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Alles Liebe, Johannes.

All the love, Johannes




7 October 2021

Appear with self-confidence

My children, some of you have a strong self-confidence without attracting negative attention. The rest of you are often shy or reserved. Especially at this time, it is important to stand by your points of view and to say with a confident voice: I am and remain unvaccinated - to give just one example. My children, who are faithful to Me, have always been strong and self-confident, because there were times when it was dangerous to be a Christian or an Original Christian. I am always with you and also strengthen your back, My children. All will be well! Amen.


6 October 2021

Worldwide commotions

My children, if you knew all the commotions that are happening in the world at the moment. Only a fraction of it is coming out into the open. The odd piece of news leaks out on the Internet, but false news is also deliberately positioned there. So it is always a matter of reading with an alert mind and continuing to be prepared. You, as My children who are faithful to Me, are under My protective mantle through intimate prayer, but the worldly-oriented people in most cases are not, because they are very often very far away from Me. There the worldly scenario will have a different effect than with all people who carry Me in their hearts. All will be well! Amen. 


5 October 2021

The Joy of My Children

My children, I am very happy when you rejoice! You have gone through many hardships in this and previous lives and to see you happy delights My FATHER'S HEART! Radiating joy, living joy and sending joy are very important things that help very much so that all life forms that are open to it also receive it in the quantity that they can tolerate. All will be well! Amen.


4 October 2021

People are the same everywhere

My children, everywhere in the world worldly-minded people are in a way the same. Only you, My extended arms on earth, have different ways of seeing and doing many things. Even if a country is communist, for example, the worldly-minded people still think in many cases as in other countries. This means that the awakening is not only happening in western countries, but also where it is not wanted by the government. As a result, your daily good deeds, done voluntarily, will also flow to places where it is not expected. The prerequisite is simply that these people are open and receptive to it. Amen.


3 October 2021

The Awakening Continues

My children, the worldwide awakening of worldly-minded people continues. Step by step and with patience it will also succeed if the awakened people do not allow themselves to be distracted or intimidated again by fear scenarios or "clever lulling" by the other side. You, as My extended arms on earth and faithful children, perform your so wonderful good deeds almost everywhere every day, in a voluntary way, which are so immensely important. All will be well! Amen.


2 October 2021

Things are moving forward

My children, even if it does not always look like this for many of My children who are faithful to Me, I still want to tell you repeatedly: Things are progressing! Worldwide, you are in the minority in terms of numbers on earth. Of course, there are not more than 7 billion people living on earth, because non-human beings of the other side are also present in large numbers on earth with a human shell - but without a soul. These are very often represented in high positions, but will gradually be replaced. Your daily good deeds of a voluntary nature are so immensely important, that is why I mention it very often, My children. All will be well! Amen.


October 1, 2021

A fulminant beginning of October 

My children, it is boiling underground worldwide! The manipulated elections are also being exposed more and more, only the courage of the media people is still a little lacking, who do not yet really dare to bring the truth to light. But you will experience a lot in October and depending on how far people wake up and no longer let themselves be lulled by the lies of the public media, more and more of the truth will come to light. You, as My extended arms on earth, are important helpers on earth with your voluntary, daily good deeds. All will be well! Amen.


30 September 2021

The eventful September comes to an end

My children, an eventful month is drawing to a close and I tell you that October will be even more intense. Once again - as has been the case for a long time in this time: your daily, voluntary good deeds are an important part of the fact that things are now looking up, even if so far you only see individual sparks of them every now and then. All will be well! Amen.


29 September 2021

Free life

My children, it is not always easy to live completely free. Nevertheless, some of you are able to implement this to some extent. That is to say: Those who feel the narrowness and constraints within themselves and no longer want to live in this constricting society, try to find their happiness and freedom in their own homeland or even far away. Those who are unable to do this and who suffer from it can, for example, undertake spiritual journeys after a heartfelt prayer with Me, with a red light lamp or the sunlight and, if necessary, also listen to relaxation music, because the mind is able to go on journeys. Since I am repeatedly asked about this subject by you worldwide in heartfelt prayer, I am once again going into this important subject today. Those who have now found a freer life can also more easily give up and let go of all ballast and worries and problems. I will gladly help you to transform yourselves through intimate prayer. Amen.


28 September 2021

Inner peace is stronger than the chaos of the outside world

My children, your power to come into inner peace is worth more than all the jewellery of the earth, for this cannot bring you into connection with Me. The inner strength that you build up and then voluntarily send lovingly to all life forms that are receptive to it is a true blessing! Remember, when life becomes hectic again, that you can always withdraw into your inner centre and connect with Me through intimate prayer. All will be well! Amen.


27 September 2021

When small or great miracles happen...

My children, time and again you ask for smaller or even greater miracles. Well, often you don't even notice how often you are blessed with smaller and also greater miracles in this life, because already through your good deeds, which you for the most part perform daily in a voluntary way, miraculous things or events come to you again and again through the law of resonance. All will be well! Amen.


26 September 2021

Distractions, bread and games

My children, today has only one theme in the secular press. You know when you put your votes in an urn that they are then buried, so to speak. It is all distractions from important issues that are taking place and the whole thing is being done for popular amusement, entertainment and deliberate distraction through "bread and games" events so cleverly that the worldly-minded people who get their daily portions of "thought-washing" through their TV programmes do not even notice what is really happening. However, many of you are active on alternative channels on the internet and/or are on the move and thus also learn truths that have not yet been shown or mentioned in the public sphere. Since, for various reasons, the vast majority of the public media has never been allowed to tell the truth, let alone write it, the process of awakening has been so protracted. But now a crucial point has been reached, My children. Please continue to remain calm and do your voluntary, so immensely important good deeds. All will be well! Amen.


25 September 2021

Changes will soon also be visible

My children, changes will be seen and felt not only in the subtle realm, but also in the visible, that is, gross material realm. Nothing that happens in the world happens without reason. Above all, the news, which are built up into headlines in a matter of seconds, have important messages. These are also more and more from the lighter side, only the other side tries to suppress it or deliberately portray it negatively. All will be well! Amen.


24 September 2021

Use the sunlight

My children, just now, in this beginning autumn time, you should use the sunlight as often as you can - if you have the possibility to do so. The sun still has power and you will not get sunburn - except perhaps in hot countries. Sunlight can be replaced by a red light lamp during cold periods. If you imagine that it is sunlight, it will also help. Your imagination is very strong and you should use it only for positive things. Always remember the law of resonance. If you are out in nature now, you should also always watch the sky. On days when it is sprayed with chemicals, I recommend that you stay indoors, if possible. If you go through life consciously with open eyes, you will also receive the help and suggestions that I send you through spiritual or other helpers. All will be well! Amen. 


23 September 2021

Take care of your body

My children, especially now that the summer is over and the weather is also doing capers now and then, you should dress accordingly. Especially the cold and sometimes very fresh wind can lower the energy of the body. Some of you like to drink something warm and some like ice-cold drinks or ice so that the body has to work on its own to get warmed up again. Since everyone reacts differently to temperature fluctuations, personal experience is needed here as well. Only cold feet should be avoided in the long run, because then the body gets into a situation where it has to work constantly to raise the temperature in the feet again and other important things sometimes take a back seat.  You see, those who know their body and pay close attention to it often have an easier time than those people who just live into the day and are then surprised when their body shows reactions that they did not expect because they had ignored all the advance warnings. Amen.


22 September 2021

Attempts are being made to delay it

My children, the other side sees its own downfall coming, since they have possibilities to look into the future. However, they are now trying with all their might to delay their downfall in the hope of winning after all. So don't be surprised if attempts are now being made again and again to initiate extreme situations on earth. At the same time, however, purifications and transformations are also taking place, and sometimes it is not so easy for you to determine whether they are purifications or whether the other side has had a hand in them. Your inner peace and therefore also the intensive voluntary work in My vineyard are still a very important part of everything that is happening on earth. All will be well! Amen.  


21 September 2021

He who carries Me in his heart

My children, whoever carries Me in his heart and fully believes in Me and trusts Me is always protected and sheltered. But if you get out of your inner centre or get too upset, for example, you should again place yourselves under My protective mantle over intimate prayer, because only faith in Me is not a licence to do all kinds of things, as many worldly-minded people think when they go to church once a week and then think they have received some kind of indulgence. But that is not so! You know this, of course, My children. He who carries Me deep in his heart can only do good, for otherwise his heart, as a human being, would be very heavy and the soul would bring up this subject again and again until everything is clarified, forgiven, released and cleansed. All will be well! Amen.


20 September 2021

The gulf is widening

My children, there are now two intense gulfs among people: Between vaccinated and unvaccinated people and between My children who are faithful to Me and worldly-minded people. Some of you have problems in this regard with your parents, children, relatives, friends and acquaintances who cannot understand why you are walking the path with Me and are also for the most part unvaccinated. Do not make your hearts so heavy, but continue to give Me everything that weighs you down or burdens you in heartfelt prayer for transformation. All will be well! Amen. 


19 September 2021


My children, you have learned over the years that there must first be a certain peaceful change - if possible in the understanding and knowledge that people have free will - before the great transformation begins. If everything were done by force, there would be violence again and the "game" would continue. Only through understanding and peaceful transformation can healing come about in the long term. Since patience, as you know, is a virtue and attaining it also involves a certain degree of spiritual maturity, you can imagine that not too many worldly-minded people can yet understand and implement this. That is why your daily, voluntary good deeds continue to be so immensely important, My children. All will be well! Amen. 


18 September 2021

Helping each other - not only in times of need

My children, mutual help is something that the other side does not know, because whoever does good from the heart is also willing to help weaker people or also friends, relatives and acquaintances when they need this help. There is always a response, even if not necessarily from those seeking help. Last night massive energy was sent out of turn by a few of you and much good was done as a result. This came on top of the daily good deeds and has cleared a lot of "thick air" in Spain, Germany and Austria, to put it that way. Should you not be able to fall asleep immediately, you are welcome to send as much light as you can together with Me in heartfelt prayer, for this is better than brooding and thinking about why you cannot fall asleep right now. There is no coincidence, My children, as you know. All will be well! Amen.  


17 September 2021

The awakening continues

My children, worldwide a jolt is going through humanity and the awakening from the "twilight sleep", which was artificially produced by the other side, is now happening more strongly. Many of these worldly-oriented people have an impulse for good within themselves and are thus also receptive to spiritual messages and prayers through you, My faithful children and extended arms on earth, in order to then change their way of seeing and thinking so that they increasingly see through what perfidious plans the other side is planning and carrying out. All will be well! Amen. 



16 September 2021

Great fears in Germany

My children, many people have great fears and anxieties about what will happen in Germany - but also in other countries - in the near future. Well, some things have already been resolved in the subtle realm and are waiting to be transformed in the gross material realm as well. Patience is a virtue, My children, which some of you do not have to a great extent, and among the worldly-oriented people there is an ever-increasing dissatisfaction, which then also no longer allows room for patience. That is why your daily good deeds, done voluntarily, are so immensely important and valuable, My children. All will be well! Amen.




15 September 2021

When help is needed

My children, if you urgently need help and sincerely ask for it, it will come to you if you are open to it. Many things that the "politicians" in many countries of the world would like to implement can fail simply because more and more people are awakening and realising that what is being decided is not for the good of the people. That is why it is so important that you do your voluntary good deeds every day. If you only knew, My beloved children, how much good you are doing every day. All will be well! Amen.


14 September 2021

Still a dance on the volcano

My children, it continues to be a "dance on the volcano", if you want to express it symbolically, because the other side continues to vehemently try to subjugate humanity with all illegal and forbidden methods and hopes that humanity will not awaken quickly enough, because they have a huge respect for a large awakened crowd. What the other side is trying to do is nothing other than to take away from Me My children, many of whom are still walking the worldly-oriented path, because deep in the bottom of their hearts they are connected to Me, but there are still a lot of things lying around that block the access to My FATHERLY HEART or have cluttered it up. Only through a great spiritual and also physical cleansing can these people then recognise where their true path goes. Thanks to your daily good deeds done in a voluntary way, people who want to wake up can receive an impulse or even more through the heartfelt prayers and light transmissions. All will be well! Amen.


13 September 2021

As if nothing were wrong

My children, many helpers of the other side act as if nothing were wrong and continue to try to push through their agenda step by step in order to exterminate and enslave humanity to a large extent. You have asked Me in heartfelt prayer why the spiritual world does not simply intervene and stop it. Well, since I have given people free will, I also abide by it. Many of My faithful children understood this, but are nevertheless saddened by the seemingly ever worsening events on earth. Unvaccinated people are "lumped together" with agitators or other unwanted opponents and thus already once in the minds of many vaccinated people, symbolically excluded from their lives. You already notice this in your friends, relatives and acquaintances alone, how they also partly try to drive a symbolic wedge between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. But you, My faithful children, may be certain that all the good you voluntarily do every day is good for the earth and all life forms that are receptive to it and of course also come back to you as a positive resonance. All will be well! Amen. 


12 September 2021

Purification of the Body

My children, before the cold season sets in, it makes sense to cleanse, detoxify and harden your bodies, so to speak, for the colder time of the year. You know which vitamins, minerals and trace elements are good for you. It is also very advisable to cut down or completely stop all unhealthy things that you may have carelessly and uncontrollably consumed in summer. Alcohol, nicotine, coffee and other addictions can do you more harm than good. The danger of colds is also given and appropriate teas can be very helpful - in connection with blessed water and a few prayers with Me to accelerate the healing or regeneration process. Listen to your bodies, they will show you what you need. Amen.


11 September 2021

Light and Shadow

My children, today holds much light, but also shadow. You, as My extended arms on earth, are in the fortunate position of being able to do good at any time you wish, and thus work voluntarily in My vineyard every day. Your ways of thinking and acting are so strongly connected with Me that you would be missing something if you could not do or think good every day. Today, however, there is also light and shadow in many worldly-oriented people, whereby you, as My extended arms on earth, gladly guide in love and joy in a spiritual way the newly awakened people who now want to walk the path of the heart, lovingly take them symbolically by the hand through heartfelt prayers. All will be well! Amen.



10 September 2021

World-wide tension

My children, many of the worldly-minded people's nerves are frayed and there is a great tension on earth. The people no longer want to be oppressed and want to return to a calm, stress-free life. This is also reflected in the entire energetic and worldly field on earth and is gradually spreading everywhere. The other side is downright afraid of this, because then the worldwide control they are trying to achieve would no longer exist, as they are only a very small minority compared to the world's population. In other words, if a large part of the world's population awakens and understands - even if only to a small extent - what has been and is still being done to them on earth as guinea pigs, the henchmen of the other side can only try to find a hiding place as quickly as possible, because then there will be a cleansing on earth and a large part of those who have tortured, mistreated or lied to and deceived the people will quickly experience their resonance. Amen. 


9 September 2021

Many people take precautions

My children, not only you, My extended arms on earth, know how important specific provision is. More and more of the worldly-minded people also understand that what is happening is not in their favour. It is not only sensible to take precautions, it is very important. Some countries on earth already have targeted shortages and partly empty shops. Please remain in inner peace, My children. All will be well! Amen.


8 September 2021 

The light is getting stronger 

My children, more and more worldly-minded people are realising that there is nothing good behind the so-called "vaccination campaign" and that predominantly vaccinated people are filling hospitals worldwide. The cover-ups in this regard are crumbling more and more. However, this also anchors the light on earth more strongly and the other side swerves to extreme tall tales and pure fear-mongering scenarios, because they see their "skins slowly swimming away", to put it this way. You, My faithful children worldwide, continue to be the bulwarks on the one hand that block the other side with your daily good deeds in a voluntary way and on the other hand beacons and helpers for people who are awakening and need spiritual or other help. All will be well! Amen.


7 September 2021

Please do not be afraid

My children, it is important that you, no matter what fears of any kind are being trumpeted in the public media, nevertheless remain in your inner peace and, if fears arise in you, immediately pass them on to Me for transformation through intimate prayer. The constellation of today is very strong for people who follow astrology. But since you, like every day, joyfully and voluntarily do so much good in My vineyard, My children, who are faithful to Me, will continue to be protected and sheltered within the framework of their life plan. Depending on the resonance, worldly-minded people must also reckon with the fact that things may get a little more turbulent in various areas in the near future. All will be well! Amen.


6 September 2021

Trust is the basic prerequisite

My children, no matter where you are, what you are doing or how you are doing: Absolute TRUST in Me and My healing power and My protection are the basic prerequisites for you to get through life well and to let yourselves be guided by My guardian angels, whom I place at your side and the people assigned to you by Me - or who come to you through the law of resonance - who help and/or support you. All will be well! Amen.


5 September 2021

Pay attention to alkaline nutrition

My children, especially in this hectic world, in addition to conscious eating and drinking, it is very important to eat as alkaline as possible. Ailments, aches and pains and what people call "illness" can only stay, grow and flourish in an acidic environment. If you consistently give your body an alkaline diet and also drink alkaline drinks every day, such as a glass of water with bicarbonate of soda, for example, you will then, if you persevere, convert your body to alkaline and thus help to detoxify it and remove negative things. It is important to be consistent and also to think and act positively and to always be lovingly connected with Me through intimate prayer. Amen



4 September 2021

Days go by in a flash

My children, many of you - but also many worldly-minded people - feel that the days go by much too fast and often they don't even know - without looking - which day it is. Well, time on earth has become faster and because the days go by so quickly, people get confused with their rhythm. Especially when you are on the move, time seems to "fly", as some of you so lovingly put it. If you have a fixed programme for the day, it often happens that you cannot fulfil it. Nevertheless, remain in your inner peace and continue to do such wonderful voluntary things. All will be well! Amen.


3 September 2021

Keeping order helps

My children, many of you are aware of it, but it is often not followed as strictly as it would be good for you: order at home! Some of you have problems with various things that disturb you. Whether it's a plague of wasps or ants, sometimes bad weather and in its wake mice or rats... It's not always to do with clutter, but if you have everything tidy, it's much easier to tidy up, find things or generally keep track of things. In Spain this summer there is a plague of ants in the south of the country. Some of you are affected by it. Just keeping things tidy is often not enough and so some of you have decided to keep the house as clean as possible and to cook and sometimes sleep outside, because ants in bed are not a pleasant situation. Here again the German tinkerer comes into play and finds ways and means. Those who were affected by the flood should realise that there is no point in renovating or recreating everything in the same place again, because water always finds its way. Why I am telling you this in such detail now is because - no matter what happens - signs are always there for people to recognise and draw their conclusions from. That is to say: Of course, people who can live in warm climes all year round are often envied by worldly-minded people, but you see: These people also have to live with inconveniences or try to make the best of them. So if you keep your home tidy and don't give ants or mice a chance to find anything, it will be easier for you than if you have to move a lot of ballast aside first in order to see the situation and defuse it if necessary. You should also keep your supplies in order, My children, for this is a great time saver. Amen.


2 September 2021

Remain in tranquillity

My children, in the coming days it is very important to remain in inner peace and to do your - so immensely important - good deeds in a voluntary way. To what extent the events that have already happened in the subtle world will now also show up in the physical world depends on some decisions. In any case, September will not be boring. Everything will be good! Amen. 


1 September 2021

A month with ups and downs

My children, September will be a month with ups and also downs - depending on how you look at it and how you act. What started in August will now be continued, but partly with different intentions and energies. It is similar to the second part of a successful film, where the sequel is also acted differently. Most of what you see on TV are specially produced sequences and short films, but they are supposed to look like realistic things. Since most of the media is under the control of the other side, there is of course a "one-size-fits-all" approach to the major TV channels. Only those who permanently avoid television are no longer manipulated by these energies and "led on a long leash". Please remain calm, My children. All will be well! Amen.


31 August 2021

August comes to an end

My children, a memorable month of August is coming to an end and much that has happened has not yet come to light. September continues with changed energies and your many good deeds make a great contribution on a spiritual and physical level. Only those who help voluntarily can achieve good. Amen.



30 August 2021

Pay attention to subtleties

My children, please always pay attention to subtleties in your country, or state, or even your community, because the "rules" are not the same everywhere. Since attempts are now being made to portray unvaccinated people as second-class people and possibly also to treat them, you should pay close attention to everything and hand over your worries and problems to Me for transformation through intimate prayer. Remember that all will be well, but there are still some stumbling blocks to be cleared out of the way. Your voluntary good deeds are a key to this. Amen.


29 August 2021

Spiritual irradiations

My children, when you pray intimately and also send and pray light for friends, relatives and acquaintances, this always happens within the framework of the respective life plan. However, the possibilities of help that a person can receive within his or her framework are not exhausted in most cases. That is to say: Whoever prays fervently for something or someone or sends light there, thereby initiates a process of spiritual irradiation and often small spurts of it are enough to send a person on the path to recovery or to achieve what you call spontaneous healing. But in most cases it is only the filling up of gaps that has kept that body in a state of weakness. If the body is inwardly and outwardly spiritually filled or charged with all good energies, that person is also well. Amen.


28 August 2021

If people knew...

My children, if the worldly-minded people knew what the other side and their henchmen do to them every day, you would have had a civil war long ago. Many of these people, however, do not want to get out of their self-made "all-round carefree package" - from their point of view, mind you, and mostly reject changes offered by you - without even listening to them, because then the ideal world they still have in their heads would collapse. Many of these people have only allowed themselves to be vaccinated so that after this "crisis" their "ideal world" will return. But you know only too well, My children, that this is not the case. Your daily diligence in a voluntary way, are a jewel of help and healing in this dull world, My children. All will be well! Amen. 


27 August 2021

Overstimulation of the senses

My children, not only on television or radio is there an overstimulation of the senses and stimuli, so that the worldly-oriented person can no longer think clearly at all and is permanently kept in his "Sleeping Beauty sleep", - as far as spiritual awakening is concerned - by this overstimulation. Only those who manage to put an end to this targeted overstimulation and to renounce mind-manipulating mass media, will after a certain time come to the realisation that what the mass media and politicians demand from people is not in the spirit of what I originally gave to people. This means: Whoever manages to get out of this extreme overstimulation, to take a simple path and to come back into harmony with his soul and his heart, will sooner or later find a path for himself and possibly also for his family and friends, which ultimately also leads to Me and My FATHER'S HOUSE. All will be well! Amen. 


26 August 2021

Relative calm still prevails

My children, it is still relatively quiet on earth. It is also partly up to you how much negative energy can be averted and transformed daily - through your voluntary good deeds. The other side wants to initiate a great war through insidious manoeuvres. But the majority of humanity wants peace and the more people awaken and understand what is going on on earth, the better it is for peaceful development. All will be well! Amen.


25 August 2021

Power Struggle

My children, a power struggle of a special kind is raging on earth at the moment. The Light continues to send the darkness back with fair methods and the darkness continues to try to "keep its flags flying" with all kinds of unfair tricks. This means: Do not be surprised, My children, if from now on, in the near future, many of the dark machinations come to light and at the same time the other side also brings ever more unfair and partly outrageous things into the so-called public, which can hardly be grasped from a human point of view, whereby the subject of vaccination takes a key position with them. Despite everything, you remain in your inner centre and do so much good in a voluntary way, which acts as a bulwark against the other side. All will be well! Amen.


24 August 2021


My children, many of you are connected with each other - whether spiritually or also in real life, it does not matter. Through mutual help - spiritual or physical - many things can become even better. If you knew how many of you, My children who are faithful to Me, do good in a voluntary way every day all over the world. You would be positively delighted! Every day more people wake up who until now had still been unconsciously and subconsciously in a "Sleeping Beauty sleep". The fatal side effects of vaccination also make many people sceptical and then go on the offensive. Vaccination supporters very often turn into vaccination opponents as a result of certain events. All will be well! Amen.


23 August 2021

The inner centre

My children, in many industrialised countries it is not at all easy to maintain one's inner centre even during the day in everyday life. Some southern countries show people how to do it: They take a "siesta" and during this time, calmness and serenity are the order of the day in many places. Well, the hectic life in Germany, for example, has become somewhat less so compared to before the confinement and compulsory masks. In the New Age that is being striven for, there is no hustle and bustle and also no jealousies. Every human being grants everything to every other human being and everyone is allowed to do in peace and harmony what he or she is able to do and likes to do voluntarily. Many of you already see this as paradise, although it is only a preliminary stage of it. That is why I am so pleased about how willingly and in heartfelt humility you do so much good every day, My children. All will be well! Amen.


22 August 2021

Chaff and wheat in August

My children, for a long time the other side has been trying to vaccinate as many people as possible, because then in the vast majority of cases they have control over them and can also influence their lives in a certain way. Only a strong will and absolute trust in Me can then still help to reverse this process. Strong will also includes a change of diet and a physical detoxification. You, My extended arms on earth, now also have it in your hands to influence people who are vaccinated and want to be detoxified and unvaccinated people through your daily good deeds in a voluntary way, in order to symbolically strengthen their back. Those who are receptive to good deeds of a spiritual nature will receive help, as far as the person himself allows it. Amen.


21 August 2021

Much is in motion

My children, much is in motion on earth. This concerns all directions and points of view. Through the fact that more and more pressure is being exerted on the worldly-oriented people, many are also waking up and realising what kind of a play is being put on. Therefore, remain calm, My children, and continue to do your daily voluntary deeds so lovingly and full of joy. All will be well! Amen. 


20 August 2021

Why fervent prayers are so important now

My children, since the news about Afghanistan, the other side is constantly trying to fan the flames of war. It is precisely at this time that your heartfelt prayers and all other good deeds are so immensely important, which you joyfully do voluntarily, as a bulwark against the destructive and inhuman energies of the other side. Amen.



19 August 2021

Much is moving on earth

My children, much is in motion and more and more people are feeling it. The awakening process has set in motion a chain reaction that is constantly growing stronger. Occasionally it is stopped, as for example in Germany and also Austria. But since it has started in other countries, a lot will happen by the end of the month, provided people continue to steadfastly refuse vaccinations. Amen.


18 August 2021

Provocations in many places

My children, it is not only through the distinction between "vaccinated" and "unvaccinated" people that provocations are made and attempts are made to drive a wedge between people. Afghanistan is yet another trouble spot. The other side is once again trying everything not to go under and continues to abide by no laws, such as people's free will. But whoever believes in Me, trusts Me and does good, will always get his back as a response and also all the help within the framework of his life plan. All will be well! Amen.


17 August 2021

If My children knew how strong they are

My children, you, as My extended arms on earth, are the possibility for Me to do many things without intervening. In dreams, visions or also in twilight sleep - or shortly before waking up - I give you inspirations and help again and again. Some of you received concrete inspirations last night about what may now be done on earth. You have a power within you - as My children who are faithful to Me and extended arms on earth, which you cannot imagine in the least. Each one of My children, faithful to Me, when working for Me in a voluntary way, has with them not only an army of guardian angels, but also healing powers for nature, for example, that far outshine your so-called self-made devices. My writing channel here yesterday spoke of the healing power of the Ganges water. Well, it is indeed the case that this water and also some other sources, are pure and blessed by Me - and depending on faith and trust in My divine love for all that lives, healing can then also take place in a short time or over a longer period of time. As some of you have already realised, everything takes place on a large as well as a small scale. That is to say, a model or a photograph can bring healing or help just as much as the original. I already told My Writing Channel here last night that he may create an energy picture of the Ganges Healing Water, which you are also welcome to download and use. Everything always works within faith and in connection with the life plan, which has already been expanded for most of you. So allow the power to come through as you pray fervently and do good. It is coming! All will be well! Amen.


16 August 2021

The everyday wish

My children, a great many worldly-minded people wish for nothing more than to return to the life before confinement and mask duty. They would like to have their accustomed everyday life from before again. But that will not happen, My children. The spiritual change is already too far advanced. You are with your daily good deeds, in a voluntary way, a great help in the transformation that will happen. Be patient! Amen.


15 August 2021

What moves people in August

My children, rarely have people had so many problems at the height of summer as they did this year and last year. Only that this year it is more serious, because many things are being done with blackmail and pressure to force people to vaccinate. It is also mental pressure that is being exerted and here you see very well, My children, how wheat and chaff separate. Those who are strong in faith manage to remain unvaccinated and prefer to do without comforts or their profession. But there are also very many people who are not so strongly connected with Me and nevertheless consciously refuse vaccinations for reasons of conscience or other sensible knowledge. All will be well! Amen.


14 August 2021


My children, everywhere in the world changes will now gradually happen and some of them will already be visible. More and more people are awakening because they realise that the hoped-for solution via vaccinations has had exactly the opposite effect. Your daily, voluntary good deeds are so immensely important, My children. All will be well! Amen.


13 August 2021

People change

My children, the worldly-oriented people who voluntarily had themselves vaccinated, received various toxins in their bodies through this. These cause - depending on their resistance - a small or even a big change in their personality - up to severe illnesses or the transition to other realms. This means: Avoid skin contact with vaccinated people, because these toxins can also be transmitted through sweat or other body fluids. Absolute protection is only intimate prayer with Me and the protective mantle that you thereby place yourselves under. Those who have now prayed for vaccinated people and continue to do so, help these people within the framework of the individual's life plan, as far as it is possible. Your daily good deeds, done voluntarily, help in many ways and without them the earth would not be where it is now. Things are looking up, My children! Amen.


12 August 2021

Things are in the making

My children, in the subtle realm much has already been decided and in the gross realm much is in the making. This means: Be patient, My children, symbolic hurdles, stumbling blocks and much more must first be cleared away little by little in love. All will be well! Amen.


11 August 2021

Be clear...

My children, be aware that almost everything you hear or see in the public media is manipulated and / or lies. They have ways and means to deceive every person who is not connected to Me and knows what is really happening on earth. It used to be said, "I only believe what I have seen with my own eyes." Well, this is even less true now than it was a few decades ago. By means of computer technologies and / or so-called "greenscreens", they can create any film situation or image montage they want. Hologram technology is also very advanced. They can visually create anything that people are supposed to see. Only those who are intimately connected with Me will immediately sense or realise that all that is initiated from the other side contains lies, malice, falsehood, negative destruction and much more. But whoever stands under My protective mantle and sends "JESUS CHRIST IS WINNER!" into the world as a positive vibration, thereby automatically lets their structures of lies gradually collapse like unstable houses of cards, My children. All will be well! Amen.



10 August 2021

Artificial scaremongering

My children, in many parts of the world, an artificial scarcity of resources has been started and thereby also an artificial scaremongering has been brought into being. Never forget: Germany is the key country for the other side. They want with all their might for Germany to be down and not, as after various wars since the late Middle Ages, for it to miraculously rise again. In other words, Germany and all German-speaking countries have a force within them that is a thorn in the other side's side. Please do not let yourselves be infected by this scaremongering and continue to remain in your inner peace to complete your daily, voluntarily performed good deeds, which also help every country on earth where help is permitted by the free will of the people. All will be well! Amen. 


9 August 2021

Paying attention to subtleties

My children, I have already explained to you how to pay attention to subtleties, but now I would like to go into the current situations a little. Ants, wasps, flies, spiders, moths and many other animals can make your life difficult if you are careless with things that may attract these animals. Ants, in particular, are immediately on the spot if you spill, crumble or otherwise emit scents of spilled juices, food scraps etc. that attract these animals. But also make sure that you are prepared for times of crisis, because especially when there is chaos in public life, your supplies should be well protected and then also not attract rodents. Especially in times of crisis, order is very important and the hotter it is outside, the more you should be careful. Other subtleties include choosing who to tell about your situation and who not to tell. Meanwhile, the topic of vaccination should also be handled with "glacé gloves" because reactions to it can be very intense. Many vaccinated people who have realised after the second vaccination that what has entered their body is doing them more harm than good are often very angry and take it out into the public. This often happens via the internet and is quickly spread hundreds of thousands of times and more. It is bubbling under the surface, My children. Therefore, generally pay attention to subtleties in your life. Amen.


8 August 2021

An intense day

My children, today 8.8. is a very intense day for both sides. You, as My extended arms on earth, are very welcome to work a little more voluntarily in My vineyard today, for it is necessary. All will be well! Amen.


7 August 2021

When people awaken

My children, what do you think will happen when the worldly-minded people learn the truth about the poisons in the syringes. Then, however, many official representatives of various parties or the other side can "dress warmly". You, as My extended arms on earth, help daily so that the truth will come to light. How long it will take depends on various things. Your daily voluntary work in My vineyard is a very powerful aid to this - besides all the other wonderful things that happen or are supported by it. Amen. 


6 August 2021

How do you want to live?

My children, you still have many choices as to how and where you want to live. If many people do not awaken in the foreseeable future, the other side will try to further restrict people's rights and freedoms. It is precisely here that you, as a counterbalance, are also doing your good deeds - in a voluntary way - every day in My vineyard. Amen.


5 August 2021

Everything depends on electricity

My children, without electricity your world on earth collapses and in the event of a prolonged power cut, chaos is perfect. Many of you have braced yourselves against this by having alternative options at home, such as gas cookers, external water supply, sufficient supplies etc.  Just a power cut that lasts a few hours causes crisis-like scenarios for many people. If you have too much technology in your house, you may not be able to leave the house in the event of a power cut. Therefore, always try to find a way to have a backup plan, My Children. All will be well! Amen.


4 August 2021

Pay attention to intuitions

My children, you will receive promptings and help of various kinds again and again now and in the near future. Pay attention to them and also let them flow into your life if it pleases you and you would like to have help. All will be well! Amen.


3 August 2021


My children, it is very important that you remain mobile in all ways. Both mentally and physically, as long as you have no limitations there. Move your feet and walk barefoot as often as you can. Your feet will thank you. Wear shoes that are comfortable and still leave room for your toes. Avoid tight clothing and keep your head free of blockages and restrictions. I give you this important and well-meant advice now, because in times like these it is important to be flexible and as free as possible on all levels. All will be well! Amen.  


2 August 2021

It becomes energetic

My children, when I tell you that it will become energetic, it means that all energies that are feasible on earth will be energetically amplified. This means: You will notice that an energetic jolt goes through and around the earth and many things will happen as a result. All will be well! Amen.



1 August 2021

Joy and sorrow

My children, joy and sorrow are often close together. In August there will be both in greater quantities. My children, who are faithful to Me, will predominantly experience joyful things and people who do not believe in Me, or who have pushed Me far away, will rather experience sad things. The law of resonance always works and even with those people who are protected by the other side, it also comes about - even if sometimes later. You, as My extended arms on earth, get your resonances for your good deeds very quickly. All will be well! Amen.


31 July 2021

It will be turbulent

My children, August 2021 has a lot in store and depending on the awakening process it will be a little more violent or milder. People do not want to be enslaved, My children! Your daily, voluntary good deeds and works in My vineyard are not only important, but also a "nudge" for many people to also do good. This process takes place predominantly in the subtle realm. So continue to be in good spirits, remain in your inner centre and connect with Me in heartfelt prayer as often as you need to and thereby place yourselves under My protective mantle. All will be well! Amen.


30 July 2021

Radiation in the world is increasing

My children, the other side hardly knows how to help itself but to turn up the radiation of the pylons. Some of you have already felt it and immediately got headaches. I was asked by you in heartfelt prayer whether it helps to put aluminium foil - folded several times - on the places where the head hurts particularly. It is a possibility, but it does not work for everyone. Avoid radiation where you can and please do not use your mobile all-rounders around the clock. I give you this well-meant advice, My children. All will be well! Amen.


29 July 2021

More and more people are waking up

My children, more and more of the worldly-oriented people are waking up from the stupor in which they have been artificially kept by the so-called matrix. Those who consciously do without the daily dose of continuous radio and television will soon notice how the fogged senses of the worldly-oriented people are gradually clearing up. In other words, various scenarios from the other side are waking up many of the people who until now still believed that politicians only wanted to do them good. But the flood disasters have caused many people to rethink. Please continue to remain calm, My children. All will be well! Amen.


28 July 2021

How important it is to stock up

My children, I would like to recommend to you once again to stock up enough food, water and other drinks, as well as all the important things you need for daily life. The other side has for some time been creating an artificial shortage of important goods and also of food. In other words, either not enough is being produced, destroyed or otherwise made scarce. This can also be important raw materials or spare parts for machines, cars, etc. However, please continue to remain in your inner centre and continue to do your daily good deeds in a voluntary way, full of joy, which are a very strong spiritual and partly also material bulwark against the machinations of the other side. Amen.


27 July 2021

Unusual things

My children, unusual things are happening on earth from many points of view, but a large part of them are meant to be so, that is, they are intended. In order to understand in the great overall understanding why this or that is happening right now, the awakened human being needs a great spectrum of knowledge and should also be able to connect the threads in between. In other words, do not worry, My children, for your daily good deeds done voluntarily are, from a spiritual point of view, more valuable than all the gold and jewellery on earth. All will be well! Amen.


26 July 2021

Conscious manipulations worldwide

My children, if you listen carefully, you will hear every day in the public media how people who are not intimately connected to Me and who are exposed to this constant sprinkling on their TV sets, for example, are deliberately manipulated by the constant repetition and stoking of fears. My writing channel here just asked Me in heartfelt prayer if I could also address the subject of the Olympics. Well, those who only strive for fame and glory are not walking the path of the heart. Moreover, all participants in this ritual "bread and games" show are kept away from the truths with fears, among other things. If you knew, My children, how many of today's people, solely out of greed, lust for power, desire for success, wealth and much more, made a deal with the highest entities of the other side a long time ago and gave their souls for it - and thus have to slip into similar roles over and over again in the following incarnations like in a hamster wheel. But whoever is honest, has no inclination towards extreme wealth, is modest and lives his life honestly and peacefully with Me by his side, is many times richer than all the trinkets that exist on earth, for this wealth is the knowledge that one lives his life in love, peace and all other good things, in harmony with Me and thereby voluntarily helps to do good every day. All will be well! Amen. 


25 July 2021

When distractions have only a limited effect

My children, despite the beginning of "bread and games" activities worldwide and also with you in Germany through football, people do not allow themselves to be distracted as much as hoped. The other side therefore continues to try to distribute its "carrot" and only later to symbolically take out the "stick" from the stubborn people. This is precisely why your voluntary, daily work in My vineyard is so important, My children. All will be well! Amen.


24 July 2021

Your bodies are already preparing

My children, some of you have already felt it: the new energies that I had already announced to you also cause you to eat less, to become tired now and then without good reason and to want to take a short "nap". Those who can, should do so. The new energies also bring about a different understanding of your own body and general nature. In other words, you get to know your body better, its wishes, its habits - but also when it urgently needs breaks or time-outs. The more you are in your inner centre, My children, the faster and more intensely you notice the changes.  All will be well! Amen.


23 July 2021

Wish Fulfillment

My children, today questions from you will be answered, that is, wishes fulfilled. First of all, I would like to briefly address the situation in Britain. Because of this "self-isolation app", public life is largely collapsing if it continues to be active. Several million Britons are missing from daily life and supermarket shelves remain empty, rubbish is not collected, logistics collapse and much more. Some of you are worried that this is a bellwether for other countries too. Well, a lot depends on the people themselves, how they behave and how they stand by each other - even in crisis situations. The other side is trying to turn the help of the citizens in Germany into a negative and their vassals in the public media have to do what they are told. If you continue to focus only on your centre, as I have recommended, you can continue to do the most intensive healing work every part in a voluntary way, which is so immensely important. Another question was how to behave when the anger at what is happening becomes almost overwhelming. Well, I understand you well, My children, but never forget that what is being shown has been planned for a very long time in the dark channels of the other side and they hope that people will get angry, because then they can suck the energies out of them, because a large part of the other side lives only on anger, hatred, extreme emotions and the like. Love, peace, harmony, balance, joy, warmth of heart and many other positive things are something the other side shuns like pure consecrated water! So try to turn your anger into love and understanding - even if it sometimes seems difficult. In hindsight you will realise how important this process has been for you, your soul and your healing work. If you meet the anger and hatred of the other side with your love and understanding, it cannot spill over to you and must give way. The more love and understanding, to name but these two things, are opposed to the other side, they must give way, for they cannot oppose pure love. Now I come to the last fulfilment of a question of yours for today, which was also asked, like the other questions, about intimate prayer: Yes, it makes sense, as I have recommended to you again and again for many years, to take precautions, to stock food and water in larger quantities. In addition, everything that is urgently needed in daily life. Those who do not stock up do not have to be surprised if there will be shortages in the foreseeable future - or the other side of the coin shows: extreme price explosions for things of daily life, which are difficult to obtain through deliberate artificial scarcity. Understand, My children, this time called "end time" is littered with many hurdles and blockages and yet there is a path of the heart that you can walk with Me by your side and thus avoid the roughest obstacles, if absolute trust in Me and My healing power, constantly exists. Therefore, always remain calm and be certain that I always stand by all My children, who are faithful to Me, and help them - as far as they allow it. All will be well! Amen. 



22 July 2021

People stick together

My children, the willingness to help - not only in Germany - is great! I am very happy when people pray again and again and these helpers recognise or have recognised how important it is to be united with Me in heartfelt prayer, because then things quickly become clearer and the perfidious plans of the other side can be seen through more and more quickly. My children, in such scenarios you very quickly recognise who has a soul and who does not. It is not for nothing that many have sold their souls to the leaders of the other side for the sake of fame, fortune, being better off, etc. If you pray for all life forms on earth, each life form will really receive the share for which it has opened itself. That is to say, only if the life form is receptive to prayer at all can it get something out of it. Now you also know why prayers do not work with dark beings, unless they have already opened themselves minimally to it. Please remain calm and in your inner centre, My children, and continue to have your immense patience. All will be well! Amen.


21 July 2021

Nature is in turmoil

My children, as you have already noticed in part, nature on earth is in turmoil and it is a kind of turmoil that is now taking place in many - not all - parts of the world. As you know, you can play your part in calming and purifying it. First of all, it is very important that in your voluntary good deeds you always pray for balance in the weather. Furthermore, you are welcome to sprinkle every stream, river or other body of water with My healing blessing - spoken in My name. This is also possible at a distance. I give you an example of this: Suppose you now want to connect a river or a dam, for example, with My blessing, you can do it as follows: I bless you in the name of the FATHER, the SON and the HOLY SPIRIT with the healing energy of GOD and send you now everything healing, cleansing and peaceful, so that you can resume your normal work in love and return to your inner centre. So it is and so be! Amen. Amen. Amen. In this way you may gladly bless in My name, if you have first intimately united with Me. All will be well! Amen.


20 July 2021

Things are moving forward

My children, even if it does not seem so at the moment: It is nevertheless steadily progressing with the development of the spiritual on earth! Of course, all obstacles must first be lovingly cleared out of the way, if possible, and the rebellion of the other side is also still something that can take time. Nevertheless, we are continuing persistently towards the purification of the earth. Amen.


19 July 2021


My children, since the politicians in the world are for the most part only puppets of the other side, people often have no choice but to help each other themselves. After all, it is not only Germany that has been hit hard, but other countries as well. If you could see from above what the earth looks like right now, My children. Your many prayers, light transmissions, shouts of victory and good deeds/thoughts continue to be a guarantee that the other side cannot take over on earth. You see: You are voluntary helpers on the spiritual level and then there are the voluntary helpers on the worldly level. All will be well! Amen.


18 July 2021

Everything Planned from Long Hand

My children, you have seen it on the Internet or on television: The floods that are supposed to plunge parts of Germany into chaos - if the other side has its way. But Germany still has people who can lend a hand and also help to eliminate crises. The bureaucracy in Germany is a special case anyway and organising help in an unbureaucratic way is what is needed now. I have already told you many times that there is no such thing as coincidence and that the other side does not think and plan in a few years, but over decades and sometimes even longer. To understand what is going on in Germany right now, you would have to go back very far in the history of the earth. Germany and all people of German origin have always been a thorn in the other side's side and various attempts to exterminate you and your country have fortunately failed. Bear in mind that all My children, who are faithful to Me, are now united with each other in spirit and part of their spiritual healing work always includes help for crisis areas. You, as My extended arms on earth, now have the unique task of continuing to voluntarily do as many good deeds as possible every day. Whoever likes can also support this physically. But without the spiritual work that you do so wonderfully every day in a voluntary way, the other side would have taken control long ago. You see, My children, how immensely important your spiritual works are. All will be well! Amen.


17 July 2021

Relief actions are underway

My children, the gigantic masses of water that have fallen and are still coming down in parts of the country have become known beyond the borders of Germany, and not only because of the great coverage in the public media. Your prayers help as spiritual aid and protection measures to ensure that help is given. But worldly help is also given. A large part of the people who are affected have nothing to do with Me in the intimate sense and have accordingly been hit as resonances. There are also overlapping resonances for streets, villages, communities, cities or even large areas of land - up to entire federal states. Well, the other side has its fingers in the pie here, most of you were also immediately aware of that. Add to that the law of resonance and the floods and catastrophes happened.  You see, it always makes sense to consider beforehand where you can live relatively safely. Even small streams can become mighty rivers if a lot of water comes down at once or combines with other water masses. Many of you live accordingly in higher and safer locations, as I have often recommended to you in earlier years. But the most important thing, My children, is that you always have absolute trust, for then come what may: You will receive help within the bounds of possibility. Amen.


16 July 2021

Extreme weather turbulence worldwide

My children, you have already experienced some of this to a large extent. Those who believe in Me and ask Me for help will also receive it - within the framework of their own life plan. But what happens when one of My children lives in an area that is to be struck by a disaster for resonance reasons? Well, it is similar to other disasters. The child who prays fervently gets the best protection. Under certain circumstances, neighbours or nearby residents also receive this protection in an indirect way. In extreme cases, however, only the house of the child who has prayed fervently with Me will be spared. Something like this has happened to my writing channel here several times and to some of you as well. This means: I do not intervene! The Law of Resonance fulfils all resonances. If you hear that there are forewarnings for certain areas, you are welcome to send your daily prayers and light transmissions there voluntarily, My children. It helps within the given possibilities. All will be well! Amen.   



15 July 2021

Joy in life

My children, with the present situations on earth, many people are losing joy, laughter and also the loving affections of a spiritual nature for all life forms. Allow your bodies to laugh, My children! Rejoice in the most diverse things of life that please you! Pay attention to how nature behaves. Whether it is rain, wind or sunshine, nature never gives up and always tries to make the best of a situation. You should handle it the same way, because I always recommend to you that no matter what happens, you should always look at everything from the positive side, because often it is learning and experience processes that you then go through. But if you have placed yourself under My protective mantle beforehand through intimate prayer, you will realise what a big difference there is between protection and being at My mercy. Often a rain or storm front stops right in front of the house where a child of Mine has prayed intimately for protection and help, to name just one recent example. Understand, My children: The joy of life is an important building block which you need so that your entire world view remains solid in its centre. Amen.  


14 July 2021

Summer feelings do not arise everywhere

My children, in many places summer feelings simply do not want to arise in the worldly-oriented people. It is even already the case in many places that people are wishing for the conditions of before 2019 to return, when, from their point of view, it was still an ideal world. The fact that this is, of course, only a subjective view does not bother many. They want the life back that they had before the great restrictions. If only these people knew how much they could help, through daily good deeds, that events on earth would soon become better. Therefore, remain calm and be certain, My children: Your daily good deeds, done voluntarily, accomplish much that is positive on earth and, like a boomerang, come back to you strengthened in a positive way. Amen. 


13 July 2021

It is getting tighter

My children, it is getting tighter and tighter for the other side, because in addition to the many worldwide clean-up operations, more and more people are awakening from their "slumber". Therefore, continue to be in good spirits as you have been up to now and the most valuable thing you can do, apart from absolute TRUST in My love, help and healing power, is to continue your daily, voluntarily performed good deeds, as they are so immensely important and full of help. Amen.


12 July 2021

The weather is out of control

My children, in many parts of the world the weather has been thrown off its original track by extremely intensified weather manipulations from the other side. Again, please feel free to join in prayer and place your focus on "weather calming" and "natural seasonal weather" and incorporate these vibrations into your voluntary prayers and light transmissions that you celebrate daily. Amen.


11 July 2021

Power struggles

My children, the other side is rearing its ugly head and there are power struggles on various physical levels. Do not allow yourselves to be forced into anything, remain in your centre and do everything good that you think you want to do voluntarily. You will receive many inspirations for this in your dreams or in your real consciousness, and you will also sometimes meet people who will help you or you will help them. Please remain calm, My children. All will be well! Amen.


10 July 2021

Ways and Means

My children, there are ways and means that you can take when you have to deal with vaccinated people in your daily life. First and foremost, of course, there is My protective mantle, which protects and guards you through intimate prayer. But there is also the possibility, for example, to wrap your flatmates or work colleagues etc. in a kind of "protective cocoon" through intimate prayer, for the time when you are together with them or have to be together, if it is of a professional nature, for example. This was a great demand on your part and I have made this possibility available to you. Nevertheless, great caution is still advised, for you do not know who is vaccinated and who is not when you are out and about in daily life. As I said, the optimal situation is that you try to remain in your inner centre and maintain the protective mantle that I gladly make available to you - through intimate prayer. Your daily good deeds, done voluntarily, contribute to the fact that you are protected and do much good in this world, which is freeing itself bit by bit from its attachments and fetters of the other side. Amen.



9 July 2021

Let joy into your lives

My children, some of you are very sad because family members, relatives and also friends have had vaccinations and now you have cut off or pushed away contact with them. I know it is a hard time! Now the wheat is being separated from the chaff, as you know. Each person is responsible for his own destiny, My children. You know the well-known saying: "He who does not want to hear must feel". It sounds harsh, but that is how it is! The law of resonance also works with this, as you know. Keep praying for your friends or relatives, My children. Not every vaccinated person will die from it, but very many will not recover from the special poisons that are administered via the injections. Life is not a bed of roses, My children! If the truth "comes to you" through your own initiative or otherwise, you should also draw the right conclusions from it, as you have for the most part always done and continue to do, for never forget: The other side is only interested in ruling on earth with all its might and in making humanity, which in their eyes should be drastically reduced, work for them as slaves! But you are free human beings and whoever believes in Me and trusts Me is always protected and sheltered within the framework of his own life plan, which for many of you has already been extended and improved many times - through your good deeds and voluntary tasks, which are so immensely important! Therefore, put away your sadness and sorrow and allow more joy into your lives, for this gives you strength, which you urgently need in connection with love. All will be well! Amen. 


8 July 2021

Your Bodies

My children, some of you have already noticed that your bodies have changed due to the new energies on earth. The eating behaviour of many of you is also changing now. This means that you need less food to be full, but you usually drink more blessed water. Some of you have blamed it on the summer, but it is only a small part of it. Feel into yourselves, My children, and you will feel that something positive is happening within you. All will be well! Amen.



7 July 2021


My children, the unvaccinated people who have consciously awakened are increasingly separating themselves from the vaccinated people, because in many cases they have already experienced that vaccinated people can release toxins through the skin or also through the breath. Some also intuitively avoid them because they feel that their energy is not good for them. If you now have contact with vaccinated people, you should always place yourselves under My protective mantle beforehand through intimate prayer, My children. Furthermore, avoid careless things where you could have physical contact. My protective mantle is normally sufficient when the person is in his midst. But fears, worries, etc. quickly shrink the protection and not everyone then thinks of renewing it. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to go through life consciously and no longer - without thinking too much, as many of My children, who are faithful to Me, used to do. Amen. 


6 July 2021

Movement and rest

My children, you know that movement is very important - but also rest. That means: Especially now, in the height of summer, it is immensely important to pay close attention that you exercise your movements regularly and also take breaks to rest. Your body will thank you for it! Also remember to drink enough blessed water. Amen.


5 July 2021

No compulsion

My children, I can only recommend to you again and again not to be vaccinated and also to reject any coercion if, for example, the employer or the relatives want to force or coerce you to get this said vaccination. Your salvation is in danger through such a vaccination/vaccinations, My children! Remain in your inner centre, pray fervently and trust in My protection, which you will receive! This is now a so-called "end-time test", My children! Please remain steadfast! I am always with you! Amen.


4 July 2021

A special day

My children, the fourth of July this year is a special day - not only for the Americans. Today, too, the most important thing for My children, who are faithful to Me, is to voluntarily do good on all levels. Your FATHER in JESUS CHRIST rejoices in this! Amen.


3 July 2021

Upsets in the world

My children, with the beginning of the month of July I had already announced changes to you. Some are happening in secret and others are gradually coming out into the open. The whole world is in turmoil, although in midsummer there should normally be peace, holidays, enjoyment of the beautiful weather, etc. Do not let yourselves be caught up in this turmoil. Do not let yourselves be infected by this agitation, but remain in your inner centre and continue to do your good deeds every day in a voluntary way. This is recommended to you by your loving FATHER who is always there for you. Amen. 


2 July 2021

Purposeful letting go

My children, even if it comes as a surprise to some of you: Now is a good time to let go of old things, that is: "clean out", tidy up and let go. Whoever now says: "You can't do that in summer weather," I say to you: Yes, it can! It's just a matter of classification and attitude. You will find that this is good for your spiritual development, because the other side can be annoyed by old energies that you still have in the form of things that you have not yet been able to let go of - or you can waste precious time searching for things that you could have used otherwise, because the order that you need is not there. Think about it! Amen.  


1 July 2021

Harness the power of summer

My children, it sounds like a wish from the heart of someone who longingly yearns for a holiday and wants nothing more than warmth and time out! But these are exactly the wishes of many people who, due to the "forced masquerade" and partly also due to the imposed and subconsciously "foisted" vaccinations, now finally want to enjoy a holiday in freedom. But how great will be the shock and fear when suddenly it is said: vaccinated people have no advantages...or vaccinated people have these and those disadvantages... Understand, My children, I told you from the beginning what you should pay attention to and that you should neither let vaccinations nor any dubious tests come over you! Everything has disadvantages and sometimes even very serious ones! But if you now use the power of the sun and let the warm weather flood your bodies - in moderation, mind you - you will find that your bodies can fill up with energy. Just as you can fill up a car at the petrol station, this is also possible with your bodies, whereby this energy is much more sensitive and can also last longer than a tank of petrol in a car. So listen to your body and give it what it wants. I give you this well-meant advice from the bottom of my heart, My dear children. Amen.


30 June 2021

Gentle transition into the month of July

My children, I have already told you a few things about the month of July 2021 and the transition will be smoother than it was actually planned by the other side, because your good deeds have helped to soften and mitigate the catastrophes that were planned. Therefore, the transition into summer will not be so violent. Some of you have asked Me in heartfelt prayer why there always have to be such violent thunderstorms or storms in Germany. Well, this is due to various things: On the one hand, the other side would like to see Germany very low to the ground and deprive the German people of all their power, and on the other hand, there are many weather manipulations in operation every day in the world, which you can transform or at least weaken through your heartfelt prayers, light transmissions, shouts of victory and good deeds or thoughts. This voluntary service of love is so immensely important and valuable, My children! Amen.


29 June 2021

Blessed Water

My children, there is a huge difference between "normal" water and blessed water. When you drink blessed water, or give it to your loved ones, animals, plants, etc., a special cycle takes place in the body. If it is possible, whatever is pending is also repaired, but only within the framework of the respective life plan. Whoever now again and again joyfully also gives My blessing to his cooking water, for example, through intimate prayer, can in the best case not only save all minerals, vitamins, etc., but also receive them through intimate prayer. You see, My children, whoever is intimately united with Me in love has it easier in life than those people who do not want to hear anything from Me - or have pushed Me far away. Amen.


28 June 2021

The June Energies Sound Out

My children, only a few more days and with the beginning of the month of July other energies are flowing on earth again, which of course also has an effect on the existing energies. That is to say: the wild, turbulent will be tempered and the controlling and available energies will be added. The month of July, which is the holiday month in many cases, will also be used to carry out purifications of various kinds in many areas. This does not mean the worldly-oriented people, but those beings who exercise power. The battle between light and darkness continues, but in the month of the greatest sunshine, the light side has something like a "home advantage". All will be well! Amen.


27 June 2021

Holiday plans

My children, many people are now thinking about holidays and how they can spend them. The governments of many countries have also relaxed their restrictions with the ulterior motive of tightening them again in the autumn. Some of you are also planning to leave your homes to move to warm climes where your physical ailments can be better endured and where the sun and sea breezes quickly bring healing energies. In fact, the south of Spain, for example, is very beneficial in many areas for almost all ailments and pains, My children. Some of you live in such a way that the climate is good for you and also helps to anchor healing energies there, because for many hundreds of years enormous karma has been lying on many seafaring nations. You see, My children, where My children, who are faithful to Me, want to dwell, I have tasks for them which they can fulfil voluntarily. The whole earth still has much sadness, hatred, anger and bad things to deal with and every voluntary help is worth more than all the jewellery in this world. Amen.


26 June 2021

Changes in life

My children, the so-called vaccinations very often separate "wheat from chaff" and there are many changes in life. If you continue to be constantly under My mantle of protection through intimate prayer, you will always be protected and sheltered. Nevertheless, it is wise not to take any risks, for only a brief emotional outburst or fluctuations that take you out of your inner centre will quickly cause the protective mantle to diminish. Try to live your life consciously and in intimate love from now on and keep contact with vaccinated people at a distance. If you pray for them, it is good for their soul and body. But it would be even better if these vaccinated people would come to Me of their own accord and ask Me for protection and help of their own accord. Your FATHER, who is always with you and helpfully stands by your side, within the bounds of what is possible, within the respective plan of life. Amen.


25 June 2021

The final spurt begins

My children, the month of June is slowly coming to an end and a hectic hustle and bustle is taking place everywhere. But since the beings on the other side are real "secret keepers", much will take place in secret. For this reason, too, it is so important that you continue to do so much good in a voluntary way and thereby also send light into the darkness. This means: Be patient, everything will be all right! Amen.


24 June 2021

St John's Day

My children, today is St. John's Day and is also partially officially celebrated. All the children in the world who are named St John or John and also in all variations or feminine forms, such as my writing channel here, in addition to all the other people who care about this day, get a proper energy boost today. In some countries rituals are held which I condone but do not approve of. If a child has something to discuss with Me, he should preferably do so through intimate prayer and not hold rituals. This year, this day gives all people strong energies that do good. That is to say: This year is different from other years and many "sweets" of a spiritual nature are given to My children, who are faithful to Me, again and again, as thanks for their trust, their so valuable spiritual work and as a sign that things are looking up, even if one often does not notice or feel it in the daily hustle and bustle. Amen. 


23 June 2021

Many things are fulfilled

My children, on many levels there have been stagnations and blockages up to now, as far as the worldly life on earth was concerned. Now many knots, entanglements and blockages are gradually loosening and things are coming to pass that are and were planned. Some of you have already perceived the new energies, which are often felt to be very gentle. But you should bear one thing in mind: resonances are fulfilled much more quickly now that the blockages and obstructions have been dissolved. This means: The worldly-oriented people who lie professionally or even in such a way, quite consciously, will get their resonances more quickly and not only in later life, as was often the case in the past. All will be well! Amen. 


22 June 2021

The energies increase

My children, as of today, since midnight to be exact, the energies are gradually increasing and it will have an effect on humanity. Those who consciously or unconsciously accept the new energies will be noticeably relieved and those who reject them will have a more difficult time on earth. Many people will subconsciously accept these new energies - sometimes hesitantly - because if they do not, they will remain stuck in the old system. But the rise of energies is very gentle and takes place over a longer period of time. All will be well! Amen.


21 June 2021

A special day

My children, today is special every year! You, as My extended arms on earth, are often involved in bonfires, solstice celebrations, barbecues etc. on this day.  But the other side also uses this day for their rituals. Therefore, it is very important today to consciously distribute positive thoughts - besides your voluntary, daily good deeds and work in My vineyard. All will be well! Amen.


20 June 2021

The structure of lies in the world is crumbling

My children, it is becoming more and more apparent that the "worldly structure of lies", which symbolically stands for all lies and shameful deeds in the world, is beginning to crumble! This means: Have absolute trust in yourselves and in My help, which you will continue to receive through heartfelt prayers. All will be well! Amen. 


19 June 2021

When spiritual energies meet worldly-oriented energies

My children, especially in business life it happens more often than you think that you meet worldly-oriented people who only have profit and earnings in mind - whereas you would like to act in a righteous way. Whoever intervenes with Me now - through intimate prayer - will always receive help that everything will be done correctly. Imagine now that thousands of My children, who are faithful to Me, are asking and praying for peace on earth and that these dictatorial measures with the imprisonments, forced maskings, vaccinations etc. will be ended. Now your wishes, prayers and much more are there in the form of a David fighting the other side in the form of Goliath. Well, you know how that battle turned out. The other side is of course in the minority in numbers on earth, but through power, threats and brutal disregard for free will, immense numbers of good-hearted people have been intimidated, oppressed and so infamously lied to that they have believed the other side's tall tales from an early age. There is still a wedge between you and the worldly-minded people, but it can become smaller if what is in the making continues in this way. All will be well! Amen. 


18 June 2021

Your bodies signal everything to you

My children, especially in times like these, you should listen carefully to your body. It signals to you exactly when it needs time out, when it wants to sleep, how much and when it wants to eat and drink and everything else. The more sensitive you become, the more you feel exactly what your body needs. Many of you then also take a little nap at midday when your body signals it, for example. All will be well! Amen.


17 June 2021

World Affairs

My children, June 17 used to be an important holiday in Germany and nowadays it is mostly just a normal day in the great annual cycle. World events are in great turmoil and the other side is trying to hold it down with distractions and suppressions. You should pay attention to how cleverly the "bread and games" production still dominates the masses. Some of you have tried to study the energies there and also the behaviour of the followers in terms of wearing masks or not. In fact, many more people should now see through these productions, because everything that is shown and presented there are rituals of the other side. The person who does not protect himself in front of the television or at an "on-site performance" is subjected to these rituals and is drawn into the maelstrom of this mass hypnosis if he does not have a strong will and arm himself accordingly against it. In other words: I recommend you to avoid all events that in any way only serve to manipulate and keep people down as far as awakening from this gigantic "Sleeping Beauty sleep" is concerned. All will be well! Amen.


16 June 2021

Safe in My Love

My children, nothing is more important on earth than your intimate love for Me, for yourselves, and through this you also have the possibility of giving good to all people, through the intimate prayers and good deeds that are open to it. If you knew how good it does you to rest in your inner centre and also to bring and send (prayer) help and support when it is requested. You should always be there for each other and help each other - at least via intimate prayers and light transmissions. Some of you know each other personally and have already made friends. My love always lies protectively over My children who are faithful to Me. I am very happy when you, My children who are faithful to Me, speak to Me regularly through intimate prayer and do so much good in My vineyard, in a voluntary way, so wonderfully. Amen.


15 June 2021

It is becoming more and more noticeable...

My children, even worldly-minded people are noticing more and more that nothing is in order that they thought it was. That is to say: When even the people who normally have little or nothing to do with Me notice that there is much more deceit and deception in the world after all and that nothing remains of the apparent truth, an ever greater proportion of these people are waking up and are at least beginning to question many things and to be more sceptical about the public media. All will be well! Amen.


14 June 2021

Strengthening Prayer Energies

My children, those of you who now still regularly go to a church and hear prayers there will find that very few of them are so intimate that they find their way directly to Me. Intimate prayer is important and should also be practised, because prayers without intimacy fizzle out, so to speak, and are very often simply "sucked out" by the other side. If you notice, as was the case yesterday, that people are praying for you worldwide, you are welcome to support these many worldwide prayers with a very heartfelt prayer with Me, as My writing channel here did immediately, and even "lead" them, because only heartfelt prayers come directly to Me. All will be well! Amen.


13 June 2021

Bread and games as a distraction

My children, some of you have already heard the vibration clearly: The distraction about "Bread and Games" has been very cleverly placed again and now that spectators can be there again, many people feel again as if last year was just a bad dream. Pay attention to this, My children: A lot will happen - but not necessarily spread in the worldly press. I recommend that you continue to be guided. All will be well! Amen.


12 June 2021

The power that comes from within you

My children, most worldly-minded people are only followers in the great wheel of life and follow what they are taught and what they have learned from an early age. Thinking for themselves and having their own ideas and inventions is reserved for only a small percentage of them. This is the way of thinking of most worldly-oriented people. But those who consciously step out of this cycle of dependency and oppression and usually also find their way to Me, feel after a short time that there is much more on earth than so-called "science" tells people, because actually it should, as the word so accurately puts it, "create knowledge", that is, make people more intelligent and wiser - but on the level that helps them and does not try to oppress them with lies. You know that most of what people learn is built on lies and at some point every building of lies also collapses, because if the foundation already consists of lies, there is no stable basis for a building. All that you have learned through Me has a rock-solid foundation built of purest truth on which you can build spiritually. Every child of Mine who consciously walks the spiritual path has a power within him that you can hardly imagine! I told you then, when I walked on earth as Jesus, that you can also achieve the same, My children! What is important is absolute trust in Me and also in you, for if you do good to Me in absolute trust, it is always blessed by Me and you will receive all the help you need! For this very reason, your voluntary daily works in My vineyard are so immensely important, My children! I am always with you and you will get all the help you need - within the limits of what is feasible for you. If you only knew how often your life plans have been strengthened and expanded so that you can continue to create more and more in a voluntary way. Earth was once a shining jewel and will be again. All will be well! Amen.


11 June 2021

Take care of your bodies

My children, your bodies are going through intense transformations and therefore pay attention to them. For example, if you are exhausted or tired, allow yourselves breaks or even a "nap" if it is possible. I am always with you and will help you within the framework of what is feasible - within your life plan. Amen.


10 June 2021

Energy flow

My children, the flow of energy should be present in every human being as far as possible, because in the case of standstill there is the threat of "illness" or worse. That is to say: everything is meant by energy flow, My children. Both the financial side, the worldly side and also the spiritual side. So whoever blocks the flow of energies also blocks his life. Consciously holding on to the "old time" and not being willing to learn or live the new is, for example, an aspect of what you call "Alzheimer's". Stopping the flow of money through extreme stinginess also causes the body to get out of its natural flow and stop many times, which can also paralyse and partly hinder it.  Everything that man integrates "brakes" in his life stops the natural flow of energy and thereby blocks much that is good for him. Therefore, I recommend that you regularly look through your life and see if your energy flow is still running properly or if there are stoppages here and there. Remember, My children, that the blood can only flow properly when there is enough energy flow in the body. This will save you many ailments, aches and pains and more serious things. Amen.


9 June 2021


My children, with some of you there are always such wavering moments where your absolute TRUST in GOD falters a little. You should try to connect even more intensely and intimately with Me through intimate prayer, for then your trust in My protection, My healing power and My blessing will also increase, for when this lies over My children who are faithful to Me, it is absolute! Of course, the only thing that can still intervene is the law of resonance and the life plan of the respective person. But: If you pray and ask fervently, there will always be ways where you will get absolute help even when no one expects it - from a worldly-oriented point of view. All will be well! Amen. 


8 June 2021

Inner and outer purifications

My children, do not be surprised if your bodies - and also partly those of the worldly-oriented people - get more inner and outer purifications. This means that your bodies now want to gradually let go of the old burdens that you have stored up in the gentlest possible way. This includes, among other things, an increased need for sleep or the exact opposite. This month has a lot going for it in many areas and a lot will happen on different levels. All will be well! Amen. 


7 June 2021

Your prayers and light transmissions

My children, you are inundating Me with requests and enquiries about intimate prayer regarding vaccinations that your loved ones or friends, relatives and acquaintances have received and how to help them. Well, first of all, we must distinguish who has voluntarily had themselves vaccinated out of fear or naivety. Secondly, it is also necessary to look at who has received effects of the vaccination through hugging, shaking hands or otherwise to a small fraction, because only intimate prayer and My protective mantle are a sure protection against the toxins in the vaccinations. You may pray for your loved ones and all other people whose health and well-being is dear to you. The extent to which this is then taken into account also depends on the life plan and how many people pray for it. In other words, once this knowledge is anchored in the mass consciousness, a great deal of negativity can be transformed relatively quickly. Amen.



6 June 2021

It will become lighter

My children, it will become lighter on earth! How quickly this will happen is mainly due to the daily, voluntary good deeds of My children who are faithful to Me, including you, of course, all over the world. But the process of awakening of the worldly-minded people who suddenly realise that what is put in front of them every day via the public media is nothing but a large-scale staged play in which the actors partly give such bungling performances, as some of you quite aptly put it - without evaluating, but only giving their opinion. In fact, this whole scenario could be seen through quite quickly if one looked with open eyes and ears and did not let oneself be misled by the distractions of various kinds. The worldly-oriented human being is, for the most part, good-natured and sociable by nature and lives according to entrenched models that have been taught to him from his earliest childhood and that determine his life. If he as a human being now wants to get out of this pre-programmed cycle, he usually first has to muster the strength and courage to rebel against society, because anything that "steps out of line" is not in the spirit of public opinion. Many of you had a similar experience, for to walk this path with Me in the forefront is truly a challenge! But whoever has found a partner who walks the same path and then, through the law of resonance, finds brothers and sisters of light who, just like you, walk this path with Me in their hearts, will find that everything is not as difficult as it sometimes seems when you are still loners. Therefore, I tell you once again in love: Try to walk this path with Me in your heart also with other children, because in the group you are stronger and above all you then not only have the spiritual support from Me, but also worldly strengthening of your back, which is needed just as much. Without you, My children who are faithful to Me, the other side would have a clear preponderance on the scales of life and the enslavement would have taken on proportions that you cannot imagine. But it was My will from the beginning that all people have free will and thus naturally also receive their resonances for everything they do - or do not do. Amen.


5 June 2021

When people are forced to do something

My children, there are always situations where people are forced to do something against their will. Be it, for example, vaccinations or many other things that they would never allow or carry out within the framework of their own will. Now, if a person is vaccinated against his will - in the worst case even held down or restrained in the process - part of My help intervenes via My helper angels assigned to the people if this person asks for help. But even if he does not ask for help, he receives a smaller help, because something negative is injected into his body against his free will and the law of resonance automatically comes into play here too. But let us come, to explain the example, in more detail, to the people who ask Me for help - whether loudly or quietly. It may well be that then Original Archangel Michael with his helper angels personally steps on the scene and intervenes within the framework of the respective life plan of the person concerned, because the free will of this person stands above the threat of violence on the part of the executing people, who, even if they do not know it, are then henchmen of the other side. You see, My children, this subject is very extensive and depending on what is in the individual person's life plan, help is given. If you knew how many people have violent scenarios written in their life plans, you would be surprised.  That is why your daily voluntary works are so immensely important and valuable, My children! All will be well! Amen.


4 June 2021

It begins again

My children, the separation of wheat and chaff begins once again through vaccinations. There are different vaccines, some of which have different effects and in the worst case also contain very undesirable side effects that you cannot even imagine. You have asked Me again and again in heartfelt prayer whether I can save the vaccinated people - or whether they have chosen their own fate. Well, with this formulation you have already "hit the nail on the head", as a saying so aptly puts it in your case. However, there are two ways that people who have been inoculated can be saved: First of all, the life plan of the respective person: If something else is explicitly recorded there, it will be dealt with, and secondly, the people for whom a large number of My children, who are faithful to Me, are praying. This may also lead to changes in the life plan. Concerning the compulsory vaccination, I will once again give a separate FATHER'S WORD. Always remember, My children: Since you have absolute free will and I do not intervene as a rule, you are also responsible for your life, your actions and deeds. This means: Just because a person is ignorant, it does not mean that he is spared the result that he has done to himself or to others. So all the people who seemingly ignorantly test or vaccinate other people also load themselves with a huge resonance package, some of which then comes back very quickly to the person who caused it. This does not only mean the person who does the work, but also the planners and backers, as you say in your language. For this very reason it is so immensely important that you remain free of these poisons of all kinds and continue to do your so valuable spiritual work in My vineyard full of joy and the knowledge that you are doing good and helping in a voluntary way every day. All will be well! Amen. 


3 June 2021

You have it easier

My children, it is much easier for you to come to terms with the new energies that have been flowing since 1 June 2021. Worldly-oriented people will have problems with it in large quantities, because they are too attached to their stuck life situation and still believe that what was before the staged crisis with subsequent "locking away"(*) will come again. But this is not so, My children, and you know this very well. That is why it is so immensely important that you remain in your inner centre and continue to do your daily good deeds, which are so wonderful in a voluntary way. Amen.  

Note from John: (*) Locking away = Lockdown (in English).


2 June 2021

Much joy in the land

My children, from a spiritual point of view there will be much joy and less suffering in the land if people listen more to their soul and go their way in intimate union with Me. Peace in the heart, as you know, is so immensely important that you have a tremendous radiance about it, which can also be reassuring for your fellow human beings as a side effect, if they are open to it.  So if you are in intimate connection with your soul, you will experience much more joy than suffering in the near future. Amen.



1 June 2021

What has already taken place in the spiritual realm....

My children, as I have already announced to you, a lot will change in June 2021. It has already changed in the subtle realm - towards the positive on almost all levels - and will also gradually have an effect in the gross material realm. However, since the worldly-oriented people, as you know, largely reject the spiritual or have no idea about it at all, one or the other can possibly be violent for them. Your daily, voluntarily performed good deeds in My vineyard help to avoid or mitigate intense shocks and thereby achieve worldwide mitigations. All will be well! Amen.


31 May 2021

May Farewell

My children, many people are very attached to the month of May, as it symbolises the beginning of spring, so to speak. Therefore, it makes sense to bid it farewell with the following words, for example: "The month of May may now go and carry over everything positive into June, so that there may be a wonderful increase in consciousness and energies in general. Amen." With such a formulation, for example, you are helping the light side to support the worldly-oriented people to let go of the dark energies of the month of May and you can also help yourself, because starting tomorrow, "a different wind is blowing," so to speak. You will already notice in June that much is happening and has already happened. Amen.


30 May 2021

May draws to a close

My children, the month of May was filled with ups and downs of a worldwide nature and especially in Germany and also in the neighbouring countries, it was cold and wet in a way that is not usual. Even in Spain it was a few degrees colder than usual. Prepare yourselves for a renewed change in vibration from 1 June, because then a different wind will be blowing - figuratively speaking. In years of destiny, as this year 2021 is, you can expect many things, but one thing remains rock-solidly certain: All My, to Me faithful children, are protected and sheltered - within the framework of their extended life plan. All will be well! Amen.


May 29, 2021

Pay attention even to little things

My children, very often people overlook subtleties or even little things in their lives or on the paths they walk. But it is precisely these little things and also subtleties, which make up a great deal of quality of life and diversity of life. Take a look at your nature around you: What do you see? Is everything still as it was in previous years? No, mostly not, because nature has also changed due to the unspeakable confinements and humiliations of humanity by a small number of followers of the other side who think they can leave me out. Go through the world with light-flooded energies - standing under My protective mantle, via intimate prayer - and wherever your eyes look in love, there will be positive transformations or changes. Sometimes this process takes a while, but the first step is taken. I then look through your eyes, My children, and much healing energy flows where it is ready to flow. Always remember: you are much stronger and more powerful - in a loving way - than you can imagine, My children. Amen.


May 28, 2021

In tranquility there is power

My children, I cannot tell you often enough: please remain in inner peace, because that is where you draw the most strength and from there it is much easier to live your life the way you want to. Remember that you, as My extended arms on earth, can do so much good that worldly-minded people cannot even begin to think about. You have received and continue to receive so much energy, strength, perseverance and above all love from Me that you can carry out your so wonderful work in My vineyard daily full of joy and bliss, in a voluntary way. All will be well! Amen.


May 27, 2021

Some things are dissolving

My children, with today some blockages, entanglements, entanglements and much more, which had bound the worldly-oriented people to the other side voluntarily or involuntarily, are dissolving. It also has to do with the strong power of the moon in relation to the people who were involved in this dependency scenario. You, as My children loyal to Me and extended arms on earth, will be like shining lighthouses for them, which will then also be a point of help and attraction for them, since they have no one else to ask when they need help. So prepare yourselves for the fact that in the near future people will possibly also come to you when they have questions - provided that they know that you go through life together with me. Since there is, as you know, no coincidence, it can also be that searching people are led to you. All will be well! Amen. 


May 26, 2021

Little aches and pains

My children, if you have contracted little niggles or aches and pains, which more or less suggest that you should take a break or rest completely, then you should listen to your body. It is best to go into intimate prayer and hand over your worries and problems to Me. Everything will be fine! Amen.


May 25, 2021

You are stronger than you think

My children, many of My children worldwide, who are faithful to Me, do not even know what strength, energy and endurance they have within themselves. Do not compare yourselves with worldly-minded people, because as soon as a child discovers Me in his heart and wants to walk the spiritual path together with Me, some things change in the child's body. The chaff separates itself with the time from the wheat - to choose once this, for it suitable saying. With strength, energy and endurance not only physical things are meant, but often the spiritual work. When I see, for example, full of joy, how some of you work with heartfelt love and in subtle, persistent endurance in My vineyard, I am very pleased and also happy that more and more people worldwide are awakening and step by step also find the way towards My FATHERLY HEART and thus can also go a way that you have also gone for the first time at some point. I must say, however, that many of you are not fallen angels on the way back, but help in a voluntary way here on earth, on the one hand to move the other side to contemplation and on the other hand to help to make this earth more light and free - in the consciousness that everything that lives was originally pure, clean and just. All will be well! Amen.


24 May 2021

Hand over your problems and worries to Me

My children, just now on the two days of Pentecost, visits and telephone calls come about quite often. Of course, conversations are also held about how you feel, or your conversation partners, who are often relatives, acquaintances or friends. Most of the time, they bring up the topic of vaccinations and often ask you if you have already been vaccinated. Now you are welcome to express your opinion, statements and everything else to show that you will not be vaccinated and that you will avoid the so-called PCR test as well as all vaccinations. Many of you are really affected when you hear that your relatives, friends and acquaintances have already been vaccinated once - and some even twice. I have already told you that you should be sensitive in these conversations and not use the sledgehammer method to make these people understand what such vaccinations can do to the body and above all what effects these vaccinations have - or can have - on the immune system and the body. You may hand over all your worries, problems and also your sadness to Me in heartfelt prayer for transformation and I will help you within the framework of what you allow. Some of you, especially those who live far away from their relatives or who are staying at the moment, have already said goodbye to them spiritually after they learned that they had been vaccinated. Of course, it does not mean that all vaccinated people will suffer a similar fate, but a large percentage of them have such a scenario in their life plan. This means that although people have free will, which is fully respected by the spiritual world and also by Me, they themselves very often unconsciously follow a predefined path in a voluntary way, which their soul naturally knows and often guides and directs them. All will be well! Amen.


23 May 2021

Pentecost 2021

My children, you are welcome to use this year's Pentecost to not only think but also do a great deal of good. The weather plays a subordinate role in this respect, for you can celebrate the spiritual work just as well anywhere. Especially now, on this day, when it is a stronghold of the other side in terms of the date, you may set a bulwark of a peaceful kind with voluntary, concentrated resonance. Amen. 


22 May 2021

When My children are tired

My children, again and again the question comes from you in intimate prayer why some are so extremely tired and would like to take a "nap" even in broad daylight. Well, this has various causes: On the one hand, it is because some of you do not get as much sleep at night or sleep very restlessly, and on the other hand, it is due to the regular increase in vibration, which is also taking place again right now. If you live in hot countries, you will automatically get tired if you are too exposed to the sun. In addition, you should always pay attention to how strong the radiation is outdoors. If you regularly place yourselves under My protective mantle through intimate prayer, you are protected and sheltered, My children. Do not worry if, for example, a "nap" is taken every afternoon, for in warm countries, for example, this has always been the case. Amen.


21 May 2021

Wish fulfilment

My children, more and more of you have certain wishes and also ask that these - if it may be - also come true. Peace on earth, the abolition of vaccinations, free travel, clean water, GMO-free food and that the children are well and carefree have been the main wishes of you. This shows that, unlike the majority of worldly-minded people, you do not put financial freedom first, as you know that you will get everything you need to live and often much more. Please remain calm, My children! I am always with you and also fulfil wishes within the framework of the respective life plan and time, because sometimes wishes are only fulfilled at a later time, when the time is ripe, so to speak. Amen.


20 May 2021

Drinking water and industrial water

My children, I have been asked by some of you in heartfelt prayer what you should do in an emergency when the electricity fails and therefore no water flows or, as happens time and again in southern countries, when water pipes are broken and the population has to switch to bottled water - at least until the pipes are repaired. Many of you, just like many worldly-minded people, drink mainly bought water from the supermarket. A few of you use permanent water filters, but these often only work if they have electricity. I also recommend that you stockpile water for domestic use, in addition to essential drinking water, if storage facilities allow. I know that some of you live in cramped conditions, but theoretically there are still possibilities to store water in bottles or canisters, which can then also be used as service water. Amen.


19 May 2021

People want to be free!

My children, what I had already indicated is now being developed more and more: People's urge for freedom is becoming stronger with the rising temperatures and they want to be free! Many are still wrestling with themselves whether they have to accept the injections for this or just wait patiently. A third group, however, wants to try the crowbar and that is not a good solution. Now you are increasingly "coming into play" again, as they say with you, My children: Remember that "bread and games" will soon go into recess and the distracted people will have no opportunity to vent their frustration, anger or even their joy. Your daily good deeds, of a voluntary nature, are so immensely valuable and important! I cannot say it often enough. All will be well! Amen.


18 May 2021

The centre of rest

My children, he who rests in himself in his centre is always protected and sheltered, for I dwell with My children, who are faithful to Me, in their heart and thereby you are also protected and sheltered. When you go about your worldly daily routines, it makes sense to place yourselves under My protective mantle again and again when you notice that you are not in your inner centre. Many of you also do intimate prayer in a short way before entering a supermarket, for example, in order to have the best possible protection there. This means: If you manage to come to your inner centre as often as you can, where nothing disturbs you and you remain free of judgements etc., you will realise that life is not as difficult as people are always trying to tell you from the other side - everything will be all right! Amen. 


17 May 2021

Discussions and conversations

My children, time and again you will find yourselves in situations where you have to defend yourselves, for example, why you do not want to be vaccinated. I had already told you a few things about this, but if you tell unprepared people on the head that you don't want any poison in the body and vaccinated people can also transfer the poison they carry in themselves to unvaccinated people through touch or breath, if they are not connected to Me through intimate prayer or My protective mantle, you will be taken for the biggest conspiracy theorists or even more. You should also handle sensitive topics sensitively and not jump in with the door. It is too easy to be classified as a "cult member" or something similar. Again today there were conversations with parents and relatives about this and that they have no understanding for the fact that you do not want to be vaccinated and also recommended to the relatives not to be vaccinated. Not to suffer demarcations, participation in social gatherings, travelling and much more are many reasons why people who are not connected to Me want to be vaccinated. They do not want to be seen as outsiders, nor as sceptics or even rebels. Their motto is to swim along with the masses and not to attract negative attention. They do not want to hear or cannot believe that their salvation could be in danger. As hard as it sounds, My children, you cannot save the whole world! Every human being is an independently thinking individual - with the exception of a few people - and must - whether he wants to or not - decide for himself which path he, as a human being, wants to take. Advice from you should be given gently, as I said, otherwise you will have left a pile of broken pieces after the conversation or telephone call. However, if such things have already happened, you can pray for the salvation of these people and ask the respective souls for forgiveness if you were too rough and direct with your words, because souls are sensitive beings that have a lot to cope with. Amen.


16 May 2021

The weather is driving people away

My children, more and more worldly-minded people are longing for freedom and good weather. They want to escape - even if it is only for days or a few weeks. The urge for freedom is innate and given to all human beings, and wet and cold weather makes people depressed, sick and sad. Sunny weather, on the other hand, lifts the good mood and also helps the immune system to strengthen the body. If you want to get away now but can't for whatever reason, you can - as you already know - trick your subconscious into thinking you're lying in the sun. With the help of a red light lamp, for example, and appropriate holiday music, this is quite possible. If you only knew what false illusions the other side has been working with for several decades to deceive, lie to and cheat people. The so-called "moon landings" were one of the bigger examples of how the whole film industry uses these possibilities. You can also use many negative techniques the other way round in a positive way, if you align the direction accordingly - instead of deception then align towards joy, harmony, happiness and contentment. Amen.


15 May 2021

May still has a lot to offer

My children, the month of May is a glimmer of hope for many people. But the further it moves into the country, the less many believe that anything will happen. However, it still has a lot to offer - both in the positive area and from the other side. That is why your daily good deeds are so immensely important and also your inner joy to be able to do good in a voluntary way. Amen.


14 May 2021

More and more people are waking up

My children, more and more worldly-minded people are waking up and noticing that something is wrong - with and in politics, with the laws, regulations and the ever more stringent prohibitions. Something like a rebellion is stirring in them when their freedoms and hobbies are to be drastically restricted. At a certain point - and the other side also knows this - people no longer put up with everything and fight back. For many worldly-minded people, this point has now been reached. All will be well! Amen.


13 May 2021

Pay close attention

My children, please pay close attention and also explain to your relatives and friends if they do not know and ask you what the catch is in certain offers. If cheap air travel, ship passages, ship trips, holiday offers of various kinds etc. are offered, it is very often a condition to be vaccinated beforehand. I can only ever recommend that you pay close attention, read the small print and keep your body clean. There are ways and means to go on holiday without vaccination or testing, but you have to look very carefully and inform yourself. Amen.


12 May 2021

Lightful thoughts

My children, just now when the light is becoming brighter and brighter, it makes a lot of sense that you also send this light in thought form everywhere inside and outside, because light is everywhere in the blink of an eye where it should or may flow. See it as part of your voluntary daily good deeds to also send this light full of love, purity and freedom so that all receptive souls can receive it. All will be well! Amen.


11 May 2021

Sufficient sleep is useful

My children, some of you and also many worldly-minded people are sleep-deprived or sleep-deprived at this time - mostly due to fears, worries or even problems. With you, My faithful children, it is very often because you are a little worried about your friends, relatives and acquaintances if they have been vaccinated or are also planning to be vaccinated. Well, you can tell them your point of view and why you won't get vaccinated, but it's up to them to decide what they do or don't want to do. Scaring is not a good thing and neither is worrying, because that often makes you toss and turn in bed. Tell them, for example, that vaccination has never been good and that toxins always get into the body. You have done your duty. Letting go also has to be learned, My children! Vaccinations very often separate the wheat from the chaff, to use the proverbial expression. Please remain calm and continue to do your so wonderful, voluntary deeds in My vineyard, which are so immensely important - also for world events. Amen.

10 May 2021

Where does freedom begin?

My children, this question is often one of the interesting thought processes of many people in this time in which you now live. Freedom in the mind and in the heart - in connection with the soul: your mind can help you to not only have a feeling of freedom in theory, but also to put it into practice. With the opening of Spain, many worldly-minded people want to escape the narrowness and constraints of Germany, for example, and drive or fly to Spain. However, they are often not interested in the fact that they have to make compromises in the process. Freedom is a feeling - something you can feel in your heart, soul and also in your mind. Yes, even the rest of the body can contribute to it. How free a person feels varies greatly. Minimal changes can trigger a feeling of freedom, just as something written, heard - e.g. in the form of a song - or even through movements if you were locked up before, to name just a few possibilities. Always try to feel as free as possible and then live out this feeling in any way possible - without hurting or restricting others. Amen. 


9 May 2021

It loosens up in parts

My children, as of today in Spain, there is loosening in other parts of the world - albeit sometimes with conditions attached. The other side is now trying to seduce people into voluntary vaccination with tasty treats that are really just further restrictions. I say it again: please do not get vaccinated and, as far as possible, do not get tested, My children! Always place yourselves under My protective mantle through intimate prayer. Continue to have complete trust and voluntarily perform your so wonderful good deeds in My vineyard. All will be well! Amen. 



8 May 2021

Listen to your heart

My children, I would like to give you once again the well-meant advice to always listen to your heart when you have to make decisions or even during the day when you are doing something. Your heart guides you through all difficult situations. Trust that you are always guided and protected - within the framework of your life plan - if you ask for it and stand under My protective mantle - through intimate prayer. Amen.


7 May 2021

A sigh of relief is happening

My children, some of you can already feel it in the subtle realm: a noticeable sigh of relief is going on there - through and over the world - and this sigh of relief, if it continues like this with the awakening of the people, will also be felt in the foreseeable future in the gross material realm on the one hand and will also have positive resonances on the other. All will be well! Amen.


6 May 2021


My children, the subject of nutrition is often a topic of discussion even among you, My extended arms on earth. Well, it is indeed the case that not all people have the same taste in food and that there are often great differences in tolerance and habit. I have often advised you to eat as healthily as possible and for many of you the vegan or vegetarian diet is the one you use. I do not judge, as you know, but the healthier you eat the easier it is for your body to stay healthy or become healthy. How you ultimately eat is your own free will and whether you skip dinner or breakfast, as some of you do, is up to each child to decide. But the fact is that dead animals carry a lot of negative information, e.g. through stress, killing, etc., and the human being who consumes it then also gets this vibration into the body. A lot of violence on earth comes from watching the public media on TV, newspapers, the internet and video films, to name but a few, as well as from personal experiences of a negative nature in the bodies of many worldly-oriented people and the consumption of animal products - mainly meat and fish products of various kinds.  If you now feel inside yourself, you will feel that it is actually easy, or was easy, to do without animal meat consumption, for example, and then, after a mostly incipient detoxification, you will also feel how your spiritual behaviour changes strongly in a positive sense. This means: Go according to your inner feeling, My children, and you will be guided in the way that is best for you - within the framework of what you allow for yourself. Amen.


5 May 2021

Days full of energy

My children, the days ahead of you are bursting with energy and you can use it. Those who are under My protective mantle of intimate prayer will notice that the energy in the world has changed and that you, My children who are faithful to Me, can now use much more strength, energy and stamina if you allow it. Be open to the surge of energy and it will flood through you. All will be well! Amen.


4 May 2021

Weather turbulence in May

My children, they have always been present and they are present again this year: the strong storms, severe weather and even snowfall is part of the weather turbulence this year in May. As you know, the weather patterns are manipulated by the other side, but humanity also contributes its part through its resonances. Your daily good deeds, which you do so lovingly and voluntarily, contribute to mitigating many things and to helping humanity to get through the severe scenarios so far without suffering too much. Amen. 


3 May 2021

Positive thoughts in many ways

My children, you spend a greater part of your day in many cases doing good, thinking good, sending loving thoughts and also expressing yourselves positively in several ways. But the power of singing, of the voice, of humming, of inner rejoicing and much more, you use only marginally for the most part. If you have the feeling that certain songs, texts, poems or melodies are particularly good for you, you are welcome to charge them with so much positive energy - when singing, dancing, humming, speaking along, etc. - that they also thereby contribute to sending a lot of good into the world. Of course, lyrics or melodies that you compose/text yourself or suddenly experience as an inspiration are also part of it. All will be well! Amen.


2 May 2021

There is much happening on earth

My children, there is a lot going on when you look at all the changes that have now begun and are still continuing. Changes in the subtle realm automatically entail changes in the gross material realm. Whoever firmly believes in Me and places himself under My protective mantle - through intimate prayer - receives the optimal protection that is possible. All will be well! Amen. 


1 May 2021

May sets you free

My children, in the month of May many things will be easier and freer in many people's minds, but those who hold on to old habits will also have a hard time in May - at least with important things from these people's own point of view. Yesterday and today there were more and more enquiries from you about the heartfelt prayers on the subject of vaccination. It is indeed the case that vaccination contains toxic substances and in many people these change the body in such a way that the poison affects it more and more and the immune power weakens. Yes, the poison can also be transmitted through the skin, the breath or even through personal touch and caresses, so that the unvaccinated people can possibly also become infected with this poison. Those who are now constantly under My protective mantle are protected within the framework of their own life plan - but should nevertheless very carefully avoid vaccinations, personal contacts of any kind with vaccinated people and also the so-called "PCR tests" and their variations. You see, my children, how perfidiously the other side puts its long-term plans into the world step by step and many people do not realise this at all because they are still subject to the sweet smell of seduction and the deliberately chosen seduction language and "lulling technique" without ever noticing what kind of life-threatening dependency they are catapulting themselves into. Who now says: Why don't you intervene, beloved FATHER?   To this I say: You have the free will and the gift to also research on your own and to inform yourselves independently of the so-called public media. I help every child to find its way if it asks Me for it. Bear in mind that what is happening now is also partly encoded in the Bible. Scepticism towards the public media has been suggested to you by Me again and again in dreams and that you should only listen to your heart. Indeed, even vaccinated people will be saved by Me if it is written in their life plan or through your heartfelt prayers. Always remember that it is in your own hands to control and live your life, even though you can always ask Me for help and advice through intimate prayer. How strong the advice or help then turns out is different in each case and depends on various things, such as your life plan. So avoid skin contact with vaccinated people, be careful when shopping, wear the mask for your protection, as well as e.g. disposable gloves and only enter houses or shops when you are under My protective mantle via intimate prayer. My writing channel here will tell you some supplementary things on the subject at My request, otherwise this FATHER'S WORD would be many times longer. Remain calm, keep to the recommendations, always place yourselves under My protective mantle and you will master this crisis - within the framework of your life plan. Amen. 


30 April 2021

Smoothing the waters

My children, a new energy of time is coming upon you with the month of May, which is so very different from the changeable and moody April. Today you may once again send much good from the dawn, for with the "Dance into May" or the so-called "Walpurgis Night" the other side is again playing its tricks on the people, some of whom are naive and unworldly. But since your "government" has imposed curfews, the other side is annoyed, because they are now often missing the fun in the evening and at night. Your good deeds also help to a great extent in keeping the activities of the other side in check. Smoothing the waters is one of the motives for the month of May - but there will be others. The so-called "merry month" can present some of its sunny side, if people continue to wake up and realise that they are in a big trap, but one that very well has exits - one of which is the path to My FATHER'S HOUSE. Amen.   


29 April 2021

First fruits

My children, the first fruits of your spiritual seeds are growing in many parts of the earth. The patience, the inner peace, the positive thinking and the intimate trust in Me and My healing power are firm pillars of My children who are faithful to Me and who, like you, do so much good in the whole world every day in a voluntary way. Since, as you know, every action causes a resonance, your daily good deeds naturally also have very intense resonances of a wonderful kind. Please continue to remain calm, My children! As My extended arms on earth, you contribute much to what is happening now in terms of positive and good things. Amen.


28 April 2021

When you are pressed

My children, time and again you place your requests and wishes before Me in heartfelt prayer that I should help you, because you are being urged, pressed or sometimes almost forced by your own family, relatives, circle of friends or also, for example, work colleagues or neighbours to finally have yourselves vaccinated. I can only repeat it again and again, My children: Do not get vaccinated and if possible do not get tested! If a test is necessary, saliva is enough and not this torture with the "nose torture". Tell the people who want to get you vaccinated that you don't want it. Your faith does not allow it, if you read the Bible accordingly, and I have already told you many times that it is not good for the body and can also be dangerous to have foreign substances introduced into it. Just as one should not receive foreign blood, any vaccination is also harmful to the body. Furthermore, almost all of you have at least one allergic reaction to certain things and allergy sufferers are not allowed to be vaccinated. Furthermore, the vaccinations are not sufficiently tested, have only emergency approvals and you have no confidence in such vaccinations. If your relatives or friends threaten not to want to see you anymore or want to forbid you contact with the grandchildren, for example, come to Me in heartfelt prayer and present it to Me for transformation. Within the bounds of possibility, there will then be solutions. However, these can sometimes take a while, since I do not interfere with free will, as you know. Always remember in which time you live and that every human being is responsible for his or her own salvation. All will be well! Amen.


27 April 2021

Fatigue in April

My children, due to the extreme changes in the weather of various kinds, the body of many people also needs more sleep than it is actually used to. Some of you have also felt this phenomenon several times and have given in to it as far as possible. Your bodies signal to you quite precisely when they need additional sleep and when they do not. Amen.


26 April 2021

What you can also do...

My children, again and again questions come from you about the heartfelt prayers, what you can do as self-supporters in these times when there is no garden. Well, window sills can be stocked as well as balconies when it is frost free days. There are some of you who do a lot of tinkering and experimenting, for example with small, homemade greenhouses, for the windowsill or balcony and also in bright, light-flooded rooms it is possible to get some things to grow and thrive. Some have stored preserved potatoes so cleverly in the cellar that they last for several months. But canning and preserving, as you say, is also feasible. Even sauerkraut and other important foods can theoretically be made yourself if you have the necessary ingredients and tools, or containers. If you are interested in this subject, you can produce it on a small scale even without a garden. All will be well! Amen.



25 April 2021

Sunday energies

My children, Sundays used to be used by many faithful people to go to churches to participate in services. You, My extended arms on earth, who joyfully pray and do good every day in a voluntary way, use every day of the week to do positive things. However, you can spiritually support those people who are used to going to church on Sunday and who now pray from home. Their prayers will then help to send positive thoughts, help and light wherever they are needed. Amen.


24 April 2021

There is a rumbling on earth

My children, it is boiling and rumbling in many corners of the world! That is why it is all the more important right now that you, My extended arms on earth, are so strong as a pole of calm and do not allow yourselves to be brought out of your inner peace and so lovingly carry out your so immensely important good deeds, done in a voluntary way, in My vineyard. This - and I like to repeat Myself - cannot be compared to anything else, because your heartfelt prayers, light transmissions, shouts of victory and other good deeds have a power that you cannot imagine. Amen.


23 April 2021


My children, I have told you many times, but especially now, in this critical time, cohesion is very important. Whether in person, by telephone or via the internet, just to mention these three possibilities, it doesn't matter. What is important is the cohesion and that you can also feel yourselves as My spiritual family - through the subtle energies and perceptions. All will be well! Amen.


22 April 2021

Do not worry

My children, you are always connected with Me through intimate prayer and also through your heart energies. Do not worry, My children! If you allow it, I will lead and guide you in the best way possible within the framework of your life plan. Your FATHER, who knows exactly what His children, who are faithful to Him, need. Amen.


21 April 2021

Positive foresight

My children, I have often pointed out to you how important it is to think and act with foresight. This does not only mean road traffic, but life in general. Often, messages from the other side, which they have to publish, are put very small or hidden at the end of a text. Very often, however, it is the headlines that say everything important. This means: If you read something like this or are told or sent something like this, you should always think and act with foresight, because this can be important under certain circumstances. You know that you should have enough provisions of all kinds and, as far as possible, only go shopping if you have to, because those who have made provisions through clever planning are naturally at an advantage over people who have not thought and planned ahead. I have often pointed out to you how important it is to have not only basic foodstuffs and clean, preferably blessed water, but also everything else you need to live. Some of you, My beloved children, through such wise foresight, have managed to travel to appropriate countries without taking these so-called "PCR - tests", because there are always loopholes open through which you can slip quite legally. Please continue to stay calm and do your voluntary good deeds, which are so immensely important. All will be well! Amen.


20 April 2021

Thought Hygiene

My children, as you know, it is very important to try to keep the thoughts free from disturbing influences of any kind. Many worldly-oriented people unconsciously watch a lot of television and thereby also absorb the energies that the other side consciously sends in order to keep them away from spiritual awakening. Conscious control of the masses is an important goal of their politics. However, because more and more people are awakening from their "slumber" and are beginning to see through the whole scenario, the number of those who no longer allow themselves to be suppressed is growing and often thereby also find their way back in the direction of My FATHER'S HOUSE. Through your voluntary good deeds and prayers, which you do so lovingly every day, you also reach these awakened people on a spiritual level and support them in their further development. Amen. 


19 April 2021

Words as consolation

My children, whoever manages to find the right words in loving gentleness in appropriate situations or occasions can thereby give a great deal of comfort, for the healing power of comforting words in particular is almost underestimated in its effectiveness. This is also something that you, as My extended arms on earth, may carry out very sensitively. Amen.


18 April 2021

Oases of well-being

My children, the word "oases of well-being" is a collective term for places, places or other things that are good for you and where you can regain strength and energy. I have named the FATHER'S WORD in this way today because time and again questions come from you about the heartfelt prayers, how and where you can find a place of strength, of leisure, of peace and contentment. Well, first of all it is important that you are at peace with yourself, in harmony and as balanced as possible. If you have this only partially or not yet, try to find inner peace again and again every day. Places that are good for you - no matter where they are - can be such "oases of well-being", because your soul does not judge, but signals to you, just like your heart, where it feels good and where it does not. Therefore, let yourself be guided or inspired to find such a place or to create one yourself. You will get help if you ask for it. Amen.



17 April 2021

I am always with you

My children, even if you do not always feel it or expect it: I am always with My children, who are faithful to Me, connected to you through the energy of the heart. Many worldly-oriented people are often sad that I don't seem to help them when they ask for help, but help always happens - within the framework of the respective life plan of the person seeking help. Sometimes the help is just of a different nature than the person thinks. Continue to remain calm, My children. All will be well! Amen.  


16 April 2021


My children, today is an important day for Germany, for a decision is being made on the Enabling Act by which you, as German citizens, are to lose a large part of your freedom. Freedom is something important and precious and you should protect your freedom as far as possible.  You are welcome to ask Me in heartfelt prayer to help you keep your freedom or to regain lost freedoms. You still have your spiritual freedom in you for the most part, but with physical freedom it is almost a dance on a hot volcano, symbolically speaking. Send the energy form "Freedom for Germany" or just for the country in which you live - out into the world every day and afterwards, if you wish, also: "Freedom for all forms of life - within the framework of the respective life plan", because in this way you do not interfere with the individual destinies.  Freedom is a very high good and must be protected accordingly - but without violence, but with the power of love, of words, of reason and partly also with logic and all feasible, legal possibilities. If you are in danger, call upon UR Archangel Michael for help and protection and you will be helped within the bounds of possibility. All will be well! Amen.


15 April 2021


My children, you know for the most part how important oxygen is, and I have already said it many times. Whoever wears the mask too long now suffers from oxygen deficiency. Most of you take the mask off immediately when you can and lift it again and again in between to be able to breathe oxygen unfiltered. My children, I know that it is inconvenient for you, but those who rebelliously walk around without masks often feel the long arm of the law, even though it is against human dignity. Just try to get through this difficult time with Me by your side as best you can. Everything will be all right, My children! Amen.


14 April 2021

Joy comes from the heart and the soul

My children, today's FATHER'S WORD is very important for the worldly-minded people and also for the few among you who cannot really rejoice from the heart. The joy that comes from the heart and the soul is immensely important especially in such times! Be happy about the little things in life and smile at yourselves in the mirror, because this is balm for the soul and the psyche.  All will be well, My children! Amen.


13 April 2021

Transform dissatisfactions

My children, the many dissatisfactions of your friends, relatives and acquaintances often get on your nerves or burden you and your connection with them. You cannot tell them the truth without being called a "conspiracy theorist". However, if they ask you questions about certain topics, you are welcome to answer. For My children, who are faithful to Me, it has always been a difficult life to live together with worldly-minded people, which is why you have often separated or segregated yourselves from the worldly family and lived your life with like-minded children of Mine. But it also happened and happens again and again that My children incarnate into the same family or that My children find each other and find each other again in the different lives. I guide it as it is possible within the framework of the different life plans. Please remain calm, My children, do not let yourselves be infected or carried away by the unrest and discontent, for that is the way of the other side. If, however, despite everything, you discover dissatisfactions in yourselves, I recommend that you give them to Me for transformation, for only with Me in the forefront can you always go your way safely - under My mantle of protection, which is so immensely important for My children who are faithful to Me. Your FATHER, who would like to help you more, but who observes free will and the law of resonance. Amen.


12 April 2021

Waiting for spring

My children, many people are longingly waiting for spring and the end of the cold season. Some of you have often asked Me in heartfelt prayer how long this XXL winter will last. Well, I have only recently told you something about the weather. But you can symbolically bring spring into your heart, My children, and anchor it there, just as some of you have anchored midsummer in yourselves and for whom every day is a summer day - regardless of the weather. This means: the power of spring, connected with the energies of growth, light, joy, peace and the realisation that everything positive is possible if you let it into you and lovingly share it there in connection with inner peace. The power of spring also allows spiritual forces to grow in you that you have not thought of for a long time, but which are still very present in you. All will be well, My children! Amen.



11 April 2021

Heart Energies

My children, through your daily good deeds done in a voluntary way, heart energies are also reached in the people who are open to them and even animals and nature benefit from this. Of course, your hearts will also be strengthened and invigorated and those who have physical ailments may gladly bring them to Me for transformation in heartfelt prayer and as far as it is possible - within your life plan - you will also be helped. Amen.


10 April 2021

The Power of Positive Thinking


My children, due to many despairs and fears, I would like to once again lovingly put it to your heart how important positive thinking is in general. Those who always see everything positively do not allow anything negative into their lives and I can work much better with these people, guide, lead and also support them. In the meantime, there are also many worldly-minded people who have not yet really found Me, but have taken the first step in this direction by rediscovering positive energy and thinking. Amen.


9 April 2021

Water is an elixir of life


My children, once again the subject of water is in the foreground, because far too little of this important elixir of life is drunk. Even some of you do not take it very seriously and drink such harmful drinks as coffee, black tea or alcohol. You know that it is not healthy to drink these, but you have free will and can do as you wish. Nevertheless, I would like to point out once again, since there are always new readers of FATHERWORDS, how important it is to drink pure, preferably blessed water, every day. Whoever drinks at least one litre of water without additives per day, already fulfils a large part of what the body needs for health maintenance, cleansing, detoxification and other things. Bear in mind, My children, that in order to eliminate coffee, to name just this one drink, you need twice the amount of water. Also carbonic acid is not there to be introduced into the body and by belching, the body wants to expel this gas as quickly as possible. Those of you who now - ideally by drinking single sips of pure water - take this in the conscious vibration, will notice in a short time how your body thanks you. Amen.


8 April 2021

The weather as a mirror

My children, the current weather events are a good mirror for the behaviour of people on earth and of course the other side also plays an important role through conscious weather manipulation and also as a resonance to everything they do. While it is regularly summery warm in the south of Europe, snowflakes keep falling in your area and the wind is unpleasantly cold. If you change your way of thinking in relation to the weather, this will also have a positive effect on it. That is to say: If you first accept the weather as it is, symbolically embrace it in love and then allow My healing power, purification and divine justice to flow into the worldwide weather events through your heartfelt prayers and light transmissions, you will already see results after a short time. Amen. 


7 April 2021

Questions upon questions...

My children, in the last few days your questions about the intimate prayers have multiplied. I would like to go into this briefly, because most of your questions related to the time that is now coming. I like to say it again, My children: Whoever likes can go demonstrating, but it is better to come into inner peace instead and do your voluntary work in My vineyard, because that is much more important for you and also for the overall events on earth. There are very many people whose task is to protest or demonstrate. Your tasks are more subtle. Every human being has at least one important task, many of you have two or even more. This means: No matter what happens out there, My children, you are protected, sheltered and above all lovingly wrapped in My protective mantle within the framework of your life plan - which has often already been extended or prolonged due to new tasks or responsibilities - because you receive the strength you need for your voluntary tasks from Me when you concentrate fully and lovingly on Me and are thereby in your inner centre, from which you draw so immensely much strength and energy. Amen. 


6 April 2021

The thoughts of My children

It is a pleasure for Me to inform you that you, as My children who are faithful to Me and My extended arms on earth, for the most part consciously resist temptations, fear-mongering and other negative influences and remain calm, for only in this way can you complete your daily work and good deeds in inner peace. Always bear in mind that the other side is losing energies every day and they are shouting and threatening louder and louder. All will be well! Amen.


5 April 2021

Where is the limit

My children, how far do worldly-minded people still allow themselves to be bullied, intimidated, imprisoned and deprived of their rights given by Me? In the meantime, two large groupings have emerged. Those who do not put up with it and the other group of people who believe and follow the lying stories in the public media. At the moment it looks like it can get even more intense in your country - or it can go bang. Both variants are possible at the moment. The law of resonance does not stop at politicians and other people in powerful positions, only they are protected by the other side and therefore the resonance can sometimes come later. Please continue to remain calm, My children, that is the most important thing and so you can continue to do your voluntary good deeds, which are so immensely important. Amen.


4 April 2021

Easter 2021

My children, this year's Easter is sad and lonely for many people because relatives, friends and acquaintances are not allowed to come. Nevertheless, many set out to meet their loved ones, as it is also part of celebrating Easter, just like Christmas, in the company of their loved ones and friends. Well, I have said before that the spiritual work in My vineyard is so immensely important, that it is a milestone on the path of transformation from the dark to the luminous, and you are doing so much good through your voluntary, loving service. Those who cannot see their loved ones now, for whatever reason, can however be spiritually connected with them - or also through the modern possibilities via telephone, internet, etc. Your FATHER, who is always with you and is always your contact for all questions and worries. Amen.


3 April 2021

Spiritual Purifications

My children, spiritual cleansings are not carried out by most children who are faithful to Me to the extent that it would make sense. However, it is extremely important at this time to cleanse oneself not only physically, but also spiritually. Regular grounding is also part of it and foot baths contribute to giving the feet, which are often neglected during baths, showers or other ablutions, their cleansing. Whoever places himself under My protective mantle every day through intimate prayer and then says, for example: "Thank you, thank you, thank you, beloved FATHER, that I am under Your protective mantle, wrapped, protected, blessed, grounded and cleansed. For JESUS CHRIST IS THE VICTOR, JESUS CHRIST IS THE VICTOR, JESUS CHRIST IS THE VICTOR!" does everything right and so is also energetically and spiritually enveloped, protected, blessed, grounded and cleansed by it on a regular basis. You see, My children, through your love, faithfulness and sense of duty you can not only help other life forms, but also yourselves. Amen.


2 April 2021

Good Friday 2021

My children, the year behind you since the last Easter has truly been filled with many hurdles and limitations. This year's Good Friday should be all about rest, peace and good deeds, for these are important as never before. If you now say that you also have to take care of family, friends and acquaintances and your job, I say to you: With good and efficient time management, everything can be done together, as long as you want to continue to do this voluntarily. Remain in love and give me your sadness for transformation, for love heals everything. Your FATHER, who is always with you, if you allow it. Amen.  


April 1, 2021


My children, together you are strong, you know that. A minimal preponderance of spiritual forces has now arisen on earth and if you consciously put energy into it during your daily, voluntarily performed good deeds, the scales will gradually tip in favour of the light side. Amen.


31 March 2021

The end of March

My children, the gruff and somewhat robust March is coming to an end and with it the picture on earth is changing. April, which is often portrayed as capricious, according to the motto: "April does what it wants", will partly live up to its name this year. That is to say: From the 1st of April, a lot of things will be turned upside down - but: within the framework of what you, My extended arms on earth, accomplish. You continue to be the so-called "tip of the scales", My faithful children, and the more you voluntarily do good, the better it is for humanity and all life forms on it. Your power will increase as the sun's rays grow stronger. All will be well! Amen.


30 March 2021

The preparations are underway

My children, during Holy Week people are usually very busy - in terms of behaviour. In the past, people used to get together with their families on Easter days, and nowadays only on a small scale. Nevertheless, preparations of a different kind are going on in the world. Both from the spiritual side and from the other side. Your daily good deeds and voluntary help in My vineyard are also very necessary now in Holy Week, because the other side is working with all kinds of tricks and deceptions. Please do not believe it when certain things are presented to you for days on end in the worldly media programme. These are deceptions! Nevertheless, I repeat once again My advice to take sufficient precautions on all levels. Amen.


29 March 2021

The inner peace

My children, during Holy Week it is important to do as much good as possible in inner peace. This can also be done in between when you take breaks, when you are in the bathroom or bedroom, or even anywhere where it is possible for you to be at rest for at least 30 seconds. Everything is a little different this year - also in relation to last year - and you, as My extended arms on earth, are in the fortunate position to go through everything together with Me, because I am always with you. Amen.


28 March 2021

Purification of the body in a short time

My children, time and again questions come from you in heartfelt prayer about a quick cleansing of the body. You should know that there are ways to cleanse the body quickly or to use a more long-term system. However, since toxins and pollutants are now used everywhere, it is advisable to use something that works like a cure and a cleansing at the same time. Some of you remember that a few years ago I recommended you to disinfect drinking water with vinegar, which is not easy to drink because it has to be purified first. Some of you also drink a glass of water with vinegar every morning. Some add honey to it. This recipe has been around for a long time. But if you now permanently add as much organic apple vinegar as possible to your drinking water, in the quantity that you can tolerate without sweetening it, the pollutants and things from the other side that they have added to you through contaminated food and otherwise will have to give way. In other words, vinegar, preferably organic, in combination with water, even if you have asked for the blessing, penetrates the cells and can thus cleanse, purify and clear up throughout the body. Some of you also spray your masks, which still have to be worn if you don't want to get into trouble with the authorities, with a concentrated vinegar-water solution or hold them regularly in front of their ozone device with built-in UV filter. As you can see, there are ways to prevent and react. But the most important thing is always your strong TRUST in GOD and the certainty that everything will be all right. Amen.



27 March 2021

Mastering life

My children, again and again questions come from you about the heartfelt prayers concerning mastering life. I cannot give a general answer to this, because everything on earth is far too multi-faceted for that. Every human being has his or her life plan, which also changes once in a while, but then mostly through spiritual growth of this human being. Of course, an age is not limited to a certain number and it is quite possible to live to be well over 100 years old, but then the corresponding circumstances must also fit. Rapid ageing has also not been provided for by Me. The other side has its fingers in the pie. As far as the profession is concerned, it should also be the person's vocation, if possible, and then it is also carried out with joy. More and more of you do not attach importance to a good income, but are frugal and pay much more attention to leading a good, fulfilled and blessed life. It used to be like that for a while, until the other side got the upper hand, because many worldly-minded people let themselves be blinded by the glamour and the worldly radiance of the sand. But those who manage to turn their backs on all luxury or useless excess and live simply, humbly and modestly will get all that is needed for true life and still feel the inner fullness everywhere. Amen.


26 March 2021

Energies flow

My children, you know that people have different energies and vibrations. You, as My faithful children and extended arms on earth, usually have a higher vibration and a higher energy boost than worldly-oriented people, because on the one hand you deal with spiritual issues and thus the low vibrational things of life do not come to you, unless you consciously allow it, and on the other hand, all people who consciously walk the spiritual path with Me, your FATHER in JESUS CHRIST, are already charged with higher energies by this alone. This means that if you live in a family where there is a lot of destructive or generally low vibrations, you will automatically be an outsider or often the so-called "black sheep of the family" because you are different. But you also attract people into your life via the law of resonance who suit you - even if they are "only" internet or telephone friendships. My children, who are faithful to Me, are a large family that differs from the worldly-oriented people in that you consciously walk this path of life together with Me and also consciously renounce many worldly things because they are not productive for your spiritual development but disturbing and blocking. You are not power-oriented, but want peace, harmony, love and many other positive things in life and also try to implement this with peaceful means. Of course, some of you suffer from this heavy burden, especially now, in these so-called "end times", to endure this martyrdom that the other side is pushing as intensively as possible. But be sure that you are the shining lighthouses who voluntarily hold up My light, My love, My divine power and everything else that is positive in every raging surf and defy everything that the other side brings up in adversity, because one thing is certain: The light is always stronger than the darkness, My children! Thus you are the shining pillars by which people can orientate themselves who want to take the path from darkness to My FATHER'S HOUSE. Your good deeds of a voluntary nature every day are milestones on the path of holistic purification up to healing. All will be well! Amen. 


25 March 2021

Reading between the lines

My children, many people only skim the headlines on television, the internet or in the newspapers and do not bother to "read between the lines", so to speak. But there are also very many people who cannot or do not want to do this, My children, because a large percentage of worldly-minded people are not interested in politics and think that the "elected" politicians are already doing everything right - for the good of the people! Many of you, My children, have also been brought up in this way, but have realised at some point that this is truly not the case and have also learnt through their heartfelt faith to separate the wheat from the chaff - as far as world events on a small and large scale are concerned. They often throw something into the room to test how people react to it. If there are protests, they take a step back, only to move forward again after a certain time - with decrees or bans. This is psychological warfare on a very mean and low level, some of you keep saying in prayer. Well, it is even more than that, My children. It is precisely for such reasons that your daily good deeds, done voluntarily, are so immensely important. Amen. 


24 March 2021


My children, when you read or hear what your so-called politicians are again inventing for scaremongering horror stories and thereby also planning further confinements or restrictions for the people, you should always have the important recommendations ready in your mind: Enough food and good water for a longer period of time, enough possibilities to keep yourselves and your families busy, to exercise your body and mind regularly and of course to get fresh air as often as possible, to go for a walk and to use the healing power of the sun where possible. My recommendations to you, My faithful children, to continue to do good in a voluntary way every day has helped and continues to help avert the worst things on earth. If you knew what you have already prevented, you would truly be amazed. The power of heartfelt prayers, light transmissions, shouts of victory, good thoughts and deeds, heartfelt laughter and natural cheerfulness are such immensely valuable things. Amen. 



23 March 2021

It goes on

My children, there are many different opinions, speculations, rumours and much more, in which worldly-oriented people and also some of you try to find out what is coming to humanity in the near future. Remember, My children, that you are in the so-called "end times" and that these are by no means a "sweet spot", to use a common expression among you. But whoever prays regularly, sends light, does good etc. will naturally receive many times more in return. This means: All children who are under My protective mantle are protected and sheltered - within the framework of their life plan. Amen.


22 March 2021

An interesting week ahead

My children, this week is very interesting - from a spiritual as well as a worldly point of view, for once again the energies will collide and there will be repercussions in world events. If you look closely at what is happening in the world, you will feel that the other side is losing ground and if you, My children who are faithful to Me, continue to do good every day so intensively in a voluntary way, visible successes in the worldly sphere - even if only small at first - will soon be seen. Amen.


21 March 2021

Spring Fever

My children, even though the weather in many parts is anything but spring-like, winter has officially ended and spring is first of all entering the hearts of people in a subtle way and still has a few teething problems in a gross way. The poets and writers among you will be "kissed by the muse", if they allow it, to use this expression for this year's beginning of spring. Whoever lets spring into his heart will be radiant and happy in all weathers, My children. Amen.


20 March 2021

A special day

My children, today is an important day from many points of view, which also carries special features. It is very important for you to know that the light forces are once again very strongly bundled today and all the receptive souls of people receive all the good and positive that is sent. Your help in this is, as always, very important and significant, for only those who voluntarily perform this service of love in My vineyard can build up this high energy and send it out lovingly. The fact that you will of course also be supplied accordingly is also a part of the law of resonance. All will be well! Amen.


19 March 2021


My children, I would like to remind you once again how important cohesion is in the family, group, circle of friends or your other groupings, because especially in these difficult times, it is very often an important task to also be there for the people who are suffering from these confinements. Motivating and uplifting conversations are very important and if it is possible, pray together with these people. That you can include them in your daily prayers is possible anyway. Always remember that something will change in the near future and your daily good deeds, of a voluntary nature, in My vineyard, will contribute much to this. Amen.


18 March 2021

Things are happening

My children, there is much movement in the world. Not only the demonstrations planned for the weekend, but in every country on earth something is in motion. Much of this, as long as it is small and only bubbling a little, does not usually appear in the secular news. Don't forget that the other side also has to abide by certain rules. No one should normally be vaccinated against their will, for example. Please continue to remain calm, because your voluntary good deeds, which you do so lovingly, are the best thing you can do. Amen.


17 March 2021

Divide your strength well

My children, some of you sometimes overdo it and do a lot in one day, which could be divided into several days. This means that your bodies may have to exhaust themselves because they have not been used to working or doing much for a long time. Also, when you go shopping, it is extremely tiring to wear your mask for several hours and go from one shop to the next. Your bodies will signal to you when they are exhausted. Please listen to them as much as you can. Amen.


16 March 2021

Common Sense

My children, if you do not question what is being broadcast every day since the invention of the television, you need not be surprised if you are kept small from a spiritual point of view and cannot develop very much spiritually. You, My faithful children, have good common sense and question everything that is broadcast or said in public. You examine everything with your heart and immediately sense whether the person is sincere towards you or not. The same applies to politicians or people in public life. But you also use your common sense in all things in life and some of you regularly fiddle with your meals, on the one hand to be prepared for crises and on the other hand to try something new.  I can only recommend you to be attentive every day and, besides your, so wonderful, voluntary work in My vineyard, also to be so open to life - and also to notice and also partly experience the small moments and moments. Amen.


15 March 2021

Cessation of fear

My children, with this day, the fear of uncertain things, fateful past events and the apparent supremacy of the authorities should be dissolved. The fact is that originally the so-called "representatives of the people" were there to represent the interests of the people and not to subjugate them with threats of punishment. That is to say, your so-called politicians who seem to be leading the country are there to serve the people and not the other way round. Also, people should shed their superstitions and if, for example, on so-called fateful days, as 15 March was, you simply surrender everything old and disturbing to Me for transformation via intimate prayer, the old patterns and worries will quickly become a thing of the past. Let go of your fears, My children! Hand over to Me in heartfelt prayer for transformation everything that weighs you down, worries you, frightens you or otherwise burdens you. All will be well! Amen.


14 March 2021

Light and shadow

My children, wherever there is light, there is also shadow. But the light is becoming stronger and all the dark corners are becoming brighter and more and more illuminated, through the wonderful, voluntary work of My children, who are faithful to Me, all over the world, and it will come to pass that through this more and more people will awaken and realise what is really going on on earth. All will be well! Amen.


13 March 2021


My children, it is very important that you, My children who are faithful to Me, stand together worldwide. Not everyone agrees with each other's opinion on everything, but the main goal is to help together to dissolve this juggernaut of the other side. Even though I repeat Myself often, it is so immensely important that you voluntarily do so much good every day. Your FATHER, who knows what you voluntarily do every day and is always with you. Amen.


12 March 2021


My children, in the alternative circles on the Internet there are the wildest speculations as to what will happen from the beginning of spring. It is indeed the case that some things were and are planned - from the spiritual side, but the fears of the majority of the population have so far thwarted this. In other words, as soon as a certain percentage of the fearful worldly-oriented people have woken up, it goes like a jolt through the respective country and, similar to the dominoes that are lined up one after the other, it then proceeds very quickly worldwide. The other side has great respect for this and also a certain form of fear, because if a large part of humanity worldwide no longer puts up with anything, the game is over. Therefore, please remain calm and the very best thing you can continue to do is your voluntary, daily and so wonderful work in My vineyard, for without it the whole thing would not be possible. Amen. 


11 March 2021

What you can do

My children, again and again questions come from you about intimate prayer, what productive things you can do in your free time, which you now have in part in greater quantities. Well, apart from good deeds and work in My vineyard, you can do handicrafts, for example. Be it a swimming pool for the garden, which you can buy at a reasonable price and with a bit of craftsmanship you can turn it into a place of well-being, or you can embellish and repair your house or garden. These are just a few examples, My beloved children. Think also of your children or the rest of the family, that you have zones or areas where you can retreat and recharge your batteries in these difficult times. Man always needs opportunities to come to rest and, as I said, to recharge his batteries. Amen.


10 March 2021

Thoughts fly around

My children, if you could see what thoughts are sent back and forth on earth every day. It is pure chaos! But even chaos can be cleared up and sorted. In other words, start with yourself and try to sort out your thoughts and make sure that you don't send anything trivial or accidentally negative out into the world. Above all, when reading books and texts, make sure that you don't adopt the author's energy without checking it and, if possible, read everything in the third person, because then you haven't spoken it. I know, especially now, in this difficult time, thought hygiene is very important, My children. Amen.


9 March 2021

When tiredness overtakes you

My children, it can happen that without much warning you suddenly become tired and want to lie down. Follow this urge if it is possible, because what is happening in the subtle world also has its effects in the gross world. This means that there is a lot happening on earth - as I said, first in the subtle and then in the gross. Your bodies are much more sensitive than the bodies of most worldly-oriented people and therefore react much more readily to changes. Amen.


8 March 2021

Patience is needed

My children, it is in many cases the case that the patience that you and also the worldly-minded people are exposed to is not as pronounced as it could be. Well, to have patience is a subject that many people are very reluctant to hear, because they often do not even know the background or even guess why this or that takes so long. Healing of fractures, sprains, bruises or circulatory disorders naturally also take longer in winter to be completed, as the missing healing power of the sun is missing. Being patient is also very difficult for many people during this "C" time, as they are not used to staying at home and cannot follow their usual rhythm of work and life. Having the children, who are usually at school, at home every day can also be very exhausting for many people's nerves. The fear of being compulsorily vaccinated after all is also on many people's minds, as is the uncertainty about what to do next professionally. The fact is that now there is the possibility to find Me and to go the way of the heart in the intimate connection. But the person must find it himself, there is no compulsion or demand, My children. You may only ever give impulses, impulses and hints when you are asked. Every person is the architect of his own happiness, you know that. There are many remedies that alleviate pain, make it easier or take it away completely, which I have told you about, as has My writing channel here. You also need patience when taking them, because what has to be corrected in the body did not happen by chance, which, as you know, does not exist, but was a result of resonances or carelessness. Whoever walks through life like a "Hans looking into the air" does not have to be surprised if he stumbles or falls. On the other hand, it is often adverse circumstances that can lead to a fall, for example. But there, too, patience is needed so that healing can flow. You have often asked me whether it is easier to live in countries that are not cold or wet in autumn or winter. Well, that depends on the individual, of course. Some of you, My faithful children, live in such countries and are overjoyed because they no longer have the strains, aches and pains that used to plague them every winter. But in order to initiate such a project, you need a good portion of courage, self-confidence and the certainty that you are always under My protective mantle. Overcoming inner blockades also plays an important role. A solution for both sides would be to stay in the warmth in winter and then return home. But this also requires a strong will and the financial means to accomplish it. You see, My children, that it always depends on patience, the will to persevere and the certainty that you, as My faithful children, will receive help within the framework of your life plan and often beyond. This means: The life plan can change for the better. Amen.  


7 March 2021

Weather Impact

My children, the events on earth have an effect on many things. You see it most in the weather, because you don't often see as many extremes as there have been in this, still relatively short year. That is why it is so immensely important that in your voluntary good deeds, which you do so lovingly every day, you also envelop the weather events, so that at least in part a normal weather event can take place and not only the predominantly manipulated event, which the other side is forcing more and more. Amen.


6 March 2021

Sleeping place

My children, a very important subject is your sleeping place. You should make sure that it is not located on a water vein or other disturbing factors. It also makes sense not to have electricity in the bedroom at night, because this also disturbs sleep. A mobile all-rounder does not belong in a bedroom anyway, and neither do alarm clocks or radios with electricity. For those of you who say, "But I have a TV in the bedroom," I say: If you switch off the electricity completely at night, it is a possibility. Mirrors that are not covered are also a nuisance, because the other side can get into mischief through them. If you write JESUS CHRIST IS VICTOR on every mirror surface, or even just JCiS, mirrors are dejammed. The worst mirrors are those which hang on the ceiling above the bed. These are very irritating to the soul when it travels at night. Those who cannot sleep should take a hot water bottle to bed or drink soothing tea before going to bed. The intimate prayer and the celebration of the cries of victory in bed are a good way to fall asleep quickly, because then you also renew your standing or lying under My protective mantle. It can also be due to the mattresses or slatted frames that you do not sleep well. There are many possibilities that should only be investigated if you are having problems sleeping. Since some of you had questions about this important topic, I am now happy to go into it again after a long time. Amen.


5 March 2021

He who abides in tranquillity...

My children, things are coming to a head on earth and it is coming to light more and more what atrocities and more have been caused by the other side. I can only continue to recommend to you, no matter what may come or be uncovered, to remain in your inner centre and calm and to continue to celebrate your so wonderful voluntary good deeds in My vineyard, because that is the most important thing you can do at the moment. Amen.


4 March 2021

What is good for the body

My children, any kind of cleansing - both internal and external, is good for the body and often also for the spirit and soul. Even rearranging the rooms, the flat, the house or even the garage, to name but a few, can bring great results. It is extremely important that you feel good at times when you only have a limited need to go out, and this can also be achieved by tidying up, rearranging and "clearing out". Eating the foods you like best - if you have them, can buy them or create them yourself - is also an important factor in feeling good. Taking full baths, showers or even Kneipp cures - depending on your feelings and impulses, these things are done at home to do something good for your body. Meditation, relaxation, pursuing hobbies and much more can also contribute to feeling good inside and out. Those who now manage to do their voluntary good deeds every day with joy and heartfelt love can then, in most cases, go to bed in the evening overjoyed, because you know: Even if it doesn't look like it yet: Everything will be all right, My children! Amen.


3 March 2021

Giving and taking

My children, he who gives from the heart also receives again from the heart. Life consists partly of voluntary giving and freely received things. This means: Whoever gives from the heart and can also let go of everything that burdens him, as a human being, or seems superfluous, will also receive what is important and is needed at the moment or in the near future. Many people worry about this and that, but most of all about their health and their finances. If you hold on to money too tightly, your health will progress sparsely. You should always remember this when you have a lot of money but your health is not really working. With letting go, momentum and energy comes back into life. Amen.


2 March 2021

Fluid intake

My children, the topic of fluid intake - and predominantly water - is a very important one, as a large proportion of people drink too little. In addition, many worldly-minded people do not drink pure water, but rather coffee, sugared juices, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. The optimal elixir for you is, as you know, water, which has been blessed by Me and thus contains everything that the body urgently needs. You may, as you also know, bless the water in My name, for as My extended arms on earth, you are under My protective mantle and if you pray intimately before blessing, the energy is also permanently present with you, for as long as you are under My protective mantle, you are, as I said, protected and sheltered. Please also try now at the end of winter to drink more blessed water and you will notice how much your body rejoices in this and thereby also goes into a vibration that begins to repair aches and pains where a repair in a short time is otherwise only possible with difficulty. My blessed water, which I give you for this purpose, has everything in it for this. You only need to drink enough of it and ingest it in sips with the right energy and then let it benefit the body. Amen.


1 March 2021

The Struggle Within

Meanwhile, my children, in many people there is a battle raging within. They would like to rebel against the seemingly overpowering construct of the other side and begin the process of cleansing, but they dare not, feeling that they are alone or in a very small minority. The mostly worldly-minded people, are almost in despair because they no longer know what to do. When you send your daily, voluntarily spoken prayers, light transmissions, shouts of victory and good deeds/thoughts out into the world, remember all the people out there who are struggling inwardly and thereby send them My spark of love into their receptive hearts, so that this inner struggle is transformed into a spiritual bulwark that no longer allows anything negative and only lets out positive energies in concentrated form. That is to say: These people learn to recognise that not much can be achieved with brute force and that instead the art of spiritual energy is to be applied, which, with the power of love and divine justice, builds up such an immensely strong energy that the other side cannot oppose. Amen.   


28 February 2021

February ends

My children, today is the last day of February and with it this softer vibration also ends. March presents itself upright and with a harder pace - both and. This means that in March many things will come up and some things will be decided. How strong these will be depends on various factors. You, My faithful children and extended arms on earth, continue to be enormously important in My vineyard through your daily voluntary work. Amen.


27 February 2021

It's high time

My children, things are getting very busy - first in the subtle realm and then also in the gross material realm! When I say that things are heating up, you can only guess what is coming. How strong the effects will be in the physical realm is also up to you, My faithful children, who voluntarily do so much good every day all over the world. I have already told you that in the ethereal realm it happens quite differently than with you on earth, My children, but there are still intense conflicts that happen so differently than with you and of course then also have their effects on the worldly earthly life. Amen.


26 February 2021

Keep up your strength

My children, in these times it is important that you, as far as is always possible, eat as healthy and nutritious food as possible. Your bodies need energy to function properly. Therefore, keep up your strength, My children. That means: sufficient food, sufficient, if possible blessed water and your good deeds, thoughts and prayers, which also provide you with subtle strength, which can be quickly transformed into gross strength in emergency situations. Nourish yourselves in such a way that it is sufficient and you feel strong without overeating or going hungry, as long as there is enough food that you also like and that is compatible with your attitude to life. My children, you will always receive help from Me in difficult times. Amen.


25 February 2021

When world events take you away too much

My children, some of you are so taken up by worldly events that you have difficulty sleeping, problems with bowel movements or even with eating. Since everything is connected with everything, very sensitive people - and some of you are also among them - sense many things that happen in the world and let them get out of their daily rut. Do not be afraid, My children! You are protected and sheltered! Try to distract yourselves or supply your thoughts, for example, with memories that have brought you joy. All will be well! Amen.  


24 February 2021

People want change

My children, more and more worldly-minded people want an end to confinements and restrictions. They are not only dissatisfied but also ready to fight for their freedom and take to the streets if this situation they are currently living in continues. With the onset of spring, spring feelings of a different kind also awaken in most people. Just as a tree or a plant gets sap, grows and also has strength to pull it through, so it is with people in many cases. I know it is not easy for some of you to stay at home to do good for some time every day without going outside. But who says that you should do your daily voluntary good deeds in the parlour? You can also do it outdoors, only it is still absolutely important to keep your inner centre in order to do these precious spiritual works as effectively and valuably as possible. Amen. 


23 February 2021

The inner strength is the strongest

My children, even though many worldly-minded people think that the outer, physical power is the strongest of all, this is nevertheless not so! Your heartfelt prayers, light transmissions, shouts of victory, good deeds and thoughts are many times stronger, more intense and more effective than physical strength.  That which you accomplish daily in a voluntary way cannot be compared to any physical power, because it happens in balance and equilibrium - in the inner centre. It is quite difficult for many of you, My faithful children, to witness how apparent injustice on earth continues to increase. But first a point has to be reached where the majority of humanity will wake up and then everything that has been erected as a shaky structure of lies by the other side will topple. Therefore, continue to have complete trust and carry on your wonderful, daily work in My vineyard in voluntary joy, with the certainty that everything will turn out well. Amen. 


22 February 2021

Those who look closely...

My children, many of the worldly-minded people also see through the lies and false statements of the "political actors" all over the world. With few exceptions, these "actors" are forced to do and say what their superiors from the other side tell them to do. So if you look closely, you will see the contradictory statements and opinions of these actors, who sometimes talk their heads off, as you say. Just continue to stay in your inner centre and do your daily, voluntarily done good things and be aware that by doing so you are helping to make everything brighter and more positive on earth. Amen.


21 February 2021

Strengthen self-confidence

My children, many people who actually had a natural self-confidence before this "home-made scenery" have been robbed of their natural strength by the many restrictions, confinements and prohibitions and often doze off like a heap of misery and lose more and more courage in life and in themselves. You, My faithful children and extended arms on earth, are in the greater majority still full of confidence and know that everything will go well, even if it still seems to take "forever" for many people. It is now also part of your voluntary task, if you wish to do it, so to speak, to send self-confidence and self-awareness out into the world - via your light transmissions - so that all people who are open to it can receive it subtly and thus rebuild their bodies, minds and souls. For example, simply say, "I am now sending to all souls who are open to receive the divine power to receive the FATHER-approved energy of self-awareness and self-confidence to rebuild their own strength in their bodies and come into the power needed to do positive things in the end times. Amen." If you put this in your words in this way or in a similar way, you are doing another important task in My vineyard. Amen. 


20 February 2021


My children, connections of all kinds exist on earth. Many of you are telepathically connected to Me and feel it on the heart level. But there are also strong connections among you. For example, if one of you thinks of the other, the other will call, to give just one example. The connections you have at night are also very diverse, because your souls are usually travelling at night while the body is asleep. However, this strong connection that you, as My children who are faithful to Me, have with Me through intimate prayer cannot be compared to anything, for that is the very strongest power! This means: Whoever trusts Me completely, prays intimately, does good and also always places himself under My protective mantle through intimate prayer, is always protected and sheltered - within the framework of his life plan. Amen.


19 February 2021

Letting go of old habits

My children, many worldly-minded people find it very difficult to let go of old patterns and habits. You, My extended arms and helpers on earth, will find it much easier if you experience the spiritual, mental or other background. Those who, for example, smoke a lot or consume alcohol, thereby also feed many souls whose bodies have mostly died and who, due to their addictions, have not managed to find their way into spiritual realms or have consistently refused to do so. These entities urge and force the addicted person to continue to indulge in addiction, because they want to continue to be nourished ethereally. This is why smokers and alcoholics, for example, find it particularly difficult to stop their addiction, as the clinging souls do not want to lose their nourisher. But those who are iron-willed can let go of any addiction. But it may be a hard and stony path. As far as food is concerned, My children, who are faithful to Me, and just as many health-conscious people are also willing to try experimental ways with food once in a while, if they are healthy and vegan. Since every country has its different products, even in modern times it is still possible to eat healthy things that are not readily available in the supermarket around the corner. Please let go of everything superfluous, My children, I recommend this to you and you will see how well you will then feel. Amen. 


18 February 2021

What you can do

My children, the world is seething because the light side is fighting against the other side and it is similar to a volcano that is about to erupt. Only here it is so that the eruption of the other side is cushioned by the many prayers, light transmissions, shouts of victory, good deeds and thoughts. It is a bit like a trampoline. You, My faithful children, are now in the fortunate position of being able to do as much good as you can and want to. Your voluntary works are more valuable than all the jewellery of this earth. Amen.


17 February 2021

Turned Up

My children, the other side does not give up so easily and tries everything to once again turn all its levers to the full. However, you are only exposed to this "being wound up" if you physically and mentally get into this situation and vehemently resist it. But if you remain calm and do your good deeds daily full of joy in a peaceful, voluntary way, you will find that the other side loses energy every day. The more people do good deeds in inner peace, the weaker the other side becomes. Amen.


16 February 2021

Things are coming together

My children, not only the unrest in the world, no also the exhausting carnival time comes to an end today, because during this time the entities of the other side have also been busy playing mischief and doing bad things. With tomorrow's Ash Wednesday, more tranquillity will once again be radiated from the spiritual plane to Earth. Continue to be at peace and do your voluntary work in My vineyard so wonderfully, My children. All will be well! Amen.


15 February 2021

Recharge your batteries

My children, again and again you ask Me through intimate prayer how one can gain strength in these cold and difficult times in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Well, recharging your batteries can be done in many ways, My children! Some of you go out into nature and enjoy it. Others sing songs from their childhood or youth, which they associate with something joyful and positive, and through this, forces, energies and feelings of happiness also rise in the body and help to do good. Those who are injured or handicapped - in whatever way - are welcome to say, hum or sing "JESUS CHRIST IS VICTOR", "HEALING IS NOW" and "I AM PROTECTED AND BOTH UNDER FATHER'S PROTECTION MANTLE". You may operate and act completely freely. It only depends on your own heart energy. Think positively, hand over to Me everything that burdens you for transformation and you will find that it frees you if you do it from the bottom of your heart. Amen.


14 February 2021

The awakening process goes on

My children, more and more worldly-minded people are realising that what is being presented to people by politicians, scientists and other "experts" is nothing but a farce. Accordingly, they are angry and pissed off when their existence is slowly but surely put in existential distress by numerical values taken out of thin air, which have no hand and no foot, as you say. You will see that this will not go on for long without creating resonances. How quickly resistance grows depends in each country on the extent to which people can bear "pain". When the subsistence level has fallen below the minimum and hunger is growing stronger and stronger, those responsible will have to think carefully about whether they want to provoke a civil war. Then it is your task again, My children, to prevent the worst through your daily voluntary good deeds, because there is also a rethinking in the minds of awakened people that there can also be peaceful changes. Amen.


13 February 2021

Energy flow

My children, since yesterday, Mirror Day 12022021, the energies are flowing even stronger, if you allow it. The worldly news should not bring you out of your inner peace. Whether borders are now open or closed does not matter at the moment for your spiritual growth, because from within a child who is voluntarily faithful to Me can grow and learn spiritually. In other words, immerse yourselves in your heartfelt prayers, light transmissions, shouts of victory and good deeds or thoughts and you will find that a tremendous surge of subtle energies will flood through you in the near future and help you to grow spiritually and receive even more energy to accomplish everything that you have undertaken or would like to do. All will be well! Amen.



12 February 2021

Clean up and declutter

My children, many of you have time now to declutter and tidy up your lives, your homes or whatever. Some of you are doing this with your computer right now. But also letting go and surrendering fears, worries, programming from childhood, youth and the rest of your life are part of it. Fears of scenarios that have been invented by those in power, so to speak, in order to keep people symbolically small and in fear, do not belong to you and may gladly be transformed with Me through intimate prayer. Think about what you should be afraid of, My children. You are protected and sheltered by Me! Avoid the vaccinations and the so-called "PCR tests" and also ask Me for help if you should be cornered in this respect. There is always a way out! Never forget this, My children! Amen.


11 February 2021

As long as the weather remains like this...

My children, since there have been these "hyped up winter problems", which in reality are nothing unusual in winter, there has been a deliberate effort to ensure that there are also food supply shortages. Not only has there been no replenishment in a few towns, but it is planned on a larger scale. Trucks are reportedly not arriving because the weather does not permit it. This shows how good it is to have made provisions and only leave the "four walls" at home when it is absolutely necessary in the cold and wet. Amen.


10 February 2021

Think and act with foresight

My children, you see from the almost weekly changes in things that are again permitted or forbidden how important it is that you not only think ahead but also act. You should also make use of things that you are legally allowed to do in the short term, and most of you have a larger supply of food and drink at home. There is still a certain phase to be bridged, but then something may change, as long as there are no upheavals in the great morphic field of the Earth, when the worldly-oriented people, through extreme fears, again deviate from their hopeful way of thinking. Here you come into focus again, My children: Your daily, voluntarily performed good deeds are for some people, who are fickle, the saving "straw" to which they cling ethereally, like a person who, full of desperation, grasps for every lifebelt symbolically held out to him. Amen.


9 February 2021

More and more comes to light

My children, this is meant both symbolically and literally. Many dark activities of the other side have already been exposed and will continue to be. If you want to do something properly, brilliant logistics and much trust and sensitivity in this regard are required. Stay calm. All will be well! Amen.


8 February 2021


My children, well, the effects of a worldly nature can hardly be overlooked at the moment and also snow catastrophes, ice slickness, but also Sahara winds, earthquakes and much more, are present on earth in many ways at the moment. Everything is in upheaval, My children. Because the other side does not voluntarily retreat one millimetre, the transformation will take longer than many of you had hoped. Indeed, it is a great trial of strength on earth. Remain calm and do what you do best - voluntarily, with humility and love. Amen.


7 February 2021


My children, I have told you many times that everything is connected to everything else. Just as it is in the micro realm, it is also in the macro realm. This means that when world-shaking things happen, many people feel it. These things happen and should not worry you if, for example, they suddenly happen in the middle of the night. The most important thing is always that you know that you are protected and sheltered, and it would make a lot of sense if you went into intimate prayer immediately after such an event and then also made the immensely important light transmissions that you make on a voluntary basis every day. Amen.


6 February 2021

Under and over

My children, the world is going haywire in many places. Of course, this is also reflected in the weather. Therefore, I can only give you the good advice again and again to remain calm, to do your voluntary, daily good deeds and to help the people who ask you for help or advice. Amen.


5 February 2021


My children, whoever is open to it will now be able to have more meaningful conversations. I bring My children, who are faithful to Me, together in various ways, and it is not only spiritual topics that are discussed, but also health, healthy nutrition, gardening and much more that can help to become healthy and stay healthy are topics of these conversations. Amen.


4 February 2021

Detoxification of the body

My children, it is a good exercise for possible hard times and a sensible measure to detoxify your body regularly. Most of My children do not think much of diets in the conventional sense, but fasting for hours is useful and can help the body to let go of excess ballast and other disturbing things. Some of you have told Me in heartfelt prayer that it was or is a joy for you to have an early supper and then to have a kind of fast overnight until later in the morning, whereby you do not strain your body but give it the opportunity to detoxify and cleanse itself in a very pleasant way. How you detoxify and what steps you need to take is a matter of your own free will. But remember that it is easiest if you do it in consultation with Me through intimate prayer, as you will receive promptings and help from Me through your ministering angels. Also remember that anything extreme does more harm than good to the body and should always be done in harmony with your life and diet. Amen.


3 February 2021

Healing thoughts

My children, now it is important that this high energy that you and all the others, My children who voluntarily help Me, have built up, can be held. Healing thoughts are also needed for this. Imagine your village, your city, your country, even the earth healed and peaceful to live on. The more people imagine and firmly believe in these healing thoughts for people, animals, nature and the earth, the faster change and healing will happen. But first a cleansing must take place on earth. How hard or soft this is carried out is also up to you and the behaviour of the worldly-oriented people. Amen.


2 February 2021

Candlemas 2021

My children, as in the years before, the spiritual light will be anchored more strongly in the earth again with today's day and as a side effect it will also be brighter and more flooded with light on earth. Today is an ideal day to voluntarily do even more good with all your strength, because through the spiritual anchoring of the light, your good deeds will once again be strengthened. All will be well! Amen. 


1 February 2021

The energy softens

My children, with the beginning of the month of February softer energies are flowing onto the earth and the very hard January energy, which was also important, must give way to the softer February energy. You will see the effects of all this. Rejoice that you are once again one step closer to spring. Amen.


31 January 2021

Your Thoughts

My children, watch your thoughts and what you say. If you wish to give joy to someone with loving phrases, cheers and the like, it is allowed within reason, as long as no one is offended or hurt. If, for example, in addition to your good deeds on a voluntary basis, you also send good and healing thoughts into the world every day in between and also check yourselves again and again if something angry or annoying comes into your thoughts because, for example, injustices are taking place in the world again, it makes sense to give it to Me directly for transformation via intimate prayer. Purity of thought is very important, My children. Amen. 


30 January 2021

When help is needed

My children, many worldly-minded people are energetically drained, weak and tired. They have hardly any strength left to defend themselves against the arbitrariness exercised by the other side through the state. But if a spark of My energy of love is ready to leap over in their hearts, in order to gradually let My fire of healing and My energy of love flow, these people now have the chance that your daily good deeds and prayers can bear fruit with them. That means: Whoever is open to this in their heart can now, through the help of you and My other children who are faithful to Me, receive the important impetus that is needed so that this person can go their own way and learn to leave the great cycle of dependence in order to then also be a child of Mine who voluntarily does good and naturally also receives this back as a response. Amen.


29 January 2021

When the earth shakes

My children, some of you have told Me in heartfelt prayer that they have also felt earthquakes, some of them more often, recently. Well, the earth is always in a certain kind of energy and movement. Earthquakes can happen through this, as well as through manipulations from the other side and as an effect on events, behaviour and catastrophes. Remain calm then, My children. Best behave as you do when you pray fervently, send light or otherwise do good. Should the quake be so strong that it has an effect on people, animals and nature, it is best to go immediately into intimate prayer with Me and I will then guide and direct you in the way that is best. Amen.


28 January 2021

If you knew how strong you are

My children, most of you, My faithful children and extended arms on earth, do not even know what power and strength of a spiritual kind they carry within themselves. Only in exceptional situations or dreams do My children often realise what they can achieve with the power of faith, trust and heartfelt love. You know that you are allowed to bless, cleanse and disrupt in My name if you are connected to Me through intimate prayer, and in this way you can not only cleanse, energise and bless food and drink, but also do much good in nature, for example. Do not think long and hard about what it can be, but let yourselves be guided, My beloved children! Amen.


27 January 2021

Your Health

My children, the subject of "masks" moves you more than you sometimes like. Since more and more of My children, who are faithful to Me, want to speak to Me about this worldwide in heartfelt prayer, and I also help them within the bounds of possibility, without interfering with their free will, I am speaking about this subject once again today. Forced wearing of masks, which on the one hand are or can be harmful to health and on the other hand considerably restrict freedom, are not according to My divine will! That is to say: You may, within the bounds of what is feasible, provide yourselves with relief. My writing channel here told you some time ago that there are masks with filters that can be used in such a way that you get good air. I recommend that you wear the masks only when you have to. Limit your purchases and then buy specifically for a longer period of time and also decide what is more important for you: earning money or your health. Furthermore, many masks can not only be washed but also disinfected and, as I told you earlier, whoever writes "JCidS "* on his mask and asks Me for protection will also get it. These are well-meant hints from Me! All will be well! Amen. 

* JCidS = Jesus Christ is the Victor


26 January 2021

It is boiling

My children, you also feel it - partly even in your own bodies - that it is boiling on earth. I cannot say often enough how important all the voluntary works of My children, who are faithful to Me, are, because without you, who do these good deeds worldwide, the other side would have won. Keep calm, all will be well! Amen.


25 January 2021

Why peace of heart is so important

My children, many of you have realised that much of what is presented on the world stage is just show, distraction or lie. I guide and lead you, if you allow it, through the heart power with which you are connected to Me and your daily voluntary works in My vineyard are your good deeds and shares to make this world more light-filled and peaceful. Amen.


24 January 2021

Human Behaviour 

My children, much of what happens on earth is only understood to a fraction by worldly-minded people and their way of thinking and acting entangles them even more in areas and opinions that were and are cleverly guided by the other side. Only those who trust Me are, on the one hand, protected and sheltered as My child who is faithful to Me and who voluntarily does good and, on the other hand, as a child who knows much of what really happens on earth through My regular transmissions, trainings and, of course, also the school of life which every human being is allowed to go through and live through himself. Have understanding for your fellow human beings, friends, relatives and acquaintances who are not yet so far advanced in their spiritual development that they can accept what has often been self-evident for you for many years. There are old souls, younger souls and very young souls, never forget that, My children. It is usually the case that with the years and also the various incarnations, knowledge and wisdom come to people - if they allow it and are willing to turn to Me of their own free will, in order to be able to walk this path of truth and love in humility and joy, in order to help many people who are already open to receive My help and My training - at first in very small doses, which then become larger and larger until they also walk the path of the heart in voluntary love. Amen.


23 January 2021

Worldwide weather events

My children, the worldwide events - not only in the USA - have a great influence on the weather events. If you, as My extended arms on earth, would not do so much good every day in a voluntary way, the weather events would look a lot worse. You see, My children, that you do good in many ways when you work in My vineyard full of joy and love. Amen.


22 January 2021 

Your health is important 

My children, many of you are getting very involved in certain situations, even though I have told you that the other side is having their political puppets put on badly performed "plays". Please remain calm, My children! I give you this well-meant advice again and again! Your health can suffer if you get too involved in something or get overly excited. There have often been dicey and seemingly almost unsolvable situations on earth that are not recorded in your history books because they happened too long ago and only exist in part in traditions and fairy tales. Often the turning point comes and came only at the "very last minute", a point in time no longer considered possible. It has to do with trust and loving devotion and the knowledge that everything will be all right. Do not forget, My children: You live in the so-called "end times" and much of what is happening now in these years is partly encoded in the Apocalypse and was also partly shown by seers. But you must always take into account that through free will many things can change - both positively and negatively. Please remain in your inner centre and joyfully perform your daily, voluntary good deeds. In this way you will help most of all - in these difficult times. Amen.


21 January 2021


My children, I have told you many times that the other side is very good at acting, irritating, confusing and deceiving with the mask of innocence. They are brilliant at perfidiously driving humanity into fear and deception. This is happening again, but this time a larger part of humanity is wide awake and has seen through the game. Be patient, remain calm and go about your so wonderful voluntary work in My vineyard. All will be well! Amen.


20 January 2021

The whole world is watching

My children, today the whole world is looking to the USA. You, as My extended arms on earth, may do as much good as you can today and continue to do your voluntary work in My vineyard with joy. I have already told you that there is a final battle between light and darkness and this will also gradually show itself in the gross material realm. All will be well! Amen.


19 January 2021

Listen to your heart

My children, many can no longer wait to see what happens in the USA and are also upset that stricter confinements are also planned in your countries. Because more and more people are waking up and also want to open their shops - despite government prohibitions, because otherwise they will soon be bankrupt - the situation is slowly changing in the world. Many more people are also refusing this vaccination than the other side had imagined. Therefore, listen to your heart and let Me guide and direct you through your heartfelt prayers. All will be well, My children. Amen. 


18 January 2021

Trial of strength

My children, what is happening right now in the physical world has long been a special kind of trial of strength in the ethereal realm, whereby the other side has still not given up in the physical realm, although it has already lost in the ethereal realm, if I express it in your language. What you are seeing now on earth is the final trial of strength, whereby the light side uses fair means and the other side does not. Continue to remain calm, My children, everything will increase - both on the light side and on the other side. Know deep in your heart that you are protected and sheltered as My children, faithful to Me and extended arms on earth, who do so much good every day in a voluntary way. Amen. 


17 January 2021


My children, the confinements of people and also foreclosures, are taking on harsher features. Nevertheless, you should continue to remain in inner peace and continue your good deeds, which are so immensely important and which you do voluntarily full of joy, as usual. The stronger the pressure from the other side, the more important are all the help and good deeds of My children who are faithful to Me. Amen.


16 January 2021

The play goes on

My children, numbers are numbers. They can be changed quickly with computers in this day and age and everything can be adjusted to suit the politicians. The play still goes on, but I say to you: Keep calm and know deep in your heart that all will be well and all My children, who are faithful to Me, are protected and sheltered - within the framework of their life plan. Amen.


15 January 2021

What is healing

My children, you ask Me again and again in heartfelt prayer how especially now, in this difficult and drastic time for many people, the body can remain healthy and fit. Well, the trust in Me and My healing powers is an important pillar of your life - connected with the knowledge that you can do a lot for your health and everything that happens in, on and around you. Be helpful, think of other people who are in need, be generous to yourself and also to others if it is possible, always think positively, be cheerful, laugh if it comes from the heart, avoid stronger contacts with people who are not good for you and, if necessary, always try to increase your life energy. Always try to steal your life energy, eat healthy and if possible vegan food, drink mainly blessed water which you regularly receive from Me through intimate prayer or bless it in My name spoken in intimate deepening, let good thoughts come to you and send away everything destructive and energy-robbing - e.g. you can do this in intimate deepening. For example, you can hand this over in heartfelt prayer with Me for transformation, avoid extreme situations and also do not watch such films, go out into nature and enjoy it, read good books that do your soul good, have stimulating or uplifting conversations, help people in need - e.g. via the telephone or the internet, pray for people who ask you to help them and much more, My children. These advices are always recommendations from Me. Add to this your daily voluntary work in My vineyard... All will be well! Amen.


14 January 2021

Healing happens from the heart

My children, many of you are surprised that with some people healings happen very quickly and with others it seems to take forever. Well, it depends on different things: The path of life and the so-called karma to be worked off are partly responsible for this, but also the intimate belief in a quick recovery - combined with trust in Me and My love and healing power. Furthermore, patience is also immensely important, because if doubts arise now and then in the person who wants to get well, this immediately throws him back again, because then the resonance programme starts immediately. In other words, if you have a niggle, a little ache or something else that burdens or affects you, you should first of all feel into yourself and forgive yourself for what has happened to you as a human being. When this has happened, you or the person in question are welcome to talk to Me about the issue in heartfelt prayer and symbolically hand it over to Me. I will then help to the extent that I have just explained to you. Amen.


13 January 2021


My children, it is important in these times to observe basic things: First of all, you should not let yourselves be vaccinated in general, because vaccinations always do more harm to the body than good, since every vaccine is provided with substances that are not good for the body's own immune system. I have created human beings and also animals in such a way that no vaccinations of any kind are necessary. Back to the vaccination against something that on the one hand does not exist and on the other hand has so many side effects that only bodies with a fully intact immune system can cope with it at all, given certain factors. You are also welcome to say that you are (Original) Christians and that your faith forbids you or that you have no confidence in a vaccine that has hardly been tested, has many side effects and where many vaccinated people have already become seriously ill or even died in a short time, as was reported in secular media. Furthermore, as I have often advised you, it makes sense to take precautions in all areas, including sufficient blessed white candles, matches or lighters to light the candles and, of course, torches, because if the electricity suddenly fails in the evening or at night, it makes sense to take precautions. The trust in My love, My help and My protection is very strong in almost all of you and therefore also the voluntary willingness to do good as often as possible in order to also participate in this important process of transformation, which brings about wonderful things on earth. Amen.    


12 January 2020


My children, there will be some surprises in the next few days, or rather in the near future, mainly for worldly-minded people. You, who are My faithful children and also as extended arms daily do your spiritual work in My vineyard in a voluntary way full of joy, do not be too surprised by this. All will be well, My children. Amen.


11 January 2021

Good preparation

My children, it makes sense to be well prepared in the near future. I have already told you quite a bit about stockpiling. Just as regular power outages have happened and will happen in some parts of the Earth, it is indeed wise to take precautions in this regard. There will be intense energies flowing on Earth over the next few days and also cleansings of various kinds. Continue to be at peace and do your voluntary deeds in My vineyard, which I continue to be pleased with every day. Amen.


10 January 2021

Helpers within and without

My children, as I have already told you: nothing is as it seems on the worldly stage and all My children, faithful to Me, are inwardly or outwardly especially busy now! Your good deeds, on a voluntary basis every day, are just as much a part of it as the outer deployments of My, to Me faithful children, there. Remain in peace, all will be well! Amen.


9 January 2021

The knots will be untied

My children, the spiritual entanglements and symbolic knots that abound in the world are now being gradually loosened, first in the subtle realm and then in the gross material realm. That is to say: The great entanglements are being decoded and gradually flooded with My energy of love, so that they can no longer serve as placeholders and "bugbears" of the other side. As I said: Remain calm and joyfully perform your daily voluntary good deeds. I am very happy about that! Amen.


8 January 2021

The heart level

My children, many of you are very agitated worldwide about the conditions in the respective countries or even continents. You can see from the fact that the so-called "virus" is rampant everywhere, that the other side is working together worldwide and has its fingers completely in the big web of lies. If you study world events carefully, you will notice that all the so-called "flu cases" of the past years are now being declared as "C", as if the "flu" had suddenly become obsolete. I recommend to you, My children, do not get carried away in any way with anything and always remain connected to Me on the heart level through intimate prayer, for this is the only way that keeps you constantly in inner peace with Me, yourselves and everything else. I do not tell you for nothing that everything will be all right - it just takes a corresponding amount of time. If I continue to recommend that you do not go outside - or only if you have to - there are good reasons for this. Your voluntary, daily work in My vineyard is so immensely important and I am always very pleased anew how much good you do, out of your inner heart, full of joy, voluntarily and in humility. Amen.


7 January 2021

The world is full of excitement

My children, things are hot in the world at the moment and much of what you see and hear is once again a clever game played by the other side. Very many people have already seen through the fact that through vaccinations the numbers of so-called infections are going up, because there is nothing in these vaccinations that is good for people. That's why it makes sense to stay at home as often as possible. Please do not get vaccinated! Instead, your voluntary work in My vineyard to do good for the earth and all life forms that are receptive to it is not to be paid for with gold, to use a well-known saying for once. Amen.


6 January 2021

Epiphany 2021

My children, there are areas and countries where Christmas is celebrated today. In your countries the children have been on the road again for a few days, where it is permitted, collecting money and sweets. You, My children and extended arms on earth, may gladly do a little more of your voluntary good deeds in My vineyard again today, for the other side is also always very active on such holidays. Keep calm, My children, all will be well. Amen.


5 January 2021

All is coming to you 

My children, I have told you many times that everything has a resonance and through your mostly daily good deeds in My vineyard, your resonances also come back to you in a wonderful way. If you need or are looking for something specific, there is a great probability that this wish will soon be fulfilled - of course, as I said, within the framework of your own life plan. Please remain calm, My children, all will be well. Amen.


4 January 2021

Pay attention to subtleties

My children, please pay attention to subtleties in politics, in people and in all the things you encounter. Changes will happen. Very little at first, but then more and more as time goes on. Pay attention to what the politicians in your country say, how they behave and always remember that you are the true strong people - energetically speaking - because you do your good deeds in My vineyard every day, in a voluntary way. Amen.


3 January 2021

All is not as it seems

My children, to state it clearly once again: Most news in the world is controlled, financed and predetermined by the other side. Those who wish to succeed in the public media must comply or very quickly lose their jobs or, if they refuse, will be publicly denounced, exposed or implicated in worse things. Behind the whole concept of the other side is an ancient plan to enslave humanity. But what the other side also knows is that My plan for the earth and its inhabitants is far more elaborate. But since I take into account people's free will from the very beginning, this "game", for it is nothing else for the other side, is often very lengthy if you only think in terms of a "human lifetime". Understand, My children, that it is almost impossible to understand the overall concept only approximately, since you yourselves would only be able to glimpse and understand a fraction from the very top. Therefore, whoever doubts My plan or cannot understand this and that is not yet so far advanced in his development. That is not a bad thing, My children, for the respective level of development in a spiritual way is naturally very different among My children who are faithful to Me, as you can naturally imagine. Each of My children, who are faithful to Me, should only do what they want to do of their own free will. If one of you stops doing something because he does not understand it, or only understands it in part, it is also good as it is. Only do things out of joy and voluntariness, My children! No compulsion and no pressure should weigh you down. If something moves you too much, disturbs you or burdens you, hand it over to Me in heartfelt prayer or let it remain worldly. I am very grateful for every voluntary, joyful, heartfelt labour of love in My vineyard. Whoever says that, as a child of Mine, he is too old for physical work, can, if the inner attitude is there, pray, send light and do other labours of love in My vineyard voluntarily every day, full of joy. There is always work for every one of My children - but only voluntarily and with joy and love! Amen.