids you or that you have no confidence in a vaccine that has hardly been tested, has many side effects and where many vaccinated people have already become seriously ill or even died in a short time, as was reported in secular media. Furthermore, as I have often advised you, it makes sense to take precautions in all areas, including sufficient blessed white candles, matches or lighters to light the candles and, of course, torches, because if the electricity suddenly fails in the evening or at night, it makes sense to take precautions. The trust in My love, My help and My protection is very strong in almost all of you and therefore also the voluntary willingness to do good as often as possible in order to also participate in this important process of transformation, which brings about wonderful things on earth. Amen.    


12 January 2020


My children, there will be some surprises in the next few days, or rather in the near future, mainly for worldly-minded people. You, who are My faithful children and also as extended arms daily do your spiritual work in My vineyard in a voluntary way full of joy, do not be too surprised by this. All will be well, My children. Amen.


11 January 2021

Good preparation

My children, it makes sense to be well prepared in the near future. I have already told you quite a bit about stockpiling. Just as regular power outages have happened and will happen in some parts of the Earth, it is indeed wise to take precautions in this regard. There will be intense energies flowing on Earth over the next few days and also cleansings of various kinds. Continue to be at peace and do your voluntary deeds in My vineyard, which I continue to be pleased with every day. Amen.


10 January 2021

Helpers within and without

My children, as I have already told you: nothing is as it seems on the worldly stage and all My children, faithful to Me, are inwardly or outwardly especially busy now! Your good deeds, on a voluntary basis every day, are just as much a part of it as the outer deployments of My, to Me faithful children, there. Remain in peace, all will be well! Amen.


9 January 2021

The knots will be untied

My children, the spiritual entanglements and symbolic knots that abound in the world are now being gradually loosened, first in the subtle realm and then in the gross material realm. That is to say: The great entanglements are being decoded and gradually flooded with My energy of love, so that they can no longer serve as placeholders and "bugbears" of the other side. As I said: Remain calm and joyfully perform your daily voluntary good deeds. I am very happy about that! Amen.


8 January 2021

The heart level

My children, many of you are very agitated worldwide about the conditions in the respective countries or even continents. You can see from the fact that the so-called "virus" is rampant everywhere, that the other side is working together worldwide and has its fingers completely in the big web of lies. If you study world events carefully, you will notice that all the so-called "flu cases" of the past years are now being declared as "C", as if the "flu" had suddenly become obsolete. I recommend to you, My children, do not get carried away in any way with anything and always remain connected to Me on the heart level through intimate prayer, for this is the only way that keeps you constantly in inner peace with Me, yourselves and everything else. I do not tell you for nothing that everything will be all right - it just takes a corresponding amount of time. If I continue to recommend that you do not go outside - or only if you have to - there are good reasons for this. Your voluntary, daily work in My vineyard is so immensely important and I am always very pleased anew how much good you do, out of your inner heart, full of joy, voluntarily and in humility. Amen.


7 January 2021

The world is full of excitement

My children, things are hot in the world at the moment and much of what you see and hear is once again a clever game played by the other side. Very many people have already seen through the fact that through vaccinations the numbers of so-called infections are going up, because there is nothing in these vaccinations that is good for people. That's why it makes sense to stay at home as often as possible. Please do not get vaccinated! Instead, your voluntary work in My vineyard to do good for the earth and all life forms that are receptive to it is not to be paid for with gold, to use a well-known saying for once. Amen.


6 January 2021

Epiphany 2021

My children, there are areas and countries where Christmas is celebrated today. In your countries the children have been on the road again for a few days, where it is permitted, collecting money and sweets. You, My children and extended arms on earth, may gladly do a little more of your voluntary good deeds in My vineyard again today, for the other side is also always very active on such holidays. Keep calm, My children, all will be well. Amen.


5 January 2021

All is coming to you 

My children, I have told you many times that everything has a resonance and through your mostly daily good deeds in My vineyard, your resonances also come back to you in a wonderful way. If you need or are looking for something specific, there is a great probability that this wish will soon be fulfilled - of course, as I said, within the framework of your own life plan. Please remain calm, My children, all will be well. Amen.


4 January 2021

Pay attention to subtleties

My children, please pay attention to subtleties in politics, in people and in all the things you encounter. Changes will happen. Very little at first, but then more and more as time goes on. Pay attention to what the politicians in your country say, how they behave and always remember that you are the true strong people - energetically speaking - because you do your good deeds in My vineyard every day, in a voluntary way. Amen.


3 January 2021

All is not as it seems

My children, to state it clearly once again: Most news in the world is controlled, financed and predetermined by the other side. Those who wish to succeed in the public media must comply or very quickly lose their jobs or, if they refuse, will be publicly denounced, exposed or implicated in worse things. Behind the whole concept of the other side is an ancient plan to enslave humanity. But what the other side also knows is that My plan for the earth and its inhabitants is far more elaborate. But since I take into account people's free will from the very beginning, this "game", for it is nothing else for the other side, is often very lengthy if you only think in terms of a "human lifetime". Understand, My children, that it is almost impossible to understand the overall concept only approximately, since you yourselves would only be able to glimpse and understand a fraction from the very top. Therefore, whoever doubts My plan or cannot understand this and that is not yet so far advanced in his development. That is not a bad thing, My children, for the respective level of development in a spiritual way is naturally very different among My children who are faithful to Me, as you can naturally imagine. Each of My children, who are faithful to Me, should only do what they want to do of their own free will. If one of you stops doing something because he does not understand it, or only understands it in part, it is also good as it is. Only do things out of joy and voluntariness, My children! No compulsion and no pressure should weigh you down. If something moves you too much, disturbs you or burdens you, hand it over to Me in heartfelt prayer or let it remain worldly. I am very grateful for every voluntary, joyful, heartfelt labour of love in My vineyard. Whoever says that, as a child of Mine, he is too old for physical work, can, if the inner attitude is there, pray, send light and do other labours of love in My vineyard voluntarily every day, full of joy. There is always work for every one of My children - but only voluntarily and with joy and love! Amen.